Building Web Pages - Navigation

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Streamlining Your Web Site's Navigation

A good Web site is designed so that users can navigate easily and intuitively and create their own paths to find the information most relevant to them. As you start to work on the design for your Web pages [more…]

How to Create a Navigation Bar

Creating a simple text navigation bar on your Web site is useful. Even a simple navigation bar consisting of text is the difference between a Web site and an unconnected mass of Web pages. Creating a navigation [more…]

How to Create a Text Navigation Bar in HTML

Including a navigation bar helps your readers find information on your site. If you are building your Web page in an HTML text editor, the coding to create a navigation bar is easy. Here’s an example of [more…]

Change the Navigation Menu on Your iWeb Site in iLife '11

The page templates for iWeb themes in iLife include a navigation menu with links to other pages in the Web site. The navigation menu is created automatically on every page, with links to some or all of [more…]

Web Design Tips for Navigation Tools

In web design, consider the visuals when you include the navigation tools that take visitors from page to page. When designing web page navigation tools, you need to make them attractive as well as functional [more…]

Web Design: The Basics of a Good Shopping Cart

At the heart of an e-commerce website is the shopping cart — the user’s collection of set-aside store items that he or she wants to purchase. Often a shopping cart is either a small area generally found [more…]

Web Design: How to Present Content on a Web Page

When building your wireframes, remember that you are not limited to a static presentation of text and graphics. Many technologies, from Flash animation to DHTML, help you maximize your page space and present [more…]

Designing the Navigation of a New Website

Other than the visual design, determining how a user will navigate a website is one of the more challenging creative tasks that you’ll face as a web designer. The main goal is to make people feel in control [more…]

Interaction Design and User Flow of a New Website

Interaction design is different from information design. This is often a major point of confusion for people new to web design. While information design deals with the overall structure of a website and [more…]

How to Create an HTML Site Map in Dreamweaver

When you create a visual site map, you create a diagram of all the pages on a website, including the interconnectivity of the main pages through navigation and sub-navigation. You then use that information [more…]