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How to Create iPad-Friendly Mobile Web Designs

The iPad, with its big beautiful screen, may lead you to believe you don't need to do anything special in your mobile web design, but the best web design techniques for the iPad are not the same as those [more…]

What to Put in a Home Page

The page you are looking for was recently moved. Don't worry, it's still here; it just has a new address: http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/how-to-build-a-website-the-home-page.html [more…]

Basic Web Design Tips

When designing web pages, you need to think visually. A web site designed with a good balance of graphics and text is pleasing to the eye, attracts viewer attention, and holds it. Good web design relies [more…]

Web Design Tips for Presenting Information

As you design web pages, think graphically even when all you're presenting is pure information. Good web page design means you present information by organizing it logically and making it visually attractive [more…]

Who Uses Search Engines to Find Your Business Website?

The majority of users will find your business website the first time through a search engine. But who are these people? Several studies offer the following interesting insights into the population of search [more…]

Maintaining the Ranking of Your Business Website

After you achieve a good search engine ranking for your business website, you don’t get to snooze. First, another company will fight for that position. Second, circumstances are forever changing. Inbound [more…]

Optimizing Your Business Social Media Presence for Search

Google indexes social media under its Real Time search category, in reverse chronological order, as well as under its full search results. Your business will claim a significant amount of SERP [more…]

The Value of Search Optimization to Your Business Website

Even for online retail sales, search engines remain consumers’ primary method of locating sites (see the illustration below). As Compete reports in its online shopper intelligence study in February 2010 [more…]

Submitting Web Pages to Search Engines

You’ve probably seen “submission” services advertised, perhaps in the form of spam in your inbox, offering to submit your Web site to hundreds of search engines. In most cases, these submission services [more…]

Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

Search engine optimization, or SEO, makes the most of web marketing by attracting Internet browsers to your website. By marketing with strong SEO, you expose your product to loads of potential customers [more…]

Domain Name Best Practices

A domain name, like a phone number, is how potential visitors find you — the site you work so hard to bring to reality. Unlike a phone number, though, you do have to purchase a domain name and register [more…]

Generate and Apply a Web Color Scheme

Many very useful resources for generating color schemes are available online. These resources allow you to define color schemes based on a color, an image, or even a mood. [more…]

How to Choose an HTML Editor

If you’re a masochist, you certainly can create web pages in a word-processing program. All you need to know is which HTML tags to use for each section of that document. However, taking this path, intrepid [more…]

How to Get the Right Help: Job Titles in Web Design

You might hire help for your projects for many different reasons, but job titles in the web-design industry vary greatly and even overlap. For instance, a web/new media designer and project manager might [more…]

What Is a Kick-Off Meeting?

Another form of selling the idea for your website, a kick-off is a meeting to get all the hands-on people involved. This can include other people who will be developing the site with you, the owner of [more…]

Who Are the Stakeholders in Your Website Venture?

Your initial meeting with the client will give you some pertinent information regarding the target audience for your website. However, the website you create has multiple audiences. You must consider everyone [more…]

Internal Stakeholders' Needs from Your Website

You want and need the support of all parties involved when building a website, and the best way to gain their support is to do a little upfront legwork. As much as possible, talk to key players and ask [more…]

How to Create Profiles of Your Websites Target Audience

Profiles (also known as personas) are detailed descriptions of your users as individuals. While you’re developing your website's content and design, don’t forget that the end users are individuals and [more…]

How to Get Information from Your Website Client’s Target Audience

If your website client or your company has an existing client base, this is an excellent resource you can use when planning your design. If your client has a business that has a brick-and-mortar presence [more…]

How to Use Personas to Develop Website Content

When you create a website for a client, part of your job is to identify the client’s intended audience. After you find out who the client’s intended audience is, find out as much about the audience as [more…]

How to Hand Off a Project to a Client

Regardless of whether you complete the whole website building project on your own or with a team, you might need to hand off the project to someone else. When you’re planning a project, you need to think [more…]

Research the Availability of the Domain Name You Want

When building a website, you need to research whether the domain name that you or your client is absolutely head over heels in love with is taken.

Step 1 is to type the name in a web browser to see whether [more…]

How to Register Your Domain Name

When building a website, you first must make sure that the coast is clear and the domain name you want is indeed available. Next, it’s time to register that domain name. When you register a domain name [more…]

How to Determine Your Web-Hosting Needs

When you create a website — perhaps for a client — you obviously include what is needed: nuts and bolts, bells and whistles. So, it only makes sense that when the site going live is a reality, or close [more…]

How to Choose the Right Web Host for Your Site

After you determine your site needs from the server, it’s time to choose a web-hosting service. Like any industry, you’ll encounter varying degrees of competency and customer service, so take the time [more…]


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