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How to Categorize a Contact on Your Joomla Site

When the contact information on your Joomla site is organized into groups, it becomes both easy to manage for you and easy to navigate for your user. That’s what the Joomla Category Manager: Contacts page [more…]

How to Create a Category for Contacts on Your Joomla Site

Joomla comes with a number of categories that were included as part of your Joomla installation’s sample data. Most likely, you’ll end up either deleting or ignoring most of these categories in favor of [more…]

How to Create a Contact Page on Your Joomla Site

A contact page is a great addition to any Joomla site. If you want to list some of your users in a contact page, Joomla can help. After you add contacts to your site and set up categories to file them [more…]

How to Let Users Manage Their Own Accounts in Joomla

Although you can manage users from the back end, Joomla provides good facilities that permit users to manage themselves as well. You can create pages where users can register, log in, reset their passwords [more…]

How to Make Joomla URLs Search Engine Friendly, or SEF

With Joomla 1.6, all of the web pages and websites you create with Joomla are search engine friendly (SEF), with SEO features built right into the default Joomla installation. The core feature allowing [more…]

How to Resolve “Page Not Found” Errors on Joomla Sites

When you tell Joomla to use SEF (static) URLs, some users may experience 404 errors (“page not found”) when they click menu items on your site. If the SEF URLs setting in Joomla breaks your menu items, [more…]

Add Keywords to Your Joomla Website for Search Engine Optimization

A few well-chosen keywords on your Joomla site can be a pretty powerful weapon in the constant battle to drive more visitors to your web page. [more…]

How Joomla Templates Ensure Your Pages Are SEO

Modern Joomla templates (version 1.6 and up) are designed to be search engine friendly (SEF). In older versions of Joomla such as version 1.5, templates were based on HTML tables, which are hard for web [more…]

How to Maximize Your Joomla Site for Search Engines

How you arrange the content of your page is just as important as metadata and SEF when it comes to optimizing your Joomla site. Following are some good optimization tips: [more…]

How to Submit Your Joomla Site to Search Engines

When you’ve optimized your Joomla site for search engines, it’s time to submit it to the search engines. The search engines probably will find your site sooner or later, but you can speed the process by [more…]

How to Notify Search Engines of Changes to Your Joomla Site’s URLs

Although you may be happy with the look and functionality of your Joomla site now, that doesn’t mean you won’t want to make a few changes down the road. If those changes effect the layout of your site’s [more…]

How to Find Joomla Extensions

The main source of Joomla extensions can be found at the Joomla Extensions Directory, often referred to as the JED.

You can also reach the Joomla extensions site from the [more…]

How to Choose Among the Thousands of Joomla Extensions

When you search or browse the Joomla Extension Directory (JED) it will produce a listing of available extensions. All of the information that you need to choose the right extension for you is in the listing [more…]

How to Download a Joomla Extension

Of the thousands of Joomla extensions available on the Joomla Extension Directory (JED), you’ve selected one that is perfect for your site. Now all you have to do is download it. [more…]

How to Install and Configure a Joomla Component Extension

The installation process for Joomla extensions is the same as the one for templates. Simply choose Extensions→Extension Manager in any back-end page to install templates, modules, components, and plug-ins [more…]

Ten Top Joomla Template Sites

Joomla comes with a few built-in templates, but people rarely stick with those. Instead, they download and install templates from the Internet. The free sites are the most popular, but don’t neglect the [more…]

Joomla Extensions to Set Up an Online Store for a Global Audience

If you are using Joomla to create an online store, VirtueMart provides much of the functionality that you need right out of the box. If you are hoping to serve customers in more than one language, Joom [more…]

Joomla Extensions to Help You Manage Your Joomla Site

There are Joomla extensions to do just about anything, including helping you to manage you Joomla site. Want a WYSIWYG editor. There’s an extension for that. Need to attach documents to articles? There’s [more…]

Joomla Extensions to Enhance Your Image and Video Management

Joomla is a Content Management System (CMS). That means it helps you to manage all kind of content — text, image, and video. Here are a couple of extensions for Joomla that can rev up your image and video [more…]

Joomla Extensions to Publish Your Events and Direct People to Them

Joomla extensions can help you to publish a calendar of events that you hope your visitors will want to attend. And, if they do, there’s an extension to provide directions to the event location, assuming [more…]

Ten Ways to Get Help on Joomla

Joomla can be a pretty complex beast. Luckily, many resources are available to assist you in building and maintaining your Joomla site. Take a look at these sites and online documents. Reviewing them is [more…]