Twitter Marketing

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Tools for Tracking Your Brand on Twitter

Before you jump into actively marketing on Twitter, find conversations about your brand. These effective and easy-to-use tools can help you fidn out what people are tweeting about your brand: [more…]

Tools for Measuring Twitter Marketing Effectiveness

Measure how effectively you're using Twitter by tracking different aspects of clicks, retweets, Twitter ranking, and follower growth rate. Here are some tools that you can use: [more…]

Search Twitter for Users in Your Location

By meeting people offline from Twitter, you can create some unique relationships that could potentially lead to new business. With the tools in the following list, you can search for users who live within [more…]

Specialized Twitter Tools for Social CRM

A whole industry of tools has grown up around Twitter and can be useful for your Social CRM strategy. People have figured out ways to make it easier to follow and use. For example, here’s a quick introduction [more…]

Tweet with Twitter for Social CRM

Twitter lovers have an important case to make for anyone involved in Social CRM. People either love or hate Twitter. The ones who hate it say they just can’t pack enough meaning into 140 characters. The [more…]

Market Your Micro-Entrepreneurial Business through Twitter

Twitter is an important part of any micro-entrepreneurial business marketing plan. You can use Twitter to promote your micro-entrepreneurial business, market special events and sales, and keep current [more…]

How to Offer Promotions and Generate Leads on Twitter

If you represent a company that has something to sell, you can find a unique home on Twitter. You may need to adjust your messages a bit so that you can shift from a hard-sell philosophy to an attitude [more…]

How to Share Company Updates on Twitter

If you have a new or growing company that you want to introduce to the world through Twitter, start a separate account for the company. You may find balancing traditional corporate professionalism with [more…]

How to Use News on Twitter to Grow Your Business

Twitter is a place to take advantage of breaking industry news that could benefit your business. Author David Meerman Scott calls this newsjacking, a way to inject your ideas into a breaking news story [more…]

Do's and Don'ts of Marketing on Twitter

Twitter has its own rules of etiquette. You can market your business on Twitter, but you want to be careful about spamming your followers by sending too many links. Don't forget to be interactive, that's [more…]