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Testing Your Work with the Dreamweaver CS3 Site Reporting Feature

The Dreamweaver CS3 Site Reporting feature enables you to find — and fix — site problems before you go live with your Web site. You can create a variety of reports and even customize them to identify problems [more…]

Internet Security Terms and Tips to Use with TCP/IP

You’re a network administrator, so you know that keeping your Web site secure is an ongoing challenge. You don’t have to know that TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol to use [more…]

Troubleshooting JavaScript

JavaScript is a wonderful tool to use to create interesting and interactive Web pages, but every once in a while nothing works and you have no idea where to start to get things moving again. Not to worry [more…]

Web Browser Support for HTML5

If you're writing HTML5 code, you need to view your web pages in a web browser that interprets HTML5 correctly. The problem is that HTML5 isn't just one specification but a number of different standards [more…]

Use Chrome Frame to Render HTML5 in Internet Explorer

Sad but true: The browser with the largest market share — Internet Explorer (IE) — has the least support for HTML5 standards. So how do you let all those people using IE view your HTML5 web pages? [more…]

How to Set Up an HTML5 Web Page for Offline Cache

Most Web-based applications work only if you're online, which makes a certain kind of sense. But HTML5 has a mechanism for forcing part of a web page and its resources to be stored on the local machine [more…]

How to Watch for Plagiarism of Your Web Marketing Material

Plagiarism can hurt your brand and your web marketing campaign. Because search engines don’t like duplication, an unauthorized copy of writing on your website can really hurt you. So you should check for [more…]

How to Validate Your Code Markup in Dreamweaver

No matter what code editor you happen to use for your website, you absolutely must use a built-in or standalone validation tool to check the accuracy of your code. [more…]

How to Clean Up Your Web Code

Whether you’re hand-coding your website or working with a code/WYSIWYG editor, you must always make a practice of checking the hierarchical order, syntax, and spelling of your HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery [more…]

How to Remove Unwanted Formatting from Your Website

Most web code editors have a command that automatically cleans up the common errors in your code. For instance, the Clean Up Word HTML/XHTML command in Dreamweaver is a must for any webpage that includes [more…]

How to Check Browser Compatibility with Your Web Page

One of the biggest issues with building web pages is ensuring that those pages are cross-browser and device compatible. This means that they should look good and function properly in as many browsers and [more…]

How to Verify Links on Your Webpage

A link checking tool can help you to check your webpages for broken internal links (for example, you misspelled index.html as indez.html). It can even display a list of all the page’s external links and [more…]

How to Generate Web Code Issue Reports in Dreamweaver

Although each web code editor may have slightly different reporting tools to help you find common code mistakes, most should have certain features in common. For example, Dreamweaver’s reports can identify [more…]

Free Tools to Validate HTML and CSS Markup

Several fantastic free online website code validation tools are at your disposal. The W3C provides multiple tools that conform to and validate against the W3C’s latest recommended standards for CSS, HTML [more…]

How to Create Custom 401 and 404 Error Pages for Your Website

When a web server receives a request from a browser that it doesn’t know how to process, it typically returns one of several error messages to the visitor’s browser window. Two of the most common errors [more…]

How to Set Up a Test Directory for Your Website

Though you’re undoubtedly very excited about publishing your website, you have one more task to perform beforehand: Set up a test directory where you can upload your site to the hosting server for one [more…]

How to Fix Noncompliant Code on Your Web Page

For each web coding issue identified by a validator, you need to determine what course of action to take. Although some culprits that repeatedly crop up are easy to fix, such as missing [more…]

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