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Mapping Your Own Domain to Your Squarespace Site

If you already own a domain name that you want to use with your Squarespace site, you will need to map that domain's settings to point to Squarespace. Mapping your domain to Squarespace can seem like a [more…]

Squarespace 6 Editing Modes

Knowing where to go in Squarespace 6 to perform a certain task can be a confusing decision for someone who has never built a website or who is new to using Squarespace. You interact with the following [more…]

Finding Help with Squarespace 6

Creating websites with Squarespace is easy because you mainly just drag and drop. But sometimes, you need help. The Squarespace Help Center is a great resource: [more…]

Squarespace 6 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Whether you are new to building websites or a web professional who is new to Squarespace, choosing Squarespace to build your site is a wise decision. An overview of the different editing modes in Squarespace [more…]

How to Disable and Enable Pages on Squarespace

While you are performing site maintenance, it’s likely that you will want to disable the pages of your website that are under construction. Squarespace allows you to easily disable and re-enable pages. [more…]

Basics of Squarespace 6

Gone are the days where setting up your website required painstaking hours of methodical attention to detail and dealing with techno-babble. Squarespace 6 makes the process of building your site as easy [more…]

How to Sign up for a Squarespace Account

Signing up for your Squarespace account is easy. You don’t need to worry about purchasing your account up front because you can create a trial account for free. Simply choose a template, provide your first [more…]

Basics of Squarespace Pricing Plans

Squarespace has three pricing plans, based on the type of website you want to build: Standard, Unlimited, and Business. You can also visit Squarespace Pricing [more…]

How to Log into Your Squarespace Website

To begin customizing your site on Squarespace, you need to be able to gain access to it as the site owner. You can do so in three ways. [more…]

How to Use the Preview Area on Squarespace

In the Preview area on Squarespace, you can see how your site will look to site visitors — without having to log out from managing your website. While you're previewing your site, a floating toolbar appears [more…]

How to Visit the Editing Areas on Squarespace

Squarespace 6 no longer has the editing modes that Squarespace 5 had (content, structure, style, and website management). Instead, editing tasks are split between Site Manager, which is your site's administration [more…]

How to Edit Images in Squarespace

After you’ve added your perfect image to an image box on your website design page in Squarespace 6, you will have three options for editing the image: [more…]

Basics of Squarespace Website Templates

Squarespace offers templates in several categories, which can be sorted to help you find the template that might best fit your site needs. The categories are [more…]

How to Change Your Website Template on Squarespace

As you begin designing your website site on Squarespace by adjusting settings in Style Editor and adding content, you may find that you need a different template. [more…]

How to Determine a Color Scheme for Your Squarespace Website

When figuring out a color scheme to direct Squarespace to use for your website, you can quickly become lost in the process of matching colors, adjusting color values [more…]

How to Find the Squarespace Style Editor

You use Style Editor in Squarespace any time you need to modify the design of your site or specific elements in your site. Style Editor is a part of Style mode, which you access in the Preview area. Follow [more…]

How to Change Your Website’s Colors in Squarespace

If you're accustomed to how design applications let you select colors in a color wheel, you'll feel right at home with selecting colors in Squarespace’s Style Editor. But if you've never encountered a [more…]

How to Customize Fonts in Squarespace

When you're writing content for your site, Squarespace allows you to style individual words or groups of words. In Style Editor, however, you don't style individual words on your site. Instead, you style [more…]

How to Adjust Font Sizes and Values with Sliders on Squarespace

The Sizes and Values section of the Squarespace Style Editor is where you can adjust the widths (and sometimes heights) of site elements, the spacing between elements, and some other values for elements [more…]

How to Test Your Website Template on Squarespace

When adjusting styles on Squarespace, you should test your site on different devices such as an iPhone, an Android phone, an iPad, and a Kindle Fire or other tablet, particularly if you add your own custom [more…]

How to Upload Images on Squarespace

Images are important because they add significant visual appeal to your website design. You can get an image on your website through Squarespace in three ways: [more…]

How to Link to Pages, Files, and Other Websites on Squarespace

The heart of any website is its content. When adding content, you may have the option in Squarespace to turn content into a link to a page or a file on your site or on an external website. [more…]

How to Choose Appropriate Sizes and Values on Squarespace

When it comes to setting the width of your website and the size of text and images within it on Squarespace, you might feel as though you have an unlimited canvas to work on. Although this is true in some [more…]

How to Reset Your Customizations on Squarespace

What if you don’t like a modification you made to an element on Squarespace but forgot what the settings were before you made your adjustments? Worse yet, what if you made several modifications to your [more…]

Basics of Item-Based Pages on Squarespace

The most robust pages you can add to your site through Squarespace are blog, gallery, and products pages. These page types help you organize content. You may want to organize articles into a journal, add [more…]

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