Social Media Metrics Basics

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Basics of Social Media Metrics

Social media metrics are detailed and concrete measurements that help you understand if your social media strategies are working (or not) for you or your customers. These metrics quantify and evaluate [more…]

How to Track Social Media Metrics Data with a Spreadsheet

Using a spreadsheet is the best way to keep track of all the analytics data that will roll in after you start using basic social media metrics and third-party tools. To track your social media goals, you [more…]

How to Install Google Analytics to Your Blog

If you don't already have Google Analytics tracking metrics for you on your blog or site, you can quickly and easily install it. Installation takes only a minute and is completely painless. [more…]

Get Clicky Analytics Basics

Clicky is a fun yet useful service that offers a variety of plans for tracking real-time metrics on your website. The free plan lets you track one website up to 3,000 page views a day and gives you access [more…]

How to Install Google Analytics to Your Website

Installing Google Analytics on your website takes only a minute and is painless. Soon, you'll be tracking social media metrics in your sleep, thanks to Google Analytics. [more…]

Web Marketing: How to Generate Traffic

Generating traffic to your business website requires significant marketing through spending your own time to attract visitors, paying for visitors directly, or hiring helpers to do the work required to [more…]