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Drupal Gardens Theme Builder

After you have the Drupal Gardens setup out of the way, you can start to have some fun and play with themes on your site. Controlling the appearance of your site with the Drupal Gardens Theme Builder is [more…]

Drupal Garden Features

To give you a chance to view and play with all the Drupal Gardens features, you can create a new site and choose the Custom option instead of one of the installed templates: [more…]

Drupal Gardens Pages and Block

As with the Features list, when you first create your Drupal Gardens site, you can choose which preinstalled pages and blocks you want to appear on your site. Pages and blocks are exactly what you think [more…]

Drupal Garden Site Structure Management

The Drupal Garden Structure page is where you manage many of the features, pages, and blocks present on your site. Some of the specific features, blocks, and pages you can control from this page include [more…]

Managing Drupal Garden Site Users

The People page in Drupal Gardens lets you control users, just as you would in a regular Drupal installation. You can find users, block and unblock, delete, and assign roles. Click the People link to manage [more…]

Activity Stream Drupal Module

Activity Stream is a Drupal module that lets you publish your social media content on your own website. With Activity Stream, every time you Twitter, post a link on Digg, or receive a Facebook notification [more…]

Installing Drupal Activity Stream

Getting people to visit your Drupal site is all about social media and pulling content from other sites. Activity Stream is a Drupal module that lets you publish your social media content on your own website [more…]

Pulling Social Media into Drupal Site

After you enable the Activity Stream and related modules, you can begin pulling in social media content from other sites into your Drupal site. Activity Stream is based on an individual user. To set it [more…]

Drupal Resources

There are many great resources where you can get help, download new themes, and meet other Drupal users. These ten websites let you connect with other users to garner even more knowledge about Drupal, [more…]

Sharing Drupal Content with RSS

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is a specific format for content that can be read by web applications. Your Drupal site can access content in an RSS format which is provided by websites with frequently [more…]

Locating Drupal Site RSS Feeds with Google Reader

Finding RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds for your Drupal site can be tricky, but Google Reader is a good source for ideas. You can find feeds about particular topics by using a feature of Google Reader [more…]

Drupal Site Aggregator Module

A simple solution to placing RSS feeds onto your Drupal site is to use the included Core module called Feed Aggregator. To enable and use the Aggregator module, follow these steps: [more…]

Creation of RSS Feed for Your Drupal Site

With Drupal, not only can you pull in RSS feed content from other sites, but you also can create your own Drupal site RSS feed for other sites to pull content from you. Behind the scenes, Drupal has already [more…]

Adding a Storefront to Your Drupal Site

If you’ve decided you want to sell products online through your Drupal site, the Ubercart module is an easy-to-use, robust option. You can have your items online in minutes, complete with a shopping cart [more…]

Install and Enable Ubercart on Your Drupal Site

Ubercart is a single download composed of a number of modules which facilitates setting up a storefront on your Drupal site. Ubercart also depends on several other modules that must be downloaded and installed [more…]

Drupal Ubercart Site Product Listings

After you install Drupal Ubercart, you’re ready to add product listings to your Drupal site. With Ubercart, product listings are a type of content. To create your first product listing, follow these steps [more…]

Testing Your Drupal Site Ordering Process

To see how your Drupal site storefront works, you should test it. At this point, you have no payment mechanism tied into your store. When someone adds products to her cart and checks out, she is presented [more…]

Managing Drupal Storefront Orders

When a customer places a new order though your Drupal storefront, you automatically receive an e-mail notification. You can see all the orders made on your site. To review orders, follow these steps: [more…]

Configuring Your Drupal Storefront

While your Drupal storefront site is practically ready to work after you add products, you also have some ways to customize your site to make it more attractive to customers. There are more than 100 configuration [more…]

Enhancing Drupal Ubercart Product Listings

The basic product listing from Drupal Ubercart includes a field for photos, which can enhance your listing. The product listings aren't organized into catalogs, but should be. These are important features [more…]

Drupal Storefront Payment Configuration

After configuring your Drupal site storefront you have to make decisions about getting paid. You have a number of options for third-party merchant services you can use to handle the credit card transactions [more…]

Enhancing Your Drupal Ubercart Store

When you installed all the Ubercart and related modules, you added in lots of functionality you haven't yet turned on for your Drupal store. Here is a quick look at the best of the other parts of Ubercart [more…]

Great Drupal Modules: CAPTCHA

If you plan on rocking a Drupal site with an active forum or open account registrations, you will want to download the CAPTCHA module sooner rather than later. CAPTCHA [more…]

Great Drupal Modules: TinyMCE and WYSIWYG

Proving that size really doesn’t matter, TinyMCE is a small but powerful module that allows you and your Drupal users to easily create formatted content, much like a word processor produces. It places [more…]

Great Drupal Modules: Mollom

If you find that, in spite of using the CAPTCHA module, you still have spam on your Drupal site, Mollom is your best bet. Mollom is more than a module; it's also web service. Mollom.com knows how to detect [more…]


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