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Looking Into Winning E-Commerce Strategies

When it gets right down to it, what you really want to know is how you can make sure your business succeeds at e-commerce. Getting the e-commerce end of your business off the ground isn't a walk in the [more…]

Creating a Risk List for Your E-Commerce Venture

The most important step you can take to evaluate your e-commerce plan is to take a close, realistic, — even pessimistic — view of it. Have your project team look at the plan and point out the places where [more…]

How to Set Up a Netvibes Homepage for Online Marketing

Netvibes can be a useful tool to web marketers and you should start by setting up a homepage. If you like a slightly more polished interface, want more customization options, or aren’t comfortable using [more…]

Use Twitter for Customer Service

Here are two customer service examples of what to do and what not to do on Twitter with your followers (customers and potential customers). The first is a customer who had an issue with FedEx. She Tweeted [more…]

Eight Ways to Get Social Media Feedback

Today’s technology is changing the way we do business at lightning speed. Social media commerce, too, moves at lightning speed, but by monitoring mentions and asking the community questions, you can get [more…]

Schedule Commercial Posts with BufferApp

BufferApp enables you to queue up posts for social media websites like Facebook (business or personal pages), multiple Twitter accounts, and LinkedIn (other social networks are in the works) and launch [more…]

Social Media and E-Mail Marketing

Social media commerce means you connect with customers and potential customers through websites and e-mail. Just remember, deleting e-mails to save time is the modus operandi for web-connected folks in [more…]

Best Practices for E-Mail Marketing

The subject matter of your social media business e-mails should be about fulfilling the interests of your customers. You know your customers better than anyone. If they want recipes, for example, include [more…]

Target Your Commercial Audience on Facebook

One way to use social media for commerce is to target your commercial audience on Facebook. Facebook is a bit different than other forms of social media, however. [more…]

Sponsor Posts and Stories on Social Media

Sponsored posts are the best, no-brainer entry point into Facebook promotions for your business. Status updates are filtered by Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm, which places in news feeds what it deems to [more…]

Should You Promote Your Business through Facebook Ads?

Regarding Facebook ads for your business site or fan page, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that an advertiser can tightly target an ad's appearance. The bad news is that people on Facebook [more…]

Social Media: Online Business Reviews and Free Speech Law

Whether or not you've taken the plunge into social media, your business is likely being mentioned online. One source of customer comments are review sites, but those evaluations are just the tip of the [more…]

Monitor Social Media Comments with Google

There is not one surefire way to catch any social media mention of your company or business. Some social media monitoring services find a few instances, others find more, and yet another may find something [more…]

Search the Web for Insider Business Information

You might want to search the web and social media for trends and information about similar products, services, and businesses; as well as search out your competition. Here are some inside tricks of the [more…]

How to Monitor Social Media with Google Alerts

You want to have a good idea of what is being discussed on social media in your business field, about your products and services, or about your competition. You can monitor social media comments with Google [more…]

Check Out Your Business on Blogs and Twitter

So much information is moving around social media that it often takes more than one product to get the most accurate read of your business (or your name) on the web. [more…]

Handle Customer Service Issues through Social Media

When customers know that they can communicate directly with a business on social media, they may connect with them for any number of reasons. But as soon as they realize that a customer service issue or [more…]

How to Link Products from Amazon through Social Media

Linking to products on Amazon through social media can be a great way to connect with your customers and fans. You can offer information and resources, and be seen as an expert in your field. [more…]

Run a Poll on Facebook for Your Business

Facebook has so many valuable tools for business. One easy-to-use social media commerce tool is polling, or in Facebook parlance, Ask a Question.

At a very basic level, Facebook is the most popular application [more…]

Compile a Commercial E-Mail List

Building a solid commercial e-mail list takes time, but your efforts in social media pay off. E-mail lists purchased or rented from brokers may not be reliable, even when they claim the list is targeted [more…]

Commercial E-Mail and the Law

Many laws regulate the sending of commercial e-mail, both within the United States and internationally. Social media commerce can use e-mail marketing, but it's best to know the laws. [more…]

Manage Social Media Commerce with HootSuite

HootSuite is a social media management system for executing outreach and monitoring across social networks from a single web-based dashboard. For business, HootSuite is used most often by social media [more…]

Does Your Business Need E-Mail Marketing?

New channels of communicating are far more efficient than e-mail. A post on Facebook or Twitter can deliver a powerful message to an audience you’ve already worked hard to cultivate. As much as the social [more…]

Track Your Business Links with bitly

If you, by choice or circumstance, end up using several social media platforms to send commercial posts, receiving statistics on the success of your link can be problematic. Each platform may have its [more…]

Use Client Apps to Manage Twitter Marketing

Remember, social media commerce is social. After you or your business are following and being followed by a few hundred people on Twitter and Facebook, you may wonder why you ever followed back so many [more…]