Social Media Metrics Measurements and Data

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How to Avoid Metrics Pitfalls with Your Website Analytics Data

You may wonder how in the world you can make mistakes with data that is being delivered to you in neat reports and graphs. Social media metrics services do a great job of gathering any and all data you [more…]

How to Decipher Social Media Metrics Codes and Patterns

As you track your social media metrics over time and begin to use some of the next layer tools, such as segmentation and dayparting, to analyze your online and social interaction, it's important to keep [more…]

Social Media Metrics: Tracking Mobile-Device Activity on Regular Websites

To keep up with the mobile part of social media metrics, you can do some mobile tracking in Google Analytics. Because of this, there is no time like the present to start laying plans for a [more…]

How to Find New Business with the Google Analytics Keyword Report

Gathering social media metrics for your business helps pinpoint ways to attract customers — and the Google Analytics Keyword Report is a great place to start. It will help you with your content also, among [more…]

How to Track Offline Marketing Traffic with Social Media Metrics

Offline marketing can be elusive to track. How do you know if your billboard, poster, flyer, or mailer is bringing traffic to your site? It can be frustrating not knowing how the hard-earned money you [more…]

How to Use Color in Calls-to-Action on Your Website

In social media marketing, calls-to-action often appear in the form of buttons or icons. Color is important because studies show that color can motivate people to do or feel different things. You can apply [more…]

Create a Social Media Traffic Report in Google Analytics

You can create as many reports with social media metrics as you like, so instead of trying to cram all your data into one report, think of how you want to use the data and create reports that help you [more…]

What to Do with Outliers in Your Metrics Data

An outlier is any data point that doesn't fit into your established average data pattern. By paying attention to the outliers in your social media metrics data, you can see where to position yourself by [more…]

How to Apply Social Media Metrics to Calls-to-Action on Your Website

Metrics plus calls-to-action pack a one-two punch needed to create a website or landing page that generates conversions for leads or sales. You can pump up your call-to-action buttons with metrics in a [more…]

How to Fine-Tune Your Social Media Metrics Goals

You can use sales funnel data to fine-tune your social media metrics goals. Part of fine-tuning your goals involves honing them down until they transition from hopes to milestones. [more…]

Basics of Google Analytics SDK

If you make mobile apps or if you plan to have an app made for your business, you need to incorporate social media metrics. Google's Analytics SDK (software development kit) gives you ways to do that for [more…]

Social Media Metrics: Mobile Analytics to Focus On

How people use mobile websites and apps on their phones and tablets is quite different than how they use a website — and your social media metrics should take that into account. You want your mobile analytics [more…]

Social Media Metrics: Tracking Mobile Use of Your Website

What can analytics tell you about mobile traffic to your site? Mobile metrics can tell you volume, what your visitor buying patterns or lead generation patterns are, and what the demographic of your mobile [more…]

How to Track Page-Load Times with a Metrics Tool

Using a metrics tool to track page-load times is critical to your website, because few things annoy website visitors more than a page that loads slowly. In general, you have only a few seconds to keep [more…]

How to Get Metrics Data on Phone Calls

Everyone wants to get metrics data on phone calls. Try as you might to get folks to fill out a web form, scan a QR Code with their smartphone, or send you an e-mail you can track, some people are just [more…]

How to Track Social-Button Traffic on Your Website

You've put the Share buttons on your site or installed a basic sharing plug-in. To see if people are using them, you can install a plug-in like Social Metrics or Google Analytics. Social Metrics doesn't [more…]

Social Media Metrics: Pinpointing the Moment of Traction with Google+

In social media, the moment of tractioncould also be called the "best time to share on Google+ or other social sites." The best time for you may not be the best time for your fellow content generators. [more…]

Social Media Metrics: Setting Up Event Tracking with Google Analytics

Event tracking is a social media metric that shows how visitors travel through your website via calls-to-action. Use Google Analytics to set up event tracking, and you'll be able to see what's working [more…]

Social Media Metrics: Google Analytics SDK Android App

Tracking an application's metrics (an app) has simplified, but apps are inherently isolated still. You can track each app, but solutions are still being created to track all apps. [more…]

Social Media: How to Track Video Metrics

When you track social media metrics, be sure to include video metrics. Measuring video metrics helps you optimize the videos you create. It's a marketer's dream for a video to go viral, but even non-viral [more…]

How to Monitor Interaction between a Company’s Facebook Page and Website

To monitor interaction between your Facebook presence and your company’s primary website URL, there’s Facebook’s Insights for Platform Applications. This can be used to determine how many people use Like [more…]

Who Should Analyze Your Company’s Web Traffic?

Chances are good that your business isn’t large enough to field an entire team whose sole responsibility is social marketing analytics. Even if you aren’t running an employment agency for statisticians [more…]

How to Determine the Number of Subscribers to Your iTunes Podcast

When social marketers make podcasts available from the iTunes store to subscribers, you’re out there with the heavy hitters — and have access to additional analytical information. You have no way, at least [more…]

How to Determine the Popularity of Your Company’s Podcasts

When planning for podcasts as part of an upcoming social marketing campaign, it can be helpful to know which were the most popular podcasts in the past. As with blogs, you need to watch several primary [more…]

How to Measure the Effectiveness of Social Media Content

You can measure the effectiveness of your social media content with standard analytics. How do you measure your results? Are viewers or readers recommending your content to people other than those you [more…]