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How to Manually Track Your Google+ Marketing Page Posts

Although Google+ doesn’t provide built-in tools for measuring your company’s posts (at least not yet), you can still monitor your success for each post manually. That’s how it was done in the olden days [more…]

How to Design Your Company Website around Social Networking

To make social design a seamless part of your company’s app or website, you have to “think socially” — that is, with social networking in mind. Always imagine what the user or visitor might be able to [more…]

How to Integrate Social Design from Google+ to Your Company Website

Social design requires pulling in the friends and connections of a user to your company website. Google+ can be a good source for these connections. Although sometimes you find the user has relationships [more…]

How to Publish and Share on Your Google+ Marketing Page

Web marketers need to realize the value of publishing and sharing with Google+. When a user is in an environment surrounded by friends and family, the natural inclination is to share. You make that process [more…]

How to Build Branded Layers on Top of Google+ Hangouts

Web marketers can use Google+ Hangouts by building on top of them. Google+ Hangouts provides a special API as well, and you can build yet another layer of online experiences with a developer and a Google+ [more…]

How to Optimize Your Company Google+ Posts for Search

You’ll benefit from optimizing the posts you make on your page. This is an ongoing process, and you’ll want to constantly test the success of your posts. [more…]

How to Add Your Website to Your Company’s Google+ Page

Establishing your website’s identity on Google+ (and on all of Google) starts when you add a website to your Google+ Page that links your customers to the website that serves as your brand’s home base [more…]

How to Adjust Your Google+ Marketing Page for Search

It is a good idea to adjust your Google+ company page so people can search and find you in multiple ways. You can be found more than once. People can find you, follow you, comment to you, shower you with [more…]

How to Turn Virtual Google+ Connections into Real Life Marketing Events

The goal of everything you do on Google+ should be to make lesser-known contacts, or virtual contacts, into better-known contacts to help market your company. Face-to-face interaction is the epitome of [more…]

How to Turn Internal Google+ Conversations into External Business Sales

Ultimately, your conversations — and all you do inside your company — should be focused on the customers who buy and use your products. Google+ for Google Apps provides an effective tool for this purpose [more…]

How to Use Your Google+ Marketing Page to Build Brand Identity

Building authority on your Google+ marketing page is, at heart, creating a reliable, trusted, widely recognized identity for yourself and your brand’s website. For people to trust you, they have to know [more…]

How to Build Authority for Your Company Website Using Google+

Building authority on the web begins with how you use your brand’s identity on your website and Google+ can be used to accomplish just that. Here are some suggested approaches: [more…]

How to Link Your Google+ Company Profile to Website Content

Google has provided a way to use your Google+ profile to identify content you’ve written on websites you contribute to. In terms of your business, this also enables you to include your employees and those [more…]

How to Bring Attention to Search Results for Your Company

There are many ways to improve your company’s Google search results. Once you have implemented these techniques and are moving your way up in the world of ranking results, you will want your customers [more…]

How to Identify Authorship Links to Your Google+ Marketing Page

The way to link back to a Google+ profile is to use a special attribute on your HTML links (the <a> tag) that tells Google that the currently linked text is identifying who the author of the post is and [more…]

How to Link Your Company’s Google+ Page to Your Website

You should really consider linking your company’s Google+ Page to your website. You can do this through a small snippet of code Google gives you or a Google+ Badge for your Google+ Page that you can put [more…]

How to Integrate Your Company Website into Your Google+ Page

To add authority to your website through Google+, you need to link your website back to your Google+ Page. You have two basic ways to do this task, but a word to the wise: The more you do, the more of [more…]

Why Google+ Hangouts Are Good for Your Company

So what’s the big deal about Google+ Hangouts? Isn’t it just another video-chat product? Dozens of them are on the market — Skype, Facebook, Microsoft Live Messenger — even Xbox has its own video chat, [more…]

How to Bring Google+ Conversations to Your Company Website

Spontaneous conversations on Google+ about your brand boost its authority more than anything — and getting these to happen on your own site gives you more control, rather than someone else, such as Google+ [more…]

What Web Marketers Should Know about Google APIs

Although Google+ APIs are a useful tool to web marketers, they are also a moving target. They’re brand-new. They’re constantly changing — and so are the rules. [more…]

What Web Marketers Should Know about the Google Bar

The heart of the Google+ experience is the little bar that follows you from Google site to Google site. Web marketers can use this Google Bar to their advantage and make Google+ much more manageable. Googlers [more…]

How to Set Privacy Settings for Your Google+ Marketing Page

Setting your privacy settings to your needs will keep the important information away from those you don’t want to see it. There may be some elements of your life you want to share — but only with certain [more…]

Google+ Marketing: How to Search for Coworkers and Classmates

Many people get into Facebook by searching for old classmates and coworkers and getting in touch with them. Google+ allows web marketers this same type of connection. This can be a good place to start [more…]

How to Build a Google+ Network

Marketing with Google+ requires an active approach. It has plenty of people to interact with and to build a network with. You just have to find them. As with any other service, you get what you put into [more…]

How to Find Google+ Pages

Your Google profile represents the real you on Google. Your Google+ Page (also known as Plus Pages) represents your business on Google. Finding Google+ pages will help you make connections with others. [more…]

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