Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Add Descriptive Text to Images for Better Search Engine Results

Search engine spiders are pretty smart, but they can’t see images that you add to your Web pages — not yet, anyway. This means that when you include pictures in your Web site, you should give them useful [more…]

How Images, Video, Audio, and Flash Content Help Your Search Engine Ranking

A great way to attract both search engines and visitors to your Web site is by using engagement objects. These are non-text elements such as images, videos, audio, or interactive elements on a Web page [more…]

Choose Text-Based Site Navigation for Better Search Engine Results

If you want to help visitors find their way through your Web site, you have a few different navigation options, including image maps, Flash, JavaScript, and even frames. But if your goal is to get the [more…]

Use a Shallow Directory Structure for Better Search Engine Results

When building a directory structure for your Web site, it’s important to not go too deep — this ensures that search engines can spider your site more easily and that users will find your site more accessible [more…]

Select Web Pages That Will Attract Visitors and Search Engines to Your Site

Your Web site needs to contain pages that will rank highly in search engine results and that visitors will ultimately land on; these are aptly named landing pages [more…]

Base Your Target Audience on Your Existing Online Customers

To improve your chances of ranking well with search engines, you need to know your target audience. And the best way to begin researching your target audience is to look at your existing customers. [more…]

Create a Target Audience Profile by Interviewing Your Existing Online Customers

When you know your online target audience, you improve your chances of ranking well on search engine results pages. A great way to get to know both past and current members of your target audience is to [more…]

Help Your Online Customers Meet Their Needs Quickly and Easily

To attract an audience to your Web site, you have to find out what they need and then quickly and conveniently meet that need. You already know what your Web site offers. Now turn your chair around and [more…]

Study Online Customer Habits Using Server Logs and Analytics

You can access your Web site’s server logs to get valuable search engine optimization (SEO) data about your visitor counts and their behavior. It’s also a good idea to have [more…]

Use Language That Engages Your Online Audience

To attract both search engines and visitors to your Web site, you have to write in a way that appeals to your visitors. Use an appropriate tone and choose your words wisely to show that you relate to your [more…]

Create a Persona to Identify Who Your Online Customers Are

When you optimize your Web site for search engines, it’s important to know the audience you want to attract. A useful way to create a picture of a potential customer is to create a persona. [more…]

Use Personas to Improve Your Web Site for Customers

When you create a persona to represent your Web site customers, you can use it to apply case studies to your site, evaluate new features and products, test new design elements, and ensure that your customer [more…]

Bulk Up Your Web Site Content to Improve Your SEO Ranking

How much content do you need in terms of words per page and pages per subject to get a better search engine ranking? The answer greatly depends on what is normal for your industry and keywords. [more…]

Where to Find Content Ideas for Your Web Site

If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of writing pages and pages of content for your Web site, take heart. There are lots of ways to get ideas for content, including brainstorming, looking at your competitors’ [more…]

Write Exciting and Engaging Web Content for Better SEO Results

To attract users and search engines to your Web site, you need to write content that excites and engages your visitors. This is where a lot of what you learned in high school English class can help: [more…]

Refine the HTML Code in Your Web Pages for Better SEO Results

Whether you are working with an existing Web page or creating new Web content from scratch, you need to refine your HTML code for search engine optimization [more…]

Download Tools to Create Better Search Engine Optimization Keywords

When you optimize your Web site for search engines, there are several tools you can use to analyze your Web page content to make sure you’ve set up your keywords effectively. They offer shortcuts that [more…]

Remove Duplicate Content from Your Web Site for Better SEO Results

Duplicate content can create a lot of problems for search engines, and so for the best search engine optimization (SEO) results, you should remove it from your Web site. [more…]

How to Find Duplicate Content on Your Web Site

For the best search engine optimization (SEO) results, you should find and remove duplicate content on your Web site. A good place to start looking is to find out how many of your Web pages are currently [more…]

Adapt Your Web Page Content to Appear in Local Search Results

It’s important to let search engines know where you do business, so that your Web pages get returned in local searches. This means that you need to adapt your content, and not just copy pages and use a [more…]

Simplify Your Web Site’s File Structure for Better SEO Results

To improve the search ranking of your Web site, it’s a good idea to use a directory structure that is shallow — in other words, to limit the depth of your subfolders. [more…]

Add Links to an Existing Web Site to Improve Its Search Engine Ranking

If you have to optimize an existing Web site to improve its search engine ranking, you can use links to organize the site instead of physically moving the directories and files around. It’s important to [more…]

Attract Links to Your Web Site for Better SEO Results

When search engine spiders crawl your Web site, one thing they look for is links from external sites. There are a few different ways you can solicit links to your site, including link magnets, link baiting [more…]

Choose External Web Links That Will Increase Your Search Engine Ranking

If you want obtain links to your Web site that will increase your search engine ranking, you can go about it in several ways. First, you need to think about what kind of sites you want to link to you. [more…]

How to Solicit a Paid Link from Another Web Site

If you cannot get a free backlink from another Web site, you may want to approach them about direct advertising on their site. In that case, you have to determine a price point that is not only acceptable [more…]