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Convert E-mails into WordPress Posts

Blogging is one of the simplest and most popular ways to publish on the web. If actors and politicians can run their own blogs, well, then just about anyone should be able to pull it off, right? [more…]

Use Google Maps for Your Mobile Site

A fun way to engage users of your mobile website and take advantage of the unique powers of the mobile web is to create a photo gallery integrated with a [more…]

Web 2.0 Opportunities for Your Mobile Site

Though some people maintain that Web 2.0 is one of the more nebulous "buzz phrases" ever inflicted on the unsuspecting populace, it generally refers to the art of including in your web pages interactive [more…]

Add a Facebook Like Button to Your Mobile Site

In the summer of 2010, Facebookannounced that it had more than 150 million mobile users. At about the same time, surveys showed that the most popular use of the mobile web on iPhones, after checking e-mail [more…]

Ask Users What They Think with a Poll

Embedding a poll on your mobile web page has long been a quick and relatively easy way to engage your users with your content, to allow them to give you feedback about what you’ve done and to spark discussions [more…]

Build Slideshows with Flickr Gallery

As the most popular photo-sharing site on the web, Flickr has a useful mix of both proprietary and third-party tools to allow designers to insert photo galleries and slideshows on their sites. Unfortunately [more…]

Display Information with a Twitter Feed Widget

The microblogging service Twitter has been taking over the world, 140 characters at a time. All kinds of iPhone/iPad apps exist to allow the “twitterati” to update their profiles, customize which Twitter [more…]

Get Your Website Discovered with StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon, a social bookmarking site, has outlasted much of its competition. Only a few years ago, the Internet was seemingly overflowing with services, such as Blink and Backflip, that promised to allow [more…]

Build Passport Stamps with Gowalla

The Gowalla app for the iPhone/iPad is a location-based service. Mobile experts have long been predicting a radical change in the way users surf the web, because using mobile devices with built-in GPS [more…]

Use Extensions to Build Foursquare into Your Site

This location-based service is the one whose game-like interface has been copied by the competition. Foursquare has shot to the front of the pack with its combination of antic humor and growing usefulness [more…]

Design Images for the iPhone and iPad

Having eye-catching images on your website is one of the best ways to attract image-conscious iPhone and iPad enthusiasts. But cramming a high-resolution image that can be blown up to poster size onto [more…]

Best Image Formats for iPhone and iPad

When you design websites for the iPhone and iPad, you need to choose the best image formats for any photos, line art, logos, cartoons, and other images that you want to display. [more…]

Keep File Sizes Small for iPhone and iPad

When you design websites for the iPhone and iPad, you need to adjust images to have the best quality while occupying the smallest possible file size. These qualifications ensure that images download as [more…]

Optimize Images in Photoshop for iPhone and iPad

You must use a graphics-editing program, such as Adobe Photoshop or Fireworks, to create graphics for the web when designing for the iPhone and iPad. You can use the Save for Web dialog in Adobe Photoshop [more…]

Compare Adobe Web Graphics Programs for Image Design

When designing images for the iPad and iPhone, most professional designers strongly prefer Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop Elements is a "light" version but offers many of the same features for a fraction of [more…]

Choose Image Resolution for iPad and iPhone

The “wow factor” of the iPhone and iPad is that they’re well suited to displaying beautiful, lifelike images. For the web designer, displaying images correctly on the iPad and iPhone is an undertaking [more…]

Insert Images into Page Designs for iPhone

You can insert images into web pages designed for the iPhone and iPad just as you would insert them into any other web page, using the HTML image tag.

The following well-crafted image tag inserts a photograph [more…]

Galleries and Slide Shows for iPhone and iPad

Many designers believe that the iPad is the ultimate portable portfolio. Many desktop websites feature galleries and slide shows. Unfortunately, many of these implementations rely on Flash to work, and [more…]

Find a Gallery Plug-in for Your Website

To make it easier for your website to display images on the iPad and iPhone, you can use an expanding array of programs, plug-ins, and online photo services to spruce up your mobile site with slide shows [more…]

Use Galleria to Build a Photo Portfolio

When designing your website to be displayed on the iPhone and iPad, you can create many different kinds of galleries and slide shows using JavaScript, but why start from scratch when many online resources [more…]

Share Offers via Image Recognition

The exciting innovation of image recognition in advertising lets users take pictures of any object with their phones’ camera — say, the label on a bottle of wine or the cover of a book — and find more [more…]

How to Create Online 2D Barcodes for Your Mobile Site

The term QR code seems almost synonymous with 2D barcode because the use of QR codes is free of any license fees, dozens of websites and services make it easy to create QR codes, and most mobile devices [more…]

Use Rich Media Ads for Your Mobile Site

If you’re not including video, animation, and other interactive features in your iPhone and iPad designs, you’re missing out on the most innovative aspect of these new devices. [more…]

Reach Facebook’s 500 Million Users

With an Oscar-nominated movie and more than 500 million users, the social networking site that started out as Mark Zuckerberg’s attempt to make Harvard’s yearbook more interactive online has become a global [more…]

Leverage Online Word-of-Mouth for Your Site

One of the biggest shifts brought about by the rise of the Internet, and the empowerment of any average computer user to reach a potentially global audience, has been the increase in the power of what [more…]

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