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Web Marketing: How to Attract Attention to Webpage Elements

Specific elements on a webpage also enhance your marketing by encouraging visitors to take action. Here are some next-action design elements to try: [more…]

Preflight Checklist for Web Marketing

You want to put your marketing plan to paper for your website design before you launch it, just as you would want to crunch numbers and run what-if scenarios before launching any new company. Collect information [more…]

Web Marketing: How to Design for Optimum Usability

Assuring that your website is usable by your marketing audience is partly the responsibility of the designer and partly the responsibility of the programmer. If something as simple as a link to another [more…]

Advantages of WordPress as a Web Marketing Host

WordPress, a premier blogging tool, has evolved over the years to become a good choice for marketing websites. Many large companies with thousands of website visitors per month use WordPress for their [more…]

Web Marketing: How to Set Up a WordPress Website

WordPress can be an excellent host for a marketing website for your company. The following steps offer an overview of the steps for installing a WordPress website and then getting it up and running: [more…]

How to Determine a Website's Audience

Before you can design a website, you must first understand the target audience who will be using it. If (for example) you’re designing a website for a cruise line and you’re not familiar with the cruise [more…]

How to Build a Map for a Website Redesign

Many people assume that web design is always about creating a new website from scratch. Well, almost every organization of any size already has a website. Their primary need is to keep the existing website [more…]

Develop a Marketing Plan for a New Website

The marketing plan for a website can begin to happen in parallel to the site’s development. Do not underestimate the importance of marketing websites. The Internet simply has too many websites for anyone [more…]

How to Build an Outline for a New Website

When starting a new website design, you must balance everything you know about the target customers and their needs alongside the list of your client’s business requirements and start sketching an outline [more…]

Designing Your Website with HTML/HTML5

If you're designing websites, you're probably going to want to use standards-compliant HTML5 markup — after all, you need to use some type of markup language so that your websites can communicate, right [more…]

How to Edit Your Website’s .htaccess File in Dreamweaver

Next, you need to edit the existing .htaccess file on your web server (if one already exists) or create a new one. An .htaccess file is a hypertext file that provides directives to the server, such as [more…]

The Importance of Writing Standards-Compliant Code

First and foremost, designing websites that follow web standards helps ensure that anyone using the web — regardless of their browser, device, or operating system — can view the content on a web page. [more…]

An Introduction to W3C Recommendations for Web Style

In 1994, Tim Berners-Lee founded the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in order to make all software and hardware web accessible. The W3C is international vendor-neutral group dedicated to bringing standards [more…]

The Anatomy of a Web Site Domain Name

Simply put, a domain name is a name that is used to identify an address on the Internet for a particular website and any e-mail addresses configured for that site. For instance, if your company is called [more…]

How to Write Semantic HTML Code

Most of the best code editors these days — whether you’re using a code-only editor or one with a WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) view — automatically write web code for that conforms to HTML 4 [more…]

New HTML 5 Elements

Below is a list of all the new elements proposed for introduction in the HTML5 specification in alphabetical order, with a brief description and an associated markup category. [more…]


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