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Establish Business Goals for Your Web Site

Before you can analyze your Web site, you need to define your business objectives. Say you have a Web site that specializes in classic car customization services. The first thing you want to do is measure [more…]

Make a User-Focused Website to Improve Your Search Ranking

When designing with SEO in mind, you may want to focus on making your site user-focused. The process of building your website so that it functions in a way that caters to the specific needs of your customers [more…]

Choosing the Right Mobile Approach for Your SEO Strategy

You will need to take mobile usage into account when developing your site for SEO. Because a desktop computer monitor and a smartphone are drastically different in size, designing for mobile means that [more…]

Tips for Designing Mobile-Friendly Navigation for SEO

Your mobile-friendly navigation can take many shapes as part of your SEO strategy. The option that is best for you depends on how complex your navigation needs to be, your conversion goals, and your users’ [more…]

How to Optimize Forms for Mobile Devices

Forms are used on websites to collect information from users. Sites use this information to complete transactions and registrations, or to complete other tasks such as submitting an insurance claim online [more…]

Tips for Allowing User Input to Improve Search Engine Rankings

Letting users contribute content directly to your website is important for SEO and meets at least two goals simultaneously: It adds more content to your site and stimulates higher user engagement. Although [more…]

Optimizing Link Equity for SEO

You will need to consider link equity as part of your SEO strategy. Part of the search engine algorithm (how search engines rank your site) is measuring your [more…]

How to Use an XML Sitemap for SEO

In order for your XML Sitemap to be useful for SEO, the XML Sitemap should be constructed according to the current Sitemap Protocol format (which is regulated by Sitemap Protocol allows [more…]

How to Implement a 301 Redirect in Apache .htaccess Files

Redirecting pages or sites on an Apache web server is very easy and a good way to ensure SEO. You do it by modifying a file on your website called the [more…]

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