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Web Marketing: Think Like Your Visitors to Choose the Right Keywords

In web marketing, the best way to get visitors to your site is to think like them when searching and to choose the right keywords. The truth is, keywords aren’t the focus of a good SEO strategy — visibility [more…]

Web Marketing: Tools to Optimize Your Keywords

Luckily, as a web marketer, you don’t have to guess to find keywords. You can use some of the great tools available to help you with your initial brainstorming to optimize your keywords. [more…]

Web Marketing: Check out the Competition in Your Industry to Find Effective Keywords

In web marketing, two very helpful strategies when choosing keywords is to compare your site to the competition and to check your industry to make sure you are advertising what you think you are. These [more…]

Web Marketing: How to Manage Search Engine Robots

In web marketing, it’s important to make sure your site is visible. Checking your robots.txt file and meta robots tags is a good place to start. Errors with these can make your site invisible to visitors [more…]

Web Marketing: Eliminate Registration and Login Forms to Ensure Visibility

In web marketing, one way to ensure visibility is to eliminate registration and login forms. Visitors often have to complete these forms before they can download some kind of premium content, such as a [more…]

Web Marketing: How to Make Sure All Your Content is Searchable by the Engines

Search engines move from page to page on your website by following links. In web marketing, you need to provide a way to browse. Search engines can’t fill out forms, which means that they can’t use that [more…]

Web Marketing: How to Keep Your Site Visible When Using Ajax and DHTML

In web marketing, Ajax and DHTML are useful tools. However, to ensure proper visibility of your site to search engines, make sure you are using them appropriately and not actually blocking essential content [more…]

Web Marketing: Avoid Flash Pages to Stay Visible to Search Engines

Adobe Flash is a great way to create beautiful, interactive animations for your web marketing site. Unfortunately, search engines can’t read Flash animations for the following reasons: [more…]

Web Marketing: How to Avoid Duplicate Content

Duplicate content should be avoided in web marketing and Google provides a tool for detecting the repeated information. Nothing hurts a search engine’s quest for relevant content as much as finding the [more…]

Web Marketing: How to Avoid Duplication when Linking to Your Homepage

In web marketing, you should always avoid duplication. To avoid issues, make sure you have linked to your homepage the right way. To a search engine, all three of the following URLs are unique pages on [more…]

Web Marketing: How to Deal with Broken Links

Broken links stop search engines in their tracks. As a web marketer, dealing with these broken links may help ensure the success of your site. If a search engine reaches a broken link, it can’t find the [more…]

Web Marketing: How to Avoid Excess Web Page Code

As a web marketer, avoiding excess code works to your advantage. Search engines like to see a high ratio of content to code: as few lines of code as possible per line of content. You have a few simple [more…]

Web Design: How to Prepare a Search-Specific Sitemap

There is a lot of talk about sitemaps. One flavor of sitemap is a document created during the information architecture phase of a website’s development. Another flavor is an actual web page that lists [more…]

How to Write Online Marketing Copy

In web marketing, knowing how to write online copy is absolutely essential! You have a wealth of knowledge and information your customers have never seen or have forgotten. If you can clearly communicate [more…]

How to Connect Headlines to Copy in Your Web Marketing

The heading is the first text your customers see in web marketing and it should be connected to the copy on your site. Like your title tag, it needs to stand on its own and contain your key phrase. [more…]

How to Improve Your Marketing with Links to Your Website

In web marketing, link building — getting other sites to link to yours — is critical to your search engine optimization efforts. However, many people ignore the rest of SEO and focus entirely on acquiring [more…]

How to Build Links Search Engines Will Like on Your Web Marketing Site

In web marketing, you can get into trouble when link building because for years, link building has been abused as an SEO strategy. So, search engines have put automatic filters and whole teams of engineers [more…]

How to Analyze Your Web Marketing Results

SEO is a long process. In order to be successful in web marketing, you will need to analyze your results. Changes you make now may take months to actually impact your traffic, so you need your worksheet [more…]

How to Read Search Engine Results Pages

The search engine results pages (SERPs) produced by major search engines seem to get more complicated year by year, and it’s worth understanding where the information on the results pages actually comes [more…]

Competition for SEO Terms

Some search terms are incredibly competitive. That is, many, many sites are competing for the top positions. Other search terms are far less competitive. How can you tell just how competitive your search [more…]

Six Search Engine Variables

When working with search engine optimization, you have control over five basic variables, and a sixth that waits for no man: keywords, content, page optimization, submissions, links, and time. [more…]

How to Evaluate Your List of Keywords

After you’ve put together your initial list of keywords, go through it looking for more obvious additions. Don’t spend too much time on this; all you’re doing is creating a preliminary list to run through [more…]

How to Use the Bing Keyword Tool

A keyword tool enables you to discover additional terms you haven’t thought of and helps you determine which terms are most important — which terms are used most often by people looking for your products [more…]

How to Use the Free Google Keyword Tool

Rather than use one of the half-hidden keyword tools from one of the smaller search engines, you can go directly to Google’s keyword tool. This is a great keyword tool, as long as you understand a couple [more…]

How to Use the Wordtracker Keyword Tool

Wordtracker is perhaps the most popular commercial keyword tool among SEO professionals. Wordtracker has access to data from a couple of large metacrawlers, and a large British ISP. A [more…]


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