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How to Publish Your iWeb Web Site

After you finish with a new iWeb site, Mac Snow Leopard makes it easy to get your masterpiece on the Web. You can publish your site by using your MobileMe account or publish to a separate server maintained [more…]

Ruby on Rails Keywords

If you’re using Ruby on Rails to create your Web site or database, you need to know the keywords Ruby uses. Fortunately, you have access to the following table, which lists Ruby’s keywords: [more…]

Naming Conventions for Ruby on Rails

You’re using Ruby on Rails to create a Web application or Web database app, which is very smart of you. Depending on what you’re working with — an application, a one-to-many relationship, or a many-to-many [more…]

Ruby on Rails Validation Helpers

When you create a Web site or Web application with Ruby on Rails, you need to make sure that you input data in a form that Rails recognizes and can use. The following table contains Rails validation helpers [more…]

Useful Iterators and Methods for Ruby on Rails

When you want to travel through the items in a database you created with Ruby on Rails, knowing the iterators to use is key. The following table shows helpful iterators and methods: [more…]

Outsourcing BuddyPress Programming and Design

Several talented consultants can help you get your WordPress MU and BuddyPress community up and running with some custom programming and design work. The following table lists these consultants and provides [more…]

Dreamweaver CS4 Toggle Command Shortcuts

Sometimes you'll need to switch between two settings creating Web sites with Dreamweaver. To do so, you use Dreamweaver toggle commands —via these Mac and PC keyboard shortcuts — to get you back and forth [more…]

Dreamweaver CS4 Command Shortcuts

When designing Web pages in Dreamweaver CS4, these shortcut key commands will help get things done a lot faster. Working in Dreamweaver CS4 is more efficient when you use this chart for PC and Mac key [more…]

Dreamweaver CS4 All-In-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Dreamweaver CS4 helps you create professional, attractive, user-friendly Web sites. Knowing the PC and Mac shortcuts for basic and toggle commands in Dreamweaver CS4 will get you moving quickly and efficiently [more…]

Microsoft Expression Web For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Working to design and maintain a Web site with Microsoft Expression Web is easier once you know how to specify and use the common CSS Properties. [more…]

The Dreamweaver CS5 Files Panel

The Files panel is a handy feature in Dreamweaver CS5. Use the Files panel to select the site you want to work on and to synchronize a sites files between your computer and your Web site hosting service [more…]

The Dreamweaver CS5 Property Inspector in CSS Mode


The Dreamweaver CS5 Common Insert Panel

As you design your Web pages in Dreamweaver, you can insert a link, tag, script, template, or one of many other items simply by clicking its icon on the Common Insert Panel. In Dreamweaver CS5, you see [more…]

The Dreamweaver CS5 CSS Styles Panel

As you edit the CSS styles in Dreamweaver CS5, use the CSS Styles panel to create and edit styles and attach style sheets to Web pages. The CSS Styles panel in Dreamweaver CS5 is shown in the following [more…]

Dreamweaver CS5 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

New features in Dreamweaver CS5 make easy work out of adding complex design elements and help you collaborate on Web site design and content. Dreamweaver CS5 has streamlined or improved common tasks to [more…]

Showing, Hiding, Sliding, and Fading Elements with jQuery

jQuery effects are great fun and can transform a simple, static Web page into a dynamic, interactive experience for the site visitor. Part of the visual interest that jQuery offers is the capability to [more…]

Inserting Content Before, After, and Inside Elements with jQuery

jQuery provides you with easy ways to get at the data in your Web page. In particular, you can insert any content you want, anywhere on your page. The examples that follow all use this sample code: [more…]

Online jQuery Resources

As you gain experience with jQuery, you'll likely have questions about more advanced jQuery techniques. And after you use jQuery plug-ins, you’ll be hooked and want to get more. [more…]

Selecting Elements with jQuery

jQuery allows you to select elements in a Web page with ease. You can find anything you want in a page and then use jQuery to add special effects, react to user actions, or show and hide content inside [more…]

Save Time with Dreamweaver CS5 Keyboard Shortcuts

Using Dreamweaver CS5 is so much faster when you know the shortcuts. Use these keyboard shortcuts in Design, Split, and Code views to quickly create documents, perform editing tasks, hide and show workspace [more…]

Dreamweaver CS5 All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Dreamweaver CS5 can greatly improve productivity and change the way you build Web sites. Knowing all the important Dreamweaver CS5 keyboard shortcuts and common HTML coding rules can boost your efficiency [more…]

CGI Resources for Building a Web Site

CGI scripts allow you to process Web forms. CGI scripting shouldn’t be intimidating; it’s a relatively straightforward technology. However, if you need help, here are a few great online resources to get [more…]

The Dreamweaver CS4 Panels

The panels of Dreamweaver CS4 contain the tools you need to design, edit, and load the wondrous Web sites you create. The following figures show the Insert, CSS, and Files panels: [more…]

The Dreamweaver CS4 Property Inspector HTML Tab

The HTML mode of the Dreamweaver CS4 Property inspector offers tools to help you edit and format the text or object selected in the document window. The following figure shows the toolbar and how it can [more…]

The Dreamweaver CS4 Property Inspector CSS Tab

With the release of Dreamweaver CS4 came the ability to build and edit cascading style sheets (CSS) through the Property inspector as well as on the CSS Styles panel. The following figure shows the options [more…]