Joomla! User Management

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Overview of User Management in Joomla

Joomla sites have eight levels of users, all managed in Joomla with the User Manager. The eight levels are grouped into three classes of users.

The first class of users is the Public front-end class of [more…]

How to Create Registered Users in Joomla

The most basic users in Joomla — beyond mere web surfers who happen by your site — are registered users. This group, which comes as a part of your default Joomla installation, can log in to your site [more…]

Create Author, Editor, and Publisher Accounts in Joomla

Joomla has three classes of users — front-end users, back-end users, and a special class that falls somewhere in between. Within this class are three user groups: [more…]

Create Shop Suppliers and Customers Accounts in Joomla

If you installed sample data as part of your Joomla installation, you may notice two User Groups that are handy for online store applications — Shop Suppliers and Customers. [more…]

How to Create Back-End Accounts in Joomla

Joomla has three levels of user permission groups for back-end functions in Joomla — Managers, Administrators, and Super Users. Assigning accounts to these permissions is done in Joomla’s User Manager. [more…]

How to Add Contacts to Your Joomla Site

Joomla maintains a Contact Manager to let you add contact information to your site. Joomla’s default installation comes with sample contact information to populate your Contact Manager with, so it is important [more…]

How to Categorize a Contact on Your Joomla Site

When the contact information on your Joomla site is organized into groups, it becomes both easy to manage for you and easy to navigate for your user. That’s what the Joomla Category Manager: Contacts page [more…]

How to Create a Category for Contacts on Your Joomla Site

Joomla comes with a number of categories that were included as part of your Joomla installation’s sample data. Most likely, you’ll end up either deleting or ignoring most of these categories in favor of [more…]

How to Create a Contact Page on Your Joomla Site

A contact page is a great addition to any Joomla site. If you want to list some of your users in a contact page, Joomla can help. After you add contacts to your site and set up categories to file them [more…]

How to Let Users Manage Their Own Accounts in Joomla

Although you can manage users from the back end, Joomla provides good facilities that permit users to manage themselves as well. You can create pages where users can register, log in, reset their passwords [more…]

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