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How to Track Visits to Your Web Marketing Site in Google Analytics

Because in web marketing a session is defined as any one visit to your site, sessions are a good general measure of site use and load. Think of sessions as foot traffic in a traditional retail store: The [more…]

How to Use Google Analytics to Measure Unique Visitors to Your Website

Unique visitors reports in web marketing are a good measure of audience size, ad performance, and the effect of blog mentions or other noise — news reports about you or a competitor, for example — on your [more…]

Web Marketing: How to Use Google Analytics’ Tracking Page Views

In web marketing, if unique visitors are the people, page views are their footprints. Page views are the measure of interest in specific areas of your site. Most traffic-reporting tools will give you a [more…]

How to Track Referrers to Your Web Marketing Site

To do web marketing analytics, you need to understand exactly how referrers are tracked and what the tracking data means. It’s a bit technical, but don’t let it scare you off. You’re a smart person. [more…]

Web Marketing: How to Retrieve Referrer Data

Most web marketing reporting tools don’t show referrer data front and center on the main dashboard. You need to drill down to find and retrieve it. Using Google Analytics as an example, the following walks [more…]

Google Analytics: How to Track Referring Keywords for Web Marketing

In web marketing if you’re getting traffic from search engines (and you’d better be), folks are finding you by searching on keywords. Knowing which keywords they’re using to find you gives you a hint as [more…]

Web Marketing Benchmarks: Page Views per Visit and Time on Site

To set web marketing benchmarks for page views per visit and time on site, you need to have been running your traffic-reporting tool for at least two to three months. That gives you enough data to set [more…]

How to Calculate Your Web Marketing Loyalty Benchmark in Google Analytics

The following explains how in web marketing, tracking returning visitors is important. Here we will find out how many returning visitors you have and how to use this as a benchmark for increasing the percentage [more…]

Google Analytics: How to Determine the Value of a Referrer to Your Web Marketing Success

Web marketing provides a lot of data which only become clear when it is compared to other data. Here you see an example of how you can bring the different statistics together and draw conclusions about [more…]

Web Marketing: How to Add Content to a Netvibes Homepage

Netvibes can be helpful to web marketers for tracking social media websites. To add content to Netvibes manually, follow these steps: [more…]

How to Monitor Interaction between a Company’s Facebook Page and Website

To monitor interaction between your Facebook presence and your company’s primary website URL, there’s Facebook’s Insights for Platform Applications. This can be used to determine how many people use Like [more…]

Who Should Analyze Your Company’s Web Traffic?

Chances are good that your business isn’t large enough to field an entire team whose sole responsibility is social marketing analytics. Even if you aren’t running an employment agency for statisticians [more…]

How to Determine the Number of Subscribers to Your iTunes Podcast

When social marketers make podcasts available from the iTunes store to subscribers, you’re out there with the heavy hitters — and have access to additional analytical information. You have no way, at least [more…]

How to Determine the Popularity of Your Company’s Podcasts

When planning for podcasts as part of an upcoming social marketing campaign, it can be helpful to know which were the most popular podcasts in the past. As with blogs, you need to watch several primary [more…]

How to Use Facebook Insights as a Marketing Analytics Tool

If you’re looking for regular analytics for regular company pages that you can do all by your lonesome self, the recently expanded Facebook Page Insights feature provides valuable, free, content-focused [more…]

How to Measure the Effectiveness of Social Media Content

You can measure the effectiveness of your social media content with standard analytics. How do you measure your results? Are viewers or readers recommending your content to people other than those you [more…]

How to Use Social Media Metrics with Other Online Marketing

Regardless of other online techniques you use as a social media marketer, you can combine links with source tags, analytics program results, and advertising metrics to compare social media results to results [more…]

How to Use Google Webmaster Tools to Optimize Your Company’s Posts

You can actually use Google’s tools for webmasters, Webmaster Tools, to see how the posts you make on your company website — as well as those you create on Google+ — are doing in search results. You can [more…]

How to Test Your Company’s Google+ Page Microdata

In Webmaster Tools, Google provides the Rich Snippets Tool that you can use to test how your content is structured on your company website, so that you can understand how it will be shared on Google+, [more…]

How to Measure Traffic from Social Networks to Your Website Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to learn which social channels are providing the greatest traffic. From Google Analytics, you can determine whether Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, or other social networks [more…]

Google+ Marketing: How to Analyze Google +1s

Google Analytics will allow web marketers to track the +1s you have on your website. This is helpful because you can see which audiences like particular content. Then, you can direct your content to particular [more…]

Google+ Marketing: How to Analyze Conversions by Social Media Channel

Google Analytics offers a section to web marketers where you can study conversions. Everything you do on Google+ and other social networks should be centered on converting visitors to customers — using [more…]

How to Set Up an Email Notification for Google Analytics Reports

With every report on Google Analytics, web marketers can have Google e-mail you a copy of that report on a regular basis. This can be a useful reminder to keep an eye on your stats when things get so busy [more…]

How to Track Clicks and Referrals from Google+ to Your Company Website

One of the coolest features of the Google+ integration with Google Analytics is that you can track the number of clicks and referrals from Google+ to your website, and also identify who is linking to your [more…]

How to Analyze the Ripple Effect of Your Google+ Posts

Google+ offers an analytical tool called the Ripples feature. Google has given one piece of analytical information for each URL that a user chooses to share on the service. The available public data includes [more…]


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