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How to Manually Track Your Google+ Marketing Page Posts

Although Google+ doesn’t provide built-in tools for measuring your company’s posts (at least not yet), you can still monitor your success for each post manually. That’s how it was done in the olden days [more…]

Monitor Your Brand with Social CRM Analytics

To be successful with Social CRM, understanding how customers respond to your material is key to producing more of the best content. To do this, you need to spend some time monitoring your campaigns, website [more…]

How to Measure Influence for Social CRM

Influence is a topic that every online business wants to know more about and, thus, is useful for Social CRM. Robert Cialdini, a psychologist, has written a classic book on the topic called [more…]

How to Translate Social CRM Media Data into Metrics

When many people first think of Social CRM data and analytics, they think of quantitative results suited for spreadsheets, and they can yield powerful insights by analyzing quantitative factors. The number [more…]

9 Ways to Quickly Summarize Your Website's Performance

You don't need to spend hours poring over your website's web analytics report to get some big news. Here are a few ways to quickly analyze your website. [more…]

A Web Analytics-Driven Website Checklist

A website that's fine tuned for web analytics should accomplish a few things, including persuading site visitors to linger on your site and convert visitors into customers. Ask yourself the following questions [more…]

11 Free or Low-Cost Web Analytics Tools

Check out the following sources for free (or extremely cheap) ways to dive into web analytics. This list is sure to contain a web analytics vendor that suits your needs. [more…]

How to Generate Site-Referrer Ideas

Site referrers build traffic for your website. Here's a quick list of some site referrers you may not have thought of — and a few you may need to be reminded of. [more…]

Web Analytics For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Performing a website analysis doesn't have to be grueling and time-intensive. You can summarize your website's overall performance quickly — if you know what to look for. Free and low-cost web analytics [more…]

10 Klout Influencers to Watch

By glancing at Klout Scores, you can get a quick idea of who may or may not be particularly influential. These influencers invest time and thought to help their followers laugh, think, and build their [more…]

How is Your Klout Score Determined?

Anytime you connect a social network to Klout, the service immediately begins measuring your influence by observing the engagement or actions you generate. Actions can include any of the following: [more…]

How to Join Klout

To join Klout, you first need to sign in to either your Facebook or Twitter account. Doing so ensures that you can connect via one of these networks to create your Klout account. When you sign in to your [more…]

How to Interpret Your Klout Score

The essence of Klout is the Klout Score, which is a measure of your online influence. When you connect a network such as Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ to Klout, your interactions are immediately included [more…]

How to Endorse Other Klout Influencers

You can use your influencer list to make endorsements,which is an action Klout describes as giving +K. A portion of your Klout Score comes from the number of endorsements you receive from others. Klout [more…]

How to Invite Friends to Join Klout

Klout is only as good as the networks you provide. This is why Klout continually improves its service by offering more networks to connect and ways to interact with your influencers, such as giving +K [more…]

How to Analyze Your Social Media Engagement with Klout

Your Klout profile page highlights some of your most influential Moments from your social media accounts. You can display all of the highlighted Moments on your page at once or show only those from a specific [more…]

How to Create an Influencer List on Klout

In the sidebar on the left side of your Klout Friends screen, you see an orange Create a New List button. When you click this button, a pop-up window appears. In this box, you can add people to the list [more…]

How to Add and Remove Influencers from Your Existing Klout Lists

Updating your influencer lists on Klout is very easy. After you’ve created a list, you can add or remove people at any time. All you need is their Twitter name. [more…]

How to Share Your Klout List on Facebook

Sharing your Klout list via Facebook is easy. When you share in this way, Klout creates a Facebook Wall (Timeline) post that’s visible to anyone who views your Facebook Timeline or your News Feed. From [more…]

How to Share Your Klout List on LinkedIn

One of the driving forces behind Klout is to gain exposure to increase your Score. Among other social media, LinkedIn provides a way to share your Klout list. Just follow these easy steps: [more…]

How to Manage Your Klout Topics

To view and manage your Klout topics, point your browser to Klout.com and select Profile from the drop-down that appears when you click your name in the upper-right corner of the screen. [more…]

How to Connect Social Networks to Klout

Making the most of your social networks improves your Klout Score only if your networks are connected to Klout. The Klout Score is currently based on activity within Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Klout, [more…]

How to View Klout Moments in Your Dashboard to Identify Popular Trends

To get an idea of the types of posts that get the most interactions, take a look at your Klout Moments. You can view your Moments either in your Klout Dashboard or your profile page. For the best engagement [more…]

Become a Resource to Your Readers to Increase Your Klout Score

Authenticity will take you far in the world of social media, and thus your Klout Score. Most experts say that although it’s important to get your message out there and create buzz about your blog or business [more…]

How to Give +K to Another Influencer on Klout

To give +K to another influencer, you must be logged in to Klout via your computer or mobile device. You can endorse another influencer in a couple different places within the Klout website. You can endorse [more…]

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