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Web Marketing: How to Retrieve Referrer Data

Most web marketing reporting tools don’t show referrer data front and center on the main dashboard. You need to drill down to find and retrieve it. Using Google Analytics as an example, the following walks [more…]

Google Analytics: How to Track Referring Keywords for Web Marketing

In web marketing if you’re getting traffic from search engines (and you’d better be), folks are finding you by searching on keywords. Knowing which keywords they’re using to find you gives you a hint as [more…]

Web Marketing Benchmarks: Page Views per Visit and Time on Site

To set web marketing benchmarks for page views per visit and time on site, you need to have been running your traffic-reporting tool for at least two to three months. That gives you enough data to set [more…]

How to Calculate Your Web Marketing Loyalty Benchmark in Google Analytics

The following explains how in web marketing, tracking returning visitors is important. Here we will find out how many returning visitors you have and how to use this as a benchmark for increasing the percentage [more…]

Google Analytics: How to Determine the Value of a Referrer to Your Web Marketing Success

Web marketing provides a lot of data which only become clear when it is compared to other data. Here you see an example of how you can bring the different statistics together and draw conclusions about [more…]

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