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How to Upload Images on Squarespace

Images are important because they add significant visual appeal to your website design. You can get an image on your website through Squarespace in three ways: [more…]

How to Link to Pages, Files, and Other Websites on Squarespace

The heart of any website is its content. When adding content, you may have the option in Squarespace to turn content into a link to a page or a file on your site or on an external website. [more…]

How to Choose Appropriate Sizes and Values on Squarespace

When it comes to setting the width of your website and the size of text and images within it on Squarespace, you might feel as though you have an unlimited canvas to work on. Although this is true in some [more…]

How to Reset Your Customizations on Squarespace

What if you don’t like a modification you made to an element on Squarespace but forgot what the settings were before you made your adjustments? Worse yet, what if you made several modifications to your [more…]

Basics of Item-Based Pages on Squarespace

The most robust pages you can add to your site through Squarespace are blog, gallery, and products pages. These page types help you organize content. You may want to organize articles into a journal, add [more…]

How to Determine Your Website’s Navigation on Squarespace

The template you choose on Squarespace dictates the different navigation areas you have on your website. Your template may provide the following navigation areas in Content Manager: [more…]

How to Add and Delete Pages from Your Site Navigation on Squarespace

As you’re organizing your navigation on Squarespace, you may find you need to add or delete pages from your website. Squarespace makes this process easy. [more…]

How to Set a Page Password on Squarespace

You may want to limit access to a page on your site. You can do this through Squarespace by giving the page a password. Then only someone who knows the password can view the page. [more…]

How to Upload a Page Thumbnail on Squarespace

Page thumbnails are used for certain features in your site. Squarespace makes it easy to add them to your site. For example, some templates use them as [more…]

How to Configure Basic Settings for a Blog Post on Squarespace

If you're using Squarespace in order to design a blog page, you have three settings specific to blogs beyond the basic web usage to configure: [more…]

How to Establish an E-mail Address for Posting on Squarespace

A neat Squarespace feature that many people overlook is that you can publish blog posts by e-mailing them to your blog page. This feature might seem odd because why not just log into your website and publish [more…]

How to Modify Settings for Folders and Link Page Types on Squarespace

The folder and link page types on Squarespace are not pages on your site, but they help you structure a more robust navigation. Folders are useful for organizing pages within your navigation. Links can [more…]

How to Work with Page Items on Squarespace

On blog, events, gallery, and products pages on Squarespace, you can create five types of page items to categorize your content into related groupings, such as: [more…]

How to Work with Blocks on Squarespace

Blocks are containers for your content on Squarespace that enable you to easily separate different types of content. You can add to your site three categories of blocks: [more…]

How to Rearrange Blocks with LayoutEngine on Squarespace

Squarespace’s LayoutEngine enables you to position blocks in several ways. The process is almost magical. The root of LayoutEngine's magic is a column grid that governs how blocks are positioned on the [more…]

Basics of the Form Block on Squarespace

The form block on Squarespace can be used to create a simple contact form or a robust form to collect specific information submitted by site visitors. The latter use is available only to Unlimited and [more…]

Basics of the Gallery Block on Squarespace

When you add a gallery block on Squarespace, you can quickly add multiple images at once and adjust the gallery’s design to create enjoyable and simple galleries for your site visitors. [more…]

Basics of the Audio Block on Squarespace

Adding audio to your Squarespace site used to be a huge pain in the you-know-what. Now, however, the audio block makes the process just about as easy as adding any other media to your site. [more…]

How Structure Blocks Work in Squarespace

In Squarespace, you can pull information using structure blocks only from pages that let you add items (blog pages, events pages, gallery pages, and products pages). [more…]

How Connect a Social Account to a Social Block in Squarespace

You can add all social accounts that are supported by Squarespace to the Connected Accounts area. Here are the general steps to follow to do this: [more…]

How Create Galleries on Squarespace from Photo-Sharing Sites

Three social blocks on Squarespace provide the same feature — they display a gallery of images pulled from a photo-sharing site. The three photo-sharing social blocks and the sites they pull photos from [more…]

How to Adjust Basic Settings on Squarespace

On Squarespace, Settings is divided into many different groups of settings. Although Settings may appear to contain a hodge-podge of features that don’t go together, there is some logic to the different [more…]

How to Configure General Settings on Squarespace

You'll find a variety of settings to configure in the General screen on your Squarespace account. This catchall area collects some one-off settings as well as groups of settings that affect your entire [more…]

How to Add Connected Accounts on Squarespace

For easier publishing, you can connect your social accounts to your Squarespace site in the Connected Accounts settings. When you do this you are able to [more…]

How to Publish Pages to Your Facebook Page from Squarespace

If you signed up for the Unlimited or Business plan on Squarespace, you can publish a gallery and page to your Facebook page. If you don’t have a Facebook page, you can sign up for one at [more…]


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