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How to Make Your Company’s Google+ Content Easy to Find

Knowing the many methods that consumers can use to find content on Google+ will help you determine a good marketing strategy. Finding content on Google+ can be as simple as typing in the search bar, but [more…]

How to Target Your Google+ Updates to Market Niches

One of the big advantages of Google+ circles for web marketers is that you can target your updates to specific audiences. This ensures you always have control over who can see your posts. You choose lists [more…]

How to Adjust the Volume of Updates on Your Google+ Marketing Page

Your Google+ news feed shows most updates. In each circle, web marketers can adjust the volume of updates you receive from people in that circle. Once you have become an expert with Google+ and have tons [more…]

How to Avoid Spam on Your Google+ Marketing Page

The more you notify people on Google+, the more easily your posts could be deemed spam, so avoid those posts. It’s important to note a couple of rules as you participate on Google+, just to be sure you [more…]

How to Integrate Google Products on Your Google+ Marketing Page

What products is Google+ integrating with? The more you use these products in conjunction with your Google+ page, the further your product or company name will go. How is it expanding farther? The following [more…]

Google+, Google Contacts, and Gmail Help You Manage Business Relationships

In addition to search, Google+ has a very deep relationship with Contacts. That shows especially in services, such as Gmail, that use contacts heavily. In many ways, Google+ is quickly becoming a [more…]

Social Media Management Systems that Work with Google+

A social media management system is a series of tools that helps social media (like Google+) community managers handle their presence online. The systems often focus on posting and moderating comments [more…]

Specialized Social Platforms for Your Social CRM

Consider adding specialized social platforms for your Social CRM. There are major platforms that most companies who use social media choose first, but other specialized sites might be just right for your [more…]