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How to Block Users on Klout

Occasionally, you may have the need to block an influencer. When you block an influencer in Klout, he or she can't view your profile. Instead, when the blocked user clicks your name, a screen appears saying [more…]

How to Disconnect Social Networks on Klout

You have the option of connecting many of your social networks to Klout, but you can also remove them if necessary. While adding social networks is a way to improve your Klout Score, you may want to remove [more…]

How to Delete Your Klout Account

If you decide that you no longer wish to participate in Klout, you can opt out completely by visiting the opt-out page on Klout.com. Because Klout uses public information pulled from the Internet, it may [more…]

How to Use Klout Apps for the Android

To search for Android apps, open the Google Play store on your device and type Klout into the search bar. Tap an app to read its description and reviews. After you find the app you want to install, tap [more…]

How to Download the Klout App for Apple Devices

Before you download the Klout app for your Apple device, you need to sign up for a Klout account. Then you can download and sign in to the app. Search for the Klout app by opening the App Store on your [more…]

How to Use Klout App Features on Apple Devices

The Klout mobile experience is more limited than the full website. However, many features are still available with the mobile app, including giving +K to fellow influencers, checking your Klout Score, [more…]

What You Can Do with Your Apple Mobile Klout Profile

Next to the Notifications button at the bottom of the screen on your Apple device, you see a Klout Profile icon. Tapping this button takes you to your personal Profile screen. [more…]

How to Find Influencers for Your Brand on Klout

After your brand’s social media accounts are connected to Klout, you can begin to search for influencers you wish to connect with. You can search by name, Klout Score, or topic of influence, depending [more…]

How to Search Klout Influencers for Your Brand by Topic

If you’re looking to connect with influencers based on a specific topic of influence, you can do so by using Klout’s Search feature. Take this a step further and curate a Klout list of these influencers [more…]

10 Klout Brands to Watch

Some brands with good Klout scores are simply connecting recreationally, while others are brands with full-on social media strategies and departments dedicated to serving their customers through their [more…]


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