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Remove Duplicate Content from Your Web Site for Better SEO Results

Duplicate content can create a lot of problems for search engines, and so for the best search engine optimization (SEO) results, you should remove it from your Web site. [more…]

Adapt Your Web Page Content to Appear in Local Search Results

It’s important to let search engines know where you do business, so that your Web pages get returned in local searches. This means that you need to adapt your content, and not just copy pages and use a [more…]

Simplify Your Web Site’s File Structure for Better SEO Results

To improve the search ranking of your Web site, it’s a good idea to use a directory structure that is shallow — in other words, to limit the depth of your subfolders. [more…]

Add Links to an Existing Web Site to Improve Its Search Engine Ranking

If you have to optimize an existing Web site to improve its search engine ranking, you can use links to organize the site instead of physically moving the directories and files around. It’s important to [more…]

Search Engine Optimization on your WordPress Website

Improving your website’s rankings in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) is accomplished by applying recognized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. Placing high in a list of results returned by [more…]

Add Keywords to Your Joomla Website for Search Engine Optimization

A few well-chosen keywords on your Joomla site can be a pretty powerful weapon in the constant battle to drive more visitors to your web page. [more…]

How Joomla Templates Ensure Your Pages Are SEO

Modern Joomla templates (version 1.6 and up) are designed to be search engine friendly (SEF). In older versions of Joomla such as version 1.5, templates were based on HTML tables, which are hard for web [more…]

How to Maximize Your Joomla Site for Search Engines

How you arrange the content of your page is just as important as metadata and SEF when it comes to optimizing your Joomla site. Following are some good optimization tips: [more…]

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