Advanced SEO Techniques & Troubleshooting

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Advanced SEO Search Operators

Search engine optimization (SEO) means more than writing great content; you also need to know some of the technical aspects. Use search engine data to discover inbound links, related pages, synonyms, and [more…]

How to Resolve “Page Not Found” Errors on Joomla Sites

When you tell Joomla to use SEF (static) URLs, some users may experience 404 errors (“page not found”) when they click menu items on your site. If the SEF URLs setting in Joomla breaks your menu items, [more…]

How to Add Google PageRank Tool to Your Browser

Google PageRank can be a useful tool to social marketers. A popularity contest is truly an apt metaphor for Page Rank because not all inbound links are equal in the eyes of Google. [more…]

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