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How to Create a Business Contact in Google Contacts

There are several ways to create a contact in Google and add to your business clientele. Contacts are created automatically when you send e-mail in Gmail. You can add them through Google Voice or Gmail [more…]

How to Edit a Business Contact in Google Contacts

Once you have a running list of business contacts, it’s good to learn how to edit these in Google Contacts. It may become necessary to add pertinent details to these contacts and they become necessary [more…]

How to Merge Business Contacts in Google Contacts

To maximize your marketing potential with Google Contacts, you need to know how to merge your contacts. This can be useful when organizing your company for CRM [more…]

How to Use Google+ for Google Apps to Communicate Inside Your Company

Google+ for Google Apps presents some unique opportunities for your business to integrate Google+ into your own company’s network. Perhaps the most notable feature of Google+ for Google Apps is that you [more…]

How to Enhance Your Brand with Google Search Plus Your World

Google Search Plus Your World is Google’s brand for socializing the experience. It includes results that it thinks your friends want you to see, based on the search terms you enter. With Google+ [more…]

How to Optimize Your Company Profile for Search on Google+

Your Google+ company profile is pretty important for ensuring you rank well in search results. As with optimizing your website for search you’ll want to optimize your Google+ profile as well [more…]

How to Leverage Your Google+ Page to Get Better Search Results for Your Website

If you want to leverage your company’s Google+ page to optimize your website for Google search results, here are a few ways to do so: [more…]

How to Market with Community Service on Google+

Service is one of the most meaningful ways you can build business relationships with others on Google+. You’ll benefit most as a marketer if you seek out ways to serve, and hopefully gain loyal customers [more…]

How to Involve Your Employees on Your Google+ Page

Seek to involve your employees as much as possible in promoting your brand. Let your employees talk and market using Google+, and feature them more than you do the brand image itself. Make them a reflection [more…]

How to Start a Google+ Hangout to Market Your Company

The best way to understand Google+ Hangouts is to start one yourself. Hangout’s are a great way to gain exposure for your brand and build a following. Creating a Hangout is quite simple — here are some [more…]

How to Use Google+ Hangouts to Educate Customers About Your Company

Google+ Hangouts can be an effective marketing tool to give information to your customers. If you’re looking to help others learn what you want them to know about your brand or company, one effective way [more…]

How to Use Participatory Hangouts to Market Your Brand

Google+ Hangouts are about building relationships with people — in particular, with your customers. However you use the advantages of Hangouts, the main goal should always be to meet your customers and [more…]

How to Create Google Social Ads for Your Company

To create a Google social ad for your company, start by creating a simple Google AdWords ad. Many services and companies are available online to help with this process, but for now, go to [more…]

How to Link Your Company’s Google+ Page to Your Social Ads

Linking your company Google+ Page to your ads is a great way to bring more likes and get more people following your brand’s presence on Google+. By adding a Google+ Page to your ad, you are enabling all [more…]

How to Link Google+ Author Names to Profile Pages on Your Website

In the event that your website has individual profile pages for each author, you can link author names back to the profile pages on your company website. You can also tell Google, on each of the profile [more…]

How to Link to Your Company Website from Your Google+ Authors’ Profiles

Your company will benefit from all the ways you can build authority. For example, you can link back to your website from each author’s Google+ profile. You have one more step to take before Google can [more…]

How to Use Google Webmaster Tools to Optimize Your Company’s Posts

You can actually use Google’s tools for webmasters, Webmaster Tools, to see how the posts you make on your company website — as well as those you create on Google+ — are doing in search results. You can [more…]

How to Test Your Company’s Google+ Page Microdata

In Webmaster Tools, Google provides the Rich Snippets Tool that you can use to test how your content is structured on your company website, so that you can understand how it will be shared on Google+, [more…]

How to Increase Your Company’s Page Ranking Through Google+ SEO

People are the new major criterion for effective SEO. Your Google+ marketing page can be useful in optimizing this social element. Not to discount other factors [more…]

How to Measure Traffic from Social Networks to Your Website Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to learn which social channels are providing the greatest traffic. From Google Analytics, you can determine whether Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, or other social networks [more…]

Google+ Marketing: How to Analyze Google +1s

Google Analytics will allow web marketers to track the +1s you have on your website. This is helpful because you can see which audiences like particular content. Then, you can direct your content to particular [more…]

Google+ Marketing: How to Analyze Conversions by Social Media Channel

Google Analytics offers a section to web marketers where you can study conversions. Everything you do on Google+ and other social networks should be centered on converting visitors to customers — using [more…]

How to Set Up an Email Notification for Google Analytics Reports

With every report on Google Analytics, web marketers can have Google e-mail you a copy of that report on a regular basis. This can be a useful reminder to keep an eye on your stats when things get so busy [more…]

How to Track Clicks and Referrals from Google+ to Your Company Website

One of the coolest features of the Google+ integration with Google Analytics is that you can track the number of clicks and referrals from Google+ to your website, and also identify who is linking to your [more…]

How to Analyze the Ripple Effect of Your Google+ Posts

Google+ offers an analytical tool called the Ripples feature. Google has given one piece of analytical information for each URL that a user chooses to share on the service. The available public data includes [more…]

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