Social Media Commerce

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Seek Business Industry Experts on Twitter

When you search for people on Twitter and other social media, look across the country and around the world in your field of business. When you follow these people, you can get good insights as to the direction [more…]

Check Out Your Business on Search Engines

People go to the Internet to discover almost every kind of business. Using social media for commerce begins with researching what is on the web concerning your business. [more…]

How to Establish Business Listings on Review Sites

An important step in building commerce on social media websites is to find your business on the review sites and claim your pages!

Yelp should be your first stop. In the figure, listed among the comments [more…]

Eight Ways to Build an Online Business Presence Now

Just take a step-by-step approach to stake your claim on the web for your business. Your web presence is what carries your business into the future: your marketing and income streams depend on it. [more…]

Social Media: How to Use Pinterest for Business

Social media sites like Pinterest can help you advertise and market your business. The best way to describe Pinterest is as a cross between an overpopulated refrigerator door and a scrapbook. It is one [more…]

Build Your Own Social Community for Commerce

On a well-produced business website, you often see a link to a social community area, which could also lead offsite to social media sites. This area is where the customer service and FAQs pages live. You [more…]

Social Media Customer Service Tools

Social media can help you manage your customer service inquiries for your business. If you are already aware of what your company’s issues are, an online service desk can be a real boon to efficiency. [more…]

How Your Business Can Help Customers through Social Media Commerce

When your employees discuss your business or interact on social media they can — in mere seconds — make your company shine or seriously damage your business’s reputation. [more…]

Mobile Social Media Commerce

Social media commerce means more than Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. Mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets, are quickly becoming the norm for many of your customers. [more…]

Make Your Commerce Site Mobile-Friendly

Success in social media commerce means you have to make your business website mobile-friendly. If you’ve used a smartphone to visit a website, you’ll understand the importance of a mobile-friendly site [more…]

Develop Your Own Commercial App

Many businesses use apps, along with social media, for promotions or as ways to funnel business to their websites. If you think an app is something only the big guys have, you’ll be surprised at the reasonable [more…]

Social Media Commerce: Customer Check In by Mobile App

Some social media apps reward their users for checking in from smartphones as they go from place to place in the bricks-and-mortar world. This mobile check-in activity is popular with those who connect [more…]

Build Online Revenue through Links on Amazon and Social Media

Selling through images and content you share on popular social media sites is one great way to reach customers. You can do more than merely link to products — discover how to monetize your original content [more…]

Join Amazon Associates to Sell through Social Media

Amazon is a very popular and social place, which you can take advantage of as a business owner. If you already shop at Amazon, you can also use the website for your business to sell products. [more…]

Social Commerce on Amazon: Associates Site Stripe

When you become an associate and sign into your Amazon account to browse, your pages have an Associates stripe at the top. You can turn off the bar, but you might find it handy because it allows you to [more…]

Social Commerce on Amazon: Links and Widgets

The Amazon Associates program is a great way to use social media sites to sell products. For example, you can add links or widgets on your business site. [more…]

Social Media Commerce: Make Friends and Fans on Facebook

You can safely use social media sites, such as Facebook, for marketing and selling. Making friends with strangers can feel creepy, especially on a personal Facebook page -- but your prospective customers [more…]

Social Media: Make Pinterest Personal while Selling Products

Pinterest is a very personal social media platform, but you can successfully use it for business and marketing. Photos touch people visually, and when pictures of products are interlaced with consumable [more…]

Join a Local Social Media Platform: MerchantCircle

Some social media websites can work just like your local chamber of commerce. They may not be as social as being face-to-face, but you can make some solid business contacts and perhaps promote sales. [more…]

Social Media Commerce: Let Your Customers to Do Business Online

Today’s customers aren't going to search the web and social media too hard to find your business. If your listing doesn’t show up on the first or perhaps the second page of search results or on social [more…]

Use Cost-Effective SaaS Cloud Services for Business

Everything, including social media, seems to be in the cloud. What does that really mean to you as a business owner? Now you, too, have the opportunity to manage tasks on web servers, such as those from [more…]

Use Social Media for Real-Time Restaurant Reservations

When it comes to online reservation management, OpenTable was established as a social media leader early on. Taking web reservations for restaurants since 1999, they've had a stronghold on the market. [more…]

Allow Customers to Book Personal Services on Social Media

You can use social media sites to allow your customers to book appointments at your business for services. Beauty and wellness professionals such as trainers, stylists, massage therapists, and estheticians [more…]

Social Media Commerce: Sell Products through a Web Store

Whether you actively sell items through social media or e-commerce or are a service business that sells just a few items, including a shopping cart on a business website opens up new opportunities. [more…]

Social Media Commerce: Build a Community on Twitter

Today’s social media interactions are not only where friends and family connect, but also where you meet new people for business, including customers and clients. Today’s conversations are seeds for future [more…]

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