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Make Rounded Corners with CSS 3

If you created a box with rounded corners using previous versions of CSS, images, and HTML tables, you know what a pain it was — how you had to create four images [more…]

Create Gradients with CSS 3

Gradients are a favorite effect of graphic designers everywhere because gradients create a smooth transition of color. Adding gradients to the background of a web page or to sections within a page adds [more…]

Web Design with Transparency in CSS 3

In addition to the keyword transparent, CSS 3 has another way to produce transparent or translucent elements on your web pages, as shown in the following chunk of code. [more…]

About <body> Tags for HTML5

When working in HTML5, you'll get to know <body> tags very well. You place all the content that you want your visitors to see, everything that will be displayed in a web browser, in the [more…]

A Checkout System for Your Mobile Site

If everything goes well, you ultimately guide your shoppers on your mobile website to the checkout: the place where the key action — money moving out of shoppers’ accounts and into yours — happens. As [more…]

Replace Flash with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript

To create the best designs for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, use JavaScript to enhance CSS 3 features, add interactive messages, and even create complex games and web applications. The relatively simple [more…]

CSS 3 Animations for Websites

If your goal is to convey information creatively on your website for displaying on the iPad or iPhone, one of the best options for adding animation and other interactive features is to use CSS 3. CSS 3 [more…]

How to Create Transformations with CSS 3

CSS 3 lets you create many cool effects on your website for displaying on the iPhone and iPad. The CSS 3 transform properties enable you to transform an element to create effects in 2D and 3D. You can [more…]

How to Create Transitions with CSS 3

CSS 3 gives you many exciting features to create cool effects in the design of your website for displaying on the iPad and iPhone. The CSS 3 transition properties make it possible to change the state of [more…]

How to Create Animations with Keyframes

To create animated effects on your website to display on the iPad and iPhone, you need to use keyframes. More complex CSS 3 animations rely on keyframes. [more…]

How to Save Space on the iPhone Screen

When you design websites for the relatively small iPhone screen, every pixel is precious. The script shown here is designed to scroll the page down automatically, hiding the address bar and giving you [more…]

iPhone and iPad Design: Use JavaScript Frameworks to Add Advanced Features

JavaScript frameworks help you add rich features to your iPhone and iPad web designs. If HTML5 and CSS 3 aren’t enough of a challenge for you and you want to add more advanced features with scripts, you [more…]

Use a Video Sharing Site

Whether you want to reach people who watch video on their desktop computers at home or work, on their iPads on their living room couches, or on their iPhones wherever else they may be, the simplest way [more…]

Content Delivery Networks for Mobile Website Videos

When you look for a third party to deliver video content to your mobile users, remember that a dedicated content delivery network (CDN) provides high-end video hosting services for a price. A video sharing [more…]

Comparing Video Sharing Sites and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

When you look for a third party to deliver video content to your mobile users, remember that a dedicated content delivery network (CDN) provides high-end video hosting services for a price. A video sharing [more…]

Remove Flash from Your Mobile Website

If you’ve spent much time surfing the web on an iPhone or iPad, you probably already know that Flash doesn’t work on either device.

Sorry, but you cannot use Flash if you want your site to display well [more…]

Design a Site for Video Views

Make no mistake: Video is a key ingredient in the success of Apple’s devices. Industry experts dubbed Netflix as the killer app of the iPad because it offers the capability to stream movies in surprisingly [more…]

Popular Video Sharing Sites

As you might have figured out, video brings together all the most difficult challenges of designing for the mobile web: the plethora of screen resolutions on which to display the picture and the large [more…]

How to Embed Videos with Vimeo

After you upload your video to Vimeo, follow these steps to embed a Vimeo video in your web page. [more…]

Host Your Mobile Video on Vimeo

Vimeo delivers video to a wide range of devices, thanks to its universal player. As a web designer, you simply add a single embed code to insert the video on a page. Vimeo does all the device detection [more…]

Host Mobile Video on YouTube

For mobile web designers who don’t want to struggle to figure out whole new lexicons of technical specifications, the simplest option is to let YouTube, shown in the figure, do all the work of hosting [more…]

Insert Video Into a Mobile Web Page

If you host your videos on your own web server, you can embed them into your pages by using HTML video, audio, and source tags. Whether you host your videos yourself, use a high-end content delivery network [more…]

Audio for the Mobile Web

Getting sound to come out of an iPhone or iPad seems like a no-brainer, right? After all, they were designed to play sounds and even sync with users’ iTunes audio libraries. [more…]

Formats, File Sizes, and More Settings for Audio

As with any other multimedia, the biggest challenge arises from capabilities, bandwidths, memory, and wireless connection speeds that are uneven and unpredictable across different devices. The good news [more…]

Compare Streaming Audio, Downloads, and Podcasts

Here are some innovative ways to include audio on your mobile website. Explore the various audio settings and services that can make your designs sing [more…]


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