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What Are the Article Options in Joomla?

The items in the Article Options pane in Joomla vary a little bit, depending on the type of layout assigned to the article: Single Article, Category Blog, Category List, and so on. Here are the options [more…]

How to Turn Article Titles into Links in Joomla CMS

When you use Category List layout in the Joomla content management system (CMS), all the article titles in a category are links automatically, but they’re not when you use Category Blog layout. You can [more…]

Joomla CMS: Make Menu Items Visible Only to Logged-in Users

In Joomla, you can restrict menu items only to those users who are logged in (registered). If your website has some content that anyone can see and other content that should be reserved for authorized [more…]

How to Make Articles Open in New Windows in Joomla CMS

If you are the administrator for a website that runs on the Joomla content management system (CMS), you will likely encounter a need to have a new browser window open when a user clicks a certain menu [more…]

How to Hide Author By-lines in Joomla CMS

You may want to clean up your Joomla site’s pages a little. One place to start is the Written by Super User line that appears at the top of every article by default. You can hide this author name, or any [more…]

How to Enable Emoticons in Joomla CMS

Add a touch of emotion to your text in Joomla by using emoticons. First, you first have to enable TinyMCE’s extended feature set in Joomla. Here's how: [more…]

How to Organize Multimedia in Joomla’s Media Manager

On the left-hand side of the Joomla’s Media Manager page, you find a tree of folders that ship with the Joomla default installation: photos, banners, and [more…]

How to Upload a Picture to Joomla’s Media Manager

Content management systems like Joomla exist to help you manage the different kinds of content that appear on your website. Joomla’s Media Manager is designed to help you keep track of all the image, audio [more…]

How to Insert an Image into an Article in Joomla

Image files stored in Joomla’s Media Manager can be displayed in articles. In fact, the same picture can be displayed in more than one article. Remember, in Joomla, the webpage doesn’t exist until the [more…]

How to Format Articles with HTML Tags in Joomla

You can add some pizzazz to an article in the Joomla content management system (CMS) by adding HTML tags while you work with it in the article-editor page. To insert HTML tags with the TinyMCE editor, [more…]

How to Create and Format Tables and Columns in Joomla Articles

Suppose you’re using the Joomla content management system (CMS) to create a school site, and you want to list the top honor-roll students in an article. How about creating a table that lists them like [more…]

How to Create a Table of Contents in Joomla Articles

Joomla lets you break your articles up by adding a table of contents, which is particularly good for longer articles. If you have an article that’s 4,000 words in length, for example, you don’t want to [more…]

Common WebKit Browsers

Every web browser has a browser engine, such as WebKit, at its core. This table lists the most common web browser engines, along with the web browsers that use them. Just three or four browser engines [more…]

Basic Web Design Tips

When designing web pages, you need to think visually. A web site designed with a good balance of graphics and text is pleasing to the eye, attracts viewer attention, and holds it. Good web design relies [more…]

Web Design Tips for Presenting Information

As you design web pages, think graphically even when all you're presenting is pure information. Good web page design means you present information by organizing it logically and making it visually attractive [more…]

Design and Technical Challenges for Mobile Website Content

The issue of mobile accessibility emerges in every realm of creating a website, affecting the size and type of images you embed, the color scheme you apply to your site, and what kind of navigational structure [more…]

How to Build a Basic HTML Page

Having taken a brief look at the options for creating web pages from popular applications (like word processors or graphics programs), let’s turn to the most powerful, flexible, and useful way to build [more…]

The Challenges for Designing Websites for Mobile Content

Having mobile-friendly sites remains the goal of websites with a lot of resources to develop alternate content and presentations for mobile visitors. You might not have those resources, so here are essentially [more…]

Tools for Creating HTML when Building Websites

Before you start coding HTML, consider the options in terms of a coding environment. There is a wide spectrum of tools, ranging from the free text editor that came with your operating system [more…]

How to Save Microsoft Word Files as Web Pages

Here’s how to save any open file in Microsoft Word (2008 or newer) as a web page. Start by opening the Save As dialog box, with its default web settings. [more…]

Define Titles and Links in HTML Page Head Element

Within the HTML element in a page you are building for your website, there are two main, defining elements. The visible content of the page is enclosed in the [more…]

Why Use HTML5 to Build Web Pages?

HTML5, the current (albeit still-changing) version of HTML is actually more widely supported, including in older browsers (such as Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8), than its predecessors. [more…]

How to Code Paragraphs for HTML Web Pages

When you’re building pages in HTML5, you will use familiar paragraph container tags. The container tags for paragraphs are <p> and </p>, and you use them to separate text into paragraphs. Each paragraph [more…]

How to Define Lists in HTML Web Pages

Headings and paragraphs aren’t always enough. Sometimes you need lists on your pages, too. When deciding how to present your data, consider your options. If the text fits into short bullets, present it [more…]

Vertical Spacing in HTML

When working on coding page content in HTML for your web pages, many of you might ask: “How do I get rid of that (vertical) spacing?” between paragraphs. Or, “How do I add [more…]


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