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Timing Google's Crawl

Google crawls the Web at varying depths and on more than one schedule. The so-called deep crawl occurs roughly once a month. This extensive reconnaissance of Web content requires more than a week to complete [more…]

Poisoning the Google Spider

You can always find someone who wants to stray from the straight and narrow. Yes, they are some silly folks who engage in risky optimization tactics intended to artificially inflate PageRank, manipulate [more…]

Protecting Your Social Media Metrics with Backup Tools

If you've begun tracking social media metrics and are enjoying the bounty of data you're now able to see, sift through, and use, you may wonder what could possibly cause depression! Easy: data loss. [more…]

Basics of Social Media Metrics

Social media metrics are detailed and concrete measurements that help you understand if your social media strategies are working (or not) for you or your customers. These metrics quantify and evaluate [more…]

How to Track Social Media Metrics Data with a Spreadsheet

Using a spreadsheet is the best way to keep track of all the analytics data that will roll in after you start using basic social media metrics and third-party tools. To track your social media goals, you [more…]

How to Install Google Analytics to Your Blog

If you don't already have Google Analytics tracking metrics for you on your blog or site, you can quickly and easily install it. Installation takes only a minute and is completely painless. [more…]

Google Analytics Overview

Your Overview in Google Analytics will become your home away from home for social media metrics on your website, Facebook, and many other tools and sites that offer ways to work with this versatile Google [more…]

Google Analytics Dashboard Features

Clicking the blue View Reports link in your Google Analytics Overview takes you to your site's dashboard, where you can drill down through your content, backlinks, visitor data, referring sites, and entry [more…]

Get Clicky Analytics Basics

Clicky is a fun yet useful service that offers a variety of plans for tracking real-time metrics on your website. The free plan lets you track one website up to 3,000 page views a day and gives you access [more…]

How to Use Social Media Metrics to Pursue Competitive Intelligence

A great way to use social media metrics is in the pursuit of competitive intelligence — a term that means knowing all about what your competing business brands are up to. Gaining competitive intelligence [more…]

How to Use Social Media Metrics to Increase Your Business

A great set of uses for social media metrics is business growth and knowledge growth. If you want to expand your business reach and sales, social media is a great tool to include in your overall arsenal [more…]

How to Increase Sales with Social Media Metrics

One company using social media metrics and cross-platform engagement for sales is Best Buy. Best Buy has brought mobile shopping and social shopping into its in-store experience using QR Codes for each [more…]

New Website? Attract Traffic and Boost Social Media Metrics

Any new campaign, website, Twitter account, Facebook page, or other item you want to measure with social media metrics starts at zero. This number can make you feel like you're talking into a void, talking [more…]

Google Analytics SDK iPhone App

Tracking mobile use is now part and parcel of good web analytics, provided people use the mobile browser to reach your landing pages and surf your site. Some programs for tracking social media metrics [more…]

How to Compare Data from Social Media Metrics History

One of the best weapons in your social media metrics arsenal is the ability to compare data across time with most analytics tools. Baseline data comes in handy over time as you compare where you are to [more…]

How to Use Layered Metrics to Avoid False ROI

Layered metrics can be used as a kind of shorthand to refer to metrics that track multidimensional data. For example, tracking site visits or unique page views doesn't give you a lot of deep information [more…]

The Benefits of Using Real-Time Social Media Metrics

Whether or not real-time social media metrics are useful depends entirely on your brand and what kind of service or product you offer your customers. If your brand would benefit from watching people interact [more…]

Using Social Media Metrics to Choose Placement for Your Call-to-Action

It's important to use metrics to help with the placement of calls-to-action. Do A/B testing on page placement. Run versions of your landing page that have the button [more…]

How to Analyze Your Sales Funnel with Social Media Metrics

After you've narrowed down the online data you want to track with social media metrics, you can begin to analyze where your visitors leave your sales funnel. [more…]

How to Add Widgets to Your Google Analytics Dashboard

When creating your own listening dashboard in Google Analytics, the first thing you need to do is make a list of possible goals for each social media metrics dashboard to focus on. This list isn’t be set [more…]

Basics of Shared-Content Metrics

Shared-content metrics are given a lot of importance right now in the social web space. On the social web, sharing is a given. Gone are the days when people wanted to visit or promote a website with locked-down [more…]

Testing Processes for Fine-Tuning Your Social Media Metrics Dashboard

The first part of your social media metrics protocol should be determining whether the metrics you're tracking are right for you and for what you and your brand need to know to effect positive results. [more…]

How to Create Additional Google Analytics Dashboards

One customization of your Google Analytics Dashboard in the new layout is to create additional dashboards. That way, My Dashboard continues to function as your main quick-look location, and you can refer [more…]

How to Add Google Analytics to a WordPress Blog

The most basic thing you can do for your blog is make sure that you put Google Analytics, at a minimum, on your site. WordPress is currently one of the more popular and easy-to-set-up site blog tools. [more…]

Social Media Metrics: Which E-mail Metrics to Measure

When compared to social media marketing, e-mail marketing is a whole other ballgame with its own vocabulary. And, of course, you can track e-mail metrics in Google Analytics. [more…]