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Visual Usability of a New Website

Working out the interaction design for a task is one part common sense and one part logic when it comes to figuring out the widgets to use and the flow to arrange them in. The rest is all visual design [more…]

How to Maximize Space on a Website

Even though web-page space is too, too limited, you can make creative use of a number of technologies out there in order to maximize your interface. For each of the following techniques described, there [more…]

Perform Visual Design Testing on a New Website

The visual design team for a website can create a few different “look and feel” options and test them with users. Aptly named “look and feel,” these designs look real enough to pass for a home page and [more…]

Perform HTML Click-Through Usability Testing on a New Website

The visual design of a website has a big impact on how users identify interactive elements and understand how to navigate through a site. So, it’s a good idea to mock up a few pages in the chosen look [more…]

Prepare To-Do Lists for User Testing on a New Website

In preparing a list of tasks for a user test for a new or redesigned website, keep in mind the main goals of the website. For example, if the main objectives of the site are to get people to buy products [more…]

Find Usability Testers when Designing a Website

User testing is an important part of developing a new website or redesigning an existing website, but when you're ready to test your website, the real trick is to actually find and convince a bunch of [more…]

Conduct Usability Tests on a New Website

Before you sit down with users in front of a computer to test your new or redesigned website, you need to get them to sign a release form and let them know you’re videotaping the website testing session [more…]

Develop Page Templates for a New Website

To ensure design consistency, ease of use, and to make engineering more practical, most websites use a small handful of different design layouts called [more…]

Create Comps when Designing a Website

Comps, as they’re called in web-design circles, are visual mock-ups of a proposed, new web design. They are the designer’s chance to establish what the website will ultimately look like — from the page’s [more…]

How to Build an Outline for a New Website

When starting a new website design, you must balance everything you know about the target customers and their needs alongside the list of your client’s business requirements and start sketching an outline [more…]

Web Design: How to Prepare a Search-Specific Sitemap

There is a lot of talk about sitemaps. One flavor of sitemap is a document created during the information architecture phase of a website’s development. Another flavor is an actual web page that lists [more…]

A Summary of Google Business Services

Google is so much more than just a search engine. It offers a number of services that online businesses can use to boost customer interaction and search engine visibility, and many of them are free: [more…]

How to Design Your Company Website around Social Networking

To make social design a seamless part of your company’s app or website, you have to “think socially” — that is, with social networking in mind. Always imagine what the user or visitor might be able to [more…]

How to Integrate Social Design from Google+ to Your Company Website

Social design requires pulling in the friends and connections of a user to your company website. Google+ can be a good source for these connections. Although sometimes you find the user has relationships [more…]

Build Your Own Small Business Website

Small businesses build either custom websites from scratch or template-based do-it-yourself sites. The options for building a small business website yourself are numerous. With small business custom-built [more…]

How to Find the Best Web Host for Your Website

The best web hosting sites offer a backup option that keeps your site running smoothly even after it is (inevitably) hacked. Peter Pollack, author of Web Hosting For Dummies, gives his take on the best [more…]

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