YouTube Marketing

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Four Professional Social Media Commerce Secrets

Here are four e-commerce strategies you don't want you to forget. Commerce is your goal — but "social" will get your business front and center. Include videos and engaging content on your website, and [more…]

Market Your Micro-Entrepreneurial Business with Video Blogging

Build awareness of your micro-entrepreneurial business with videos that drive visitors to your blog or website. A video blog allows you to express yourself visually to your micro-entrepreneurial business [more…]

How to Promote Your Business with Visual Social Marketing on YouTube

YouTube is a huge opportunity for any business to use visual social marketing because it can generate a large number of views of your videos. If you create a video for marketing purposes, always be sure [more…]

How to Upload Visual Social Marketing Videos to YouTube

YouTube offers four different ways to add your visual social marketing videos to a channel. To access the YouTube video upload page, click the Upload button that appears in the middle of the screen on [more…]

How to Complete Basic Information about Your Visual Social Marketing YouTube Videos

After your visual social marketing video has been uploaded. You can customize the settings for the video. After the video is uploaded, you can add it to a playlist. [more…]

How to Edit Uploaded Visual Social Marketing YouTube Videos

Any of your video settings can still be edited after the visual social marketing video is uploaded. To edit a video, navigate to it. The easiest way to find the video is to view your channel and then click [more…]

How to Share Visual Social Marketing YouTube Videos

You can share any video on YouTube, whether it's one you create or any other visual social marketing video. YouTube videos make appealing content for other social networks. [more…]

How to Adjust Your YouTube Settings for Visual Social Marketing Optimization

From the Default Settings tab, you can edit the default settings that apply to all your visual social marketing videos. You can change these settings when you upload individual videos. The default section [more…]

How to Update YouTube Channel Fields for Your Visual Social Marketing Videos

To customize the look of information displayed for your visual social marketing videos on your YouTube channel, you can update a few other fields in your profile. To access additional fields, click on [more…]

How to Add YouTube Videos to Visual Social Marketing SlideShare Presentations

Videos can make your visual social marketing presentation more engaging and compelling, so SlideShare has a tool that allows you to add any YouTube video to a presentation. Follow these steps: [more…]

How to Benefit from Social Media Marketing on YouTube

The first thing you need to implement your social media marketing campaign on YouTubeis to decide how the extent of your efforts You know that you want to participate, yet you’re not sure how much time [more…]

How to Attract Subscribers to YouTube to Market Your Business

In order to use YouTube to the advantage of your social media marketing campaign, you’ll need subscribers. People on YouTube who choose to subscribe to your channel are known as YouTube subscribers. Every [more…]

How to Promote Your Marketing Video Clips on YouTube

Knowing how to publish and promote your social media marketing video clips is essential to getting them the attention they deserve. The following are some recommendations for promoting your video clips [more…]

How to Seed a Viral Marketing Campaign on YouTube

If you choose to use YouTube as part of your social media marketing campaign, you need to realize the power of viral videos. Viral videos are of two types, and it is important to know both: [more…]

How to Advertise Your Brand on YouTube

As part of your social media marketing campaign, YouTube can be used for traditional advertising. If you’re a marketer at a large brand, you may have the dollars to invest in some paid advertising tactics [more…]

How to Manage Uploads for Your YouTube Channel

Arguably, the most important part of building your YouTube channel is adding video content. That is, after all, why YouTube was created. Before you upload anything to YouTube, it’s a good idea to familiarize [more…]

10 Things to Know About Copyright and YouTube

When someone infringes on copyright — whether it’s someone doing it to you or you doing it to someone else — there will be consequences. YouTube takes the breach seriously and will take down the infringing [more…]

10 Key Steps to Improving YouTube Search Results

YouTube is about one thing: Getting people to watch your content. That’s what search results are all about: Placing your content in front of the right viewers so that they can watch. Following are ten [more…]

How to Incorporate YouTube into Your Business and Marketing Plans

Just like cool sheets on a summer evening, YouTube goes perfectly with social media when it comes to your business and marketing needs. Why not? You already know that your presence on Facebook, LinkedIn [more…]

Going Viral on YouTube

When an uploaded video goes viral in the good sense, it becomes a sensation that users share and share and share — in the process gathering more numbers of viewers than there are grains of sand in an hourglass [more…]

What Makes a YouTube Channel Unique

When you first create a YouTube channel, it’s nothing more than an empty template on a page. Over time, you add videos, make playlists, and create a header with graphics, logo, and other information. Obviously [more…]

Managing YouTube Channels for Fun and/or Profit

In addition to the pleasure that comes from a job well done, there’s also (potentially) a business side to running a YouTube channel. If you post videos that draw a lot of views, it’s worth your time for [more…]

How to Navigate YouTube's Home Page When You're Logged In

The home page of YouTube is a fickle beast. It was once the fount of discovery for YouTube users. If you were looking for new content, the home page was the place to be. Over the years, though, YouTube [more…]

How to Navigate YouTube's Home Page When You're Not Logged In

When you arrive at YouTube before you’ve taken the trouble to create an account, you see the pure, innocent YouTube of the viewer with no viewing history. Treasure this moment, this innocence, this pure [more…]

Watching YouTube Videos

The reason that most people visit YouTube is to watch videos. That should probably be one of the first things you do when you arrive. After familiarizing yourself with the home page, try clicking on a [more…]