Advanced SEO Techniques & Troubleshooting

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How to Add Google PageRank Tool to Your Browser

Google PageRank can be a useful tool to social marketers. A popularity contest is truly an apt metaphor for Page Rank because not all inbound links are equal in the eyes of Google. [more…]

Handling Secure Server Problems for SEO

You need to keep SEO in mind when handling secure server problems. You may have pages on your site where users provide sensitive data, such as a credit card number or other type of account information. [more…]

How to Use Content Experiments to Test Your Site’s SEO

Content Experiments is a free tool that’s included within Google Analytics that runs A/B and multivariate tests. Here, you find easy instructions for using this tool because it’s quick, accurate, and free [more…]

Fixing Invisible Navigation Systems to Improve Your Search Ranking

Navigation systems that were invisible to search engines were once a very SEO common problem, but much less so these days because searchbots are so much smarter. Still, some search engines are smarter [more…]

How to Submit to the Open Directory Project

Yes, the Open Directory Project is free, and yes, you can submit very quickly. But the problem is that there’s no guarantee that your site will be listed. Some sites get into the Open Directory Project [more…]

Dealing with Manual Actions to Fix SEO Penalties

If you have a Manual Action message, you are lucky. Your SEO is not damaged beyond repair. You can just follow the instructions provided in the linked Help information; you may even find a video. If Google [more…]

Dealing with “Algorithmic Actions” if You’ve Been Dropped from Google’s Index

What if you have no Manual Action message? What if you have gone through all the checks and are sure that your site has been penalized? You’re working blind, in effect. Even if you fix the problems there’s [more…]