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Why QR Codes Will Beat the Competition in the Near Term

No one really knows what will become of QR Codes in the long run, but it’s fairly certain that a few design constants and accepted practices will drive QR Code use and development. [more…]

How to Give a Glimpse inside Your Business with QR Codes

If you run a company or nonprofit and find yourself always saying, “If only people could see how we do things!” QR Codes are the tool for you. QR Codes aren’t just a bridge from the offline world to digital [more…]

How to Deliver Real Time Information and Receive Feedback with QR Codes

QR Codes are a great way to give and receive breaking information about everything from the latest local news to changes in the bus schedule. A smart example of the latter is the Metro West Yorkshire in [more…]

How to Sell Products or Services Using QR Codes

Retailers can use a service called Give.mobi and QR Codes to sell their products or services. The QR Code links users to a mobile-ready page where they can make a purchase via PayPal or enter their credit [more…]

How to Take Advantage of the Novelty of QR Codes

QR Codes currently enjoy an enviable place in society. They have a “What’s that?” quality that will be short lived but should be used for all it’s worth while it lasts. [more…]

How to Use QR Codes to Help You Go Paperless

QR Code technology reduces our paper use. You can have a positive effect on our environment by incorporating QR Codes into your working life.

Save paper and space by printing your QR Codes on mailing labels [more…]

How to Choose between SMS Text and QR Codes for Your Marketing Campaign

If you haven’t done an SMS text campaign before, perhaps you’ve seen one at a store or in an ad you’ve seen. An advertisement might say something like this: “Get exclusive monthly discounts; text SHOP [more…]

How to Enhance Your Customer Service Using QR Codes

A great benefit of QR Codes is that they can be a virtual link between your company and your customers. They can be there when you’re not to answer questions, to give information, or to say thank you. [more…]

QR Codes on Your Headstone? — There’s an App for That!

If you’ve truly fallen in love with QR Codes, here is some good news for you: You can take them with you.

You see, the growth of QR Codes in the tombstone business is anything but dead. Headstone companies [more…]

How to Use QR Codes When You Develop for the Mobile Platform

QR Codes can help developers meet the expectations of their mobile audience. Just as people expect mobile sites to be as functional as apps, they have preferences on what mobile sites should deliver. Keep [more…]

How to Use a QR Code Generator

A generator site is where you can create and design your very own QR Code. Most QR Code generators come with tracking tools. Sometimes they’re free, but sometimes not. Make sure to check your generator [more…]

How to Use a URL Shortener in a QR Code

A URL shortener is useful for services like Twitter where the number of characters matter. However, the value of a URL shortener for QR Codes has to do with density. Because the URL is encoded within the [more…]

How to Ensure that Your QR Code Will Work

The last thing you want is someone scanning your QR Code and then being disappointed when it doesn’t work. In addition to following all of the instructions provided by whatever QR Code generator you choose [more…]

How Peapod Uses QR Codes for Grocery Shopping

One company that is already seeing the future of QR Codes for purchases is Internet grocer Peapod, which is available in 24 U.S. cities. Hoping to capitalize on the needs of the busy consumer that spends [more…]

How to Use QR Codes for Mobile Giving

The day will come when you’ll be able to press a button on your mobile device to donate to a cause. Until then, QR Codes may be the best option for mobile giving, especially for cause marketing partnerships [more…]

How to Generate Sales Leads Using QR Codes

If you’re looking to generate more sales leads for your company, try using QR Codes in a practical but creative way. [more…]


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