Understanding Customers & Competition

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Metrics Tools to Monitor the Customers that Come to Your Web Site

Acquisition measurement focuses on how many visitors your Web site acquires and where they all come from. There are several metrics that you can use to gauge how successful both your Web site and marketing [more…]

Response Metrics: Find Out What Customers Respond to On Your Web Site

A response metric is an element on your Web site that your visitors are responding to, be it an image or a newsletter or an e-mail. When you analyze how visitors respond to a metric, there are certain [more…]

Conversion Metrics: Measure Whether Your Site Keeps and Converts Customers

Conversion metrics are among the most important indicators for measuring and monitoring the success of your Web site. When you measure conversions, you are looking at how many visitors actually purchase [more…]

Measure Customer Retention on Your Web Site

Retention measures how many customers you keep once they come to your Web site. Customer retention is important to Web sites for various reasons. For instance, research shows that keeping existing customers [more…]

Analyze Your Site for Free with Google Analytics

If you want to measure how well your website is doing, but you’re on a budget, then Google Analytics is just what the doctor ordered. Available for free from the Google website, this analytics package [more…]

Perform Advanced Web Site Analysis with Omniture

Although free Web analytics packages are available, you may want to shell out money for a more advanced analytics tool. Something like Omniture would do just that. Why? Because there's more to running [more…]

Choose the Right Tool for Analyzing Your Web Site Log

Deciding on the best tool to analyze your Web site’s log files can be tricky. This is because you have to consider a lot of things, such as the size of your Web site, and the speed, scalability, and flexibility [more…]

How to Read Your Log Files to Study Your Web Site Traffic

Not every visitor to your Web site is a human, and it’s the humans you want the data on — not the robots. When you study the log files for your site, there are certain things you need to look for in these [more…]

How to Use the Single Page Analyzer for Competitive SEO Research

The Single Page Analyzer tool can help you improve your site for SEO. It tells you what a web page’s keywords are and computes their density. Keyword density [more…]


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