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Web Marketing: How to Manage Search Engine Robots

In web marketing, it’s important to make sure your site is visible. Checking your robots.txt file and meta robots tags is a good place to start. Errors with these can make your site invisible to visitors [more…]

Web Marketing: Eliminate Registration and Login Forms to Ensure Visibility

In web marketing, one way to ensure visibility is to eliminate registration and login forms. Visitors often have to complete these forms before they can download some kind of premium content, such as a [more…]

Web Marketing: How to Make Sure All Your Content is Searchable by the Engines

Search engines move from page to page on your website by following links. In web marketing, you need to provide a way to browse. Search engines can’t fill out forms, which means that they can’t use that [more…]

Web Marketing: How to Keep Your Site Visible When Using Ajax and DHTML

In web marketing, Ajax and DHTML are useful tools. However, to ensure proper visibility of your site to search engines, make sure you are using them appropriately and not actually blocking essential content [more…]

Web Marketing: Avoid Flash Pages to Stay Visible to Search Engines

Adobe Flash is a great way to create beautiful, interactive animations for your web marketing site. Unfortunately, search engines can’t read Flash animations for the following reasons: [more…]

Web Marketing: How to Avoid Duplicate Content

Duplicate content should be avoided in web marketing and Google provides a tool for detecting the repeated information. Nothing hurts a search engine’s quest for relevant content as much as finding the [more…]

Web Marketing: How to Avoid Duplication when Linking to Your Homepage

In web marketing, you should always avoid duplication. To avoid issues, make sure you have linked to your homepage the right way. To a search engine, all three of the following URLs are unique pages on [more…]

Web Marketing: How to Deal with Broken Links

Broken links stop search engines in their tracks. As a web marketer, dealing with these broken links may help ensure the success of your site. If a search engine reaches a broken link, it can’t find the [more…]

Web Marketing: How to Avoid Excess Web Page Code

As a web marketer, avoiding excess code works to your advantage. Search engines like to see a high ratio of content to code: as few lines of code as possible per line of content. You have a few simple [more…]

How to Determine a Website's Audience

Before you can design a website, you must first understand the target audience who will be using it. If (for example) you’re designing a website for a cruise line and you’re not familiar with the cruise [more…]

How to Build a Map for a Website Redesign

Many people assume that web design is always about creating a new website from scratch. Well, almost every organization of any size already has a website. Their primary need is to keep the existing website [more…]

Develop a Marketing Plan for a New Website

The marketing plan for a website can begin to happen in parallel to the site’s development. Do not underestimate the importance of marketing websites. The Internet simply has too many websites for anyone [more…]

Web Design: How to Present Content on a Web Page

When building your wireframes, remember that you are not limited to a static presentation of text and graphics. Many technologies, from Flash animation to DHTML, help you maximize your page space and present [more…]

Designing the Navigation of a New Website

Other than the visual design, determining how a user will navigate a website is one of the more challenging creative tasks that you’ll face as a web designer. The main goal is to make people feel in control [more…]

Interaction Design and User Flow of a New Website

Interaction design is different from information design. This is often a major point of confusion for people new to web design. While information design deals with the overall structure of a website and [more…]

Visual Usability of a New Website

Working out the interaction design for a task is one part common sense and one part logic when it comes to figuring out the widgets to use and the flow to arrange them in. The rest is all visual design [more…]

How to Maximize Space on a Website

Even though web-page space is too, too limited, you can make creative use of a number of technologies out there in order to maximize your interface. For each of the following techniques described, there [more…]

Perform Visual Design Testing on a New Website

The visual design team for a website can create a few different “look and feel” options and test them with users. Aptly named “look and feel,” these designs look real enough to pass for a home page and [more…]

Perform HTML Click-Through Usability Testing on a New Website

The visual design of a website has a big impact on how users identify interactive elements and understand how to navigate through a site. So, it’s a good idea to mock up a few pages in the chosen look [more…]

Prepare To-Do Lists for User Testing on a New Website

In preparing a list of tasks for a user test for a new or redesigned website, keep in mind the main goals of the website. For example, if the main objectives of the site are to get people to buy products [more…]

Find Usability Testers when Designing a Website

User testing is an important part of developing a new website or redesigning an existing website, but when you're ready to test your website, the real trick is to actually find and convince a bunch of [more…]

Conduct Usability Tests on a New Website

Before you sit down with users in front of a computer to test your new or redesigned website, you need to get them to sign a release form and let them know you’re videotaping the website testing session [more…]

Develop Page Templates for a New Website

To ensure design consistency, ease of use, and to make engineering more practical, most websites use a small handful of different design layouts called [more…]

Create Comps when Designing a Website

Comps, as they’re called in web-design circles, are visual mock-ups of a proposed, new web design. They are the designer’s chance to establish what the website will ultimately look like — from the page’s [more…]

How to Build an Outline for a New Website

When starting a new website design, you must balance everything you know about the target customers and their needs alongside the list of your client’s business requirements and start sketching an outline [more…]

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