SEO Basics

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Target Your Audience with the Right Search Engines and Keywords

In order to get the most bang for your SEO buck, you need to know who your target audience is, so that you can advertise with the right search engines and use the right keywords on your Web site. [more…]

Why People Use Search Engines: Research, Shopping, and Entertainment

To get a better handle on search engine optimization, it's important to understand why people use search engines, at all. Generally, people use search engines for one of three things: research, shopping [more…]

The Difference between Organic and Paid Search Engine Results

When a search engine returns its search results, it gives you two types: organic and paid. Organic search results are the Web page listings that most closely match the user’s search query based on relevance [more…]

How Search Engines Gather and Organize Data

Ever wonder how search engines like Google, Yahoo!,, and Microsoft Live Search gather and organize their data so quickly? Behold the wonder of technology! [more…]

Content, Popularity, and Architecture: Things All Search Engines Look For

To keep their results relevant, all search engines need to understand the main subject of a Web site. You can help the search engines find your Web site by keeping in mind the three major factors they’re [more…]

How Yahoo! Searches the Internet and Ranks Listings

When people search the Web using Yahoo!, they get back a combination of organic and paid results. If you work for a larger company, you might try Yahoo!'s Search Submit Pro to get an edge over your competition [more…]

How Google Searches the Internet and Ranks Listings

Among search engines, Google is the biggest fish in the pond. Using services such as PageRank and Google AdWords, they offer excellent organic and paid search results. [more…]

How AOL and Search the Internet

In addition to the biggest search engines, some other smaller engines, like AOL and, draw a pretty respectable number of hits. And, they use Google technology to ensure the best results. [more…]

How to Decipher Search Engine Results

A search engine results page displays a lot of different information; in fact, you may not even be aware of all the different types of results you get. From vertical search engine results to related news [more…]

Use Blended Searches for the Best Search Results

Search engines have historically indexed Web pages based upon text content. Now search engines are displaying other types of content integrated (blended) automatically onto the search results page. The [more…]

How Online Behavior Affects Search Results

Search engines use a technique called behavioral searchto customize a results page based on the user’s previous search behavior. Behavioral search basically tracks the searches you’ve run and adjusts new [more…]

How to Opt Out of Personalized Results on Google

Search engines use a technique called behavioral search to customize a results page based on your previous search behavior. However, you might want to opt out of personalized results for a few reasons. [more…]

How to Narrow Your Internet Search for Images and Videos

If you want to quickly find a specific type of image or video file on the Web, there are ways to speed up your search. Vertical search engines and other file-type-specific sites [more…]

How to Search News and Blog Sites

If you want to find the latest news or blog buzz on a specific topic, you can use special search engines to zero in on only the most relevant results. Major search engines such as Google offer vertical [more…]

How to Perform a Local Search Using Online Maps

Searching maps on the Internet is a great way to get directions, and map searches are also a tool for you to advertise your company. Online mapping is a fast-moving industry where the technology continues [more…]

How to Turbo-Charge Your Search Results with the SEMToolBar

The SEMToolBar is a free browser plug-in that has some incredibly useful features that can help you with competitor research and optimizing your Web site. Available at [more…]

Search Engine Optimization for Mom Blogs

Really simple, common-sense writing skills can double your traffic in a fairly short amount of time. Search engines scan your blog posts for keywords, title tags, and heading tags in order to classify [more…]

Add Subhead Tags in Google Blogger

Adding subheading tags to your mom blog content is easy in Google Blogger. You’ll first want to have a blog post written with one or more subheadings included as separate paragraphs. Use Heading 2 sparingly [more…]

Add Subhead Tags in WordPress

Adding subheading tags to your mom blog content is easy in WordPress. You’ll first want to have a blog post written with one or more subheadings included as separate paragraphs. Use Heading 2 sparingly [more…]

SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool

The SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool is free, easy to use, and will give you great mom blog post ideas to write about. Mom bloggers need to research keywords to find out what topics people want to know [more…]

Crucial Search Engines for Web Marketing

To market goods and services successfully on your own website, you must submit your site for free to these three search engines. They cover well over 90 percent of the natural search market: [more…]

How to Make Joomla URLs Search Engine Friendly, or SEF

With Joomla 1.6, all of the web pages and websites you create with Joomla are search engine friendly (SEF), with SEO features built right into the default Joomla installation. The core feature allowing [more…]

Web Marketing: How to Generate Traffic

Generating traffic to your business website requires significant marketing through spending your own time to attract visitors, paying for visitors directly, or hiring helpers to do the work required to [more…]

How to Write a Great Web Marketing Title Tag

Writing a great title tag is critical to successful web marketing and involves more than putting your keywords first. Search engines display the keyword tag at the top of each item in the search engine [more…]

Tips for Optimizing Your Business Website for Google

As you build the pages of your business website, keep the following optimization tips in mind to boost your appeal to Google's search algorithms and connect with more customers: [more…]