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How to Find and Download Joomla Templates on the Internet

Would you like to use a template that offers more color and pizzazz than the built-in templates in Joomla? You can get fancy templates by the hundreds on the Internet and install them in Joomla, because [more…]

Overview of Joomla Modules

In Joomla, modules are embedded applications that appear around the edges of your pages. In fact, in Joomla, in most templates, even powerful items such as [more…]

Getting to Know the Banner Component in Joomla

In simple terms, the Banner component allows you to manage the banner advertisements for your website. To open the Banner component, click Components→Banner from any back-end page. After doing so, you’ll [more…]

Using the Banners Tab in Joomla Banner Manager

The Banners tab is the default tab that Joomla users are greeted with when they first access the Banner Manager. The Banners tab allows you to see all of the banners that have been added to your site. [more…]

Joomla Banner Manager: The Categories, Clients, and Tracks Tabs

When you first access the Banner Manager in Joomla, the Banners tab is the one you see. But there are other tabs on the left of the screen just below Banner Manager:Banners heading. These other tabs — [more…]

Overview of the Banners Module in Joomla

After you enter banner content into the Banner component, you tell Joomla how you want that content displayed through the Banners module. The Banners module displays banner content managed by the Banner [more…]

How to Archive Articles and View the Archive in Joomla

Archiving articles in stores them on your Joomla site for posterity’s sake, but makes them less visible to your site’s visitors as they will no longer be displayed along with the rest of your site’s content [more…]

How to Create a Custom HTML Module in Joomla

One of the great things about Joomla is how incredibly flexible it is. The CMS’s default installation includes 23 different modules to help you make your site run smoothly.Sometimes, however, you may want [more…]

How to Add an RSS Feed to Your Joomla Website

The Feed Display module in Joomla allows you to display other sites’ RSS feeds on your site, which is a great way to add value. Suppose that you have a site about hamsters. If you can find another site [more…]

How to List the Most Read Content on Your Joomla Website

The Most Read Content module publishes a list of links to the articles on your Joomla site that have received the most hits. Enabling the module on some of your site’s more prominent pages is a great way [more…]

How to Randomize Images on Your Joomla Website

Joomla’s Random Image module, as its name implies, shows a random image every time the page on which it appears is refreshed. It is installed as part of your Joomla installation’s sample content. This [more…]

Display Related Article Links on Your Joomla Website

Another nifty Joomla module is Articles — Related Articles. Articles — Related Articles is a module that displays articles related to the one that a site visitor has chosen to view. How does this module [more…]

Add and Configure a Search Module on Your Joomla Website

One of the big attractions of Joomla is the Search module, which lets users perform a search of all your articles. That’s often very hard to implement on a site that you build yourself from the HTML up [more…]

How to Show Who's Online in Your Joomla Website

The Who’s Online module in Joomla indicates how many guest and registered (logged-in) users are on your site at any time. The module is a simple one, and if you chose to install the sample data that came [more…]

Display External Websites in a Wrapper in Your Joomla Website

The Wrapper module lets you display external sites in wrappers (square frames) on your Joomla site. Here’s a great real life explanation from a Joomla developer of how the Wrapper module can be put into [more…]

Overview of Templates to Format Joomla Websites

Joomla has built-in HTML editors that allow you to format articles the way you want them, but it has no officially sanctioned editor that allows you to create your own templates. The way your individual [more…]

Overview of the Tabs in Joomla’s Template Manager

Joomla’s Template Manager has two tabs at the top left of the page: The Styles tab and the Templates tab. When you install a template in Joomla, it is added to the Templates tab and one style entry is [more…]

How to Customize a Template in Joomla

Depending on the template you’re working with in Joomla, you may have a number of customization options available to you, or very few. The only way to find out which is the case is to look. To do so, navigate [more…]

How to Edit the Code of a Joomla Template

You can get into a Joomla template’s actual HTML and CSS code via its Customize Template page, which contains Edit HTML and Edit CSS buttons. Click the CSS file you’re interested in working with to view [more…]

How to Install Joomla Module and Plug-in Extensions

The installation process for Joomla extensions is the same as the one for templates. Simply choose Extensions→Extension Manager in any back-end page to install templates, modules, components, and plug-ins [more…]

How Joomla Templates Ensure Your Pages Are SEO

Modern Joomla templates (version 1.6 and up) are designed to be search engine friendly (SEF). In older versions of Joomla such as version 1.5, templates were based on HTML tables, which are hard for web [more…]

How to Find Joomla Extensions

The main source of Joomla extensions can be found at the Joomla Extensions Directory, often referred to as the JED.

You can also reach the Joomla extensions site from the [more…]

How to Choose Among the Thousands of Joomla Extensions

When you search or browse the Joomla Extension Directory (JED) it will produce a listing of available extensions. All of the information that you need to choose the right extension for you is in the listing [more…]

How to Download a Joomla Extension

Of the thousands of Joomla extensions available on the Joomla Extension Directory (JED), you’ve selected one that is perfect for your site. Now all you have to do is download it. [more…]

How to Install and Configure a Joomla Component Extension

The installation process for Joomla extensions is the same as the one for templates. Simply choose Extensions→Extension Manager in any back-end page to install templates, modules, components, and plug-ins [more…]

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