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Drupal Storefront Payment Configuration

After configuring your Drupal site storefront you have to make decisions about getting paid. You have a number of options for third-party merchant services you can use to handle the credit card transactions [more…]

Enhancing Your Drupal Ubercart Store

When you installed all the Ubercart and related modules, you added in lots of functionality you haven't yet turned on for your Drupal store. Here is a quick look at the best of the other parts of Ubercart [more…]

Great Drupal Modules: CAPTCHA

If you plan on rocking a Drupal site with an active forum or open account registrations, you will want to download the CAPTCHA module sooner rather than later. CAPTCHA [more…]

Great Drupal Modules: TinyMCE and WYSIWYG

Proving that size really doesn’t matter, TinyMCE is a small but powerful module that allows you and your Drupal users to easily create formatted content, much like a word processor produces. It places [more…]

Great Drupal Modules: Mollom

If you find that, in spite of using the CAPTCHA module, you still have spam on your Drupal site, Mollom is your best bet. Mollom is more than a module; it's also web service. Mollom.com knows how to detect [more…]

Great Drupal Modules: Printer, E-mail, and PDF Versions

By downloading and installing the Printer, E-mail, and PDF Versions module to your Drupal site, your visitors can print, e-mail, and create PDF versions of content. [more…]

Great Drupal Modules: Site Map

As your Drupal site grows, it's important that visitors be able to find the information they are seeking. Creating a site map can help, and the Site Map module automatically creates one for you. To create [more…]

Great Themes for your Drupal Site

Drupal sites can be customized with free themes available for download from Drupal.org. While there are many themes available, these five are particularly awesome and worth a peek. [more…]

How to Create “Read More” Links in Joomla

What the Joomla content management system (CMS) calls blog layout is really just a summary of each article followed by a Read More link — not an actual blog. You can add Read More links to a category page [more…]

How to Reorder Articles in Joomla Content Management System

Altering the order of articles is a two step process in the Joomla content management system (CMS). You will reorder first in Joomla’s Article Manager and then in the Menu Manager. If Article Manager displays [more…]

How to Set Menu Item Position in Joomla Content Management System

You can use Joomla’s Menu Item Manager to set the order appearance of menu items on your website. Imagine that you are the content management administrator for SuperDuperMegaCo. Currently, the menu items [more…]

How to Remove Menu Items in Joomla Content Management System

In Joomla, you can remove menu items by trashing them or unpublishing them. Trashing an item (and deleting it by emptying the trash) is forever, so it’s preferable to simply unpublish items, as you can [more…]

Web Sites Using Joomla Content Management System

A great way to get to know Joomla is to take a look at what it’s capable of doing, which means taking a look at some Joomla-powered sites. Here are a few examples. [more…]

Reasons to Choose Joomla Content Management System

The Content Management System (CMS) of choice these days is Joomla. In 2010, Wikipedia listed 102 free and open-source CMSes. Joomla was the most popular of them in terms of number of installations. [more…]

Pre-Installation Activities for Joomla Content Management System

Joomla content management system (CMS) is distributed free of charge as a compressed file. Prior to installing Joomla, you will need to download the compressed file, unzip it, and make sure that your hosting [more…]

How to Upload the Joomla Files to an ISP’s Host Server

After you download and unzip your Joomla files, you upload them to your ISP. There are a lot of ISPs that can run Joomla. For the most part, any ISP that gives you access to PHP and MySQL can run Joomla [more…]

How to Set Up MySQL for Joomla on a Remote Server

When you install Joomla, it expects MySQL to be ready for it to use. ISPs usually have one MySQL installation that everybody shares, so you may need to set up a unique username and password to get the [more…]

How to Install Joomla CMS on a Remote Server

Once you have loaded the unzipped Joomla files on the remote server and set up MySQL for Joomla, you are ready to install Joomla Content Management System [more…]

How to Install the Joomla Environment on a Local Windows Server

Rather than installing all of the tools that Joomla requires on your Windows server, you can install the Joomla environment via XAMPP. When you install XAMPP, it installs the Apache web server, PHP, and [more…]

How to Install the Joomla Environment on a Local Linux Server

The tools that Joomla requires to run can be installed as a single package via XAMPP. When you install XAMPP on your Linux Server, it installs the Apache web server, PHP, and MySQL for you, along with [more…]

How to Install the Joomla Environment on a Local Mac OS X Server

XAMPPinstalls all the tools that Joomla needs to run including the Apache web server, PHP, and MySQL, along with some other tools that will make your life as a Joomla administrator a little easier. XAMPP [more…]

How to Install Joomla on a Local Server

Joomla Content Management System (CMS) is easy to install. No matter what server operating system you’re running, Joomla’s installation process walks you through all the steps. [more…]

Overview of a Newly Installed Joomla CMS Site

Once you have installed Joomla Content Management System (CMS), take a tour of your newly created site. To give Joomla a test drive, click the Site button in the final installation page, or navigate to [more…]

How to Log In to Joomla CMS as an Administrator

To access what Joomla refers to as the content management system’s (CMS’s) back end, you use the Administration control panel. Joomla’s default installation includes a link to the Administration control [more…]

How to Change an Article Title in Joomla CMS

To change the title of articles in Joomla content management system (CMS), simply open the article and change the text in the article’s Title field to whatever you please. It’s just that easy. [more…]

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