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Timing Google's Crawl

Google crawls the Web at varying depths and on more than one schedule. The so-called deep crawl occurs roughly once a month. This extensive reconnaissance of Web content requires more than a week to complete [more…]

How to Lure Your Existing Audience to Your Company Google+ Page

You’ve probably already established an audience elsewhere — and that can be a great place to promote and alert your existing audience of your Google+ presence. There may be some benefits, too, such as [more…]

How to Set Up a Company Page on Google+

If you’re prepared for your Google+ Page, you’re ready to set one up for your own use. A company page will differ from a personal Google+ page, so it’s a good idea to have a separate one for your brand [more…]

How to Get to Your Company’s Google+ Page

After you’ve created your company page, you’ll probably wonder (repeatedly) how you found it the last time you published to the page. It’s easy to get lost trying to find Google+ Pages and getting to the [more…]

How to Choose a Design for Your Company’s Google+ Page

As with your personal profile, make sure your company page’s Google+ profile (your page’s public image) is in pristine condition. Remember, potential customers will view your page as a reflection of your [more…]

How to Manage the Settings on Your Company’s Google+ Page

Make sure your settings are tuned to your liking. Google+ allows you to modify the settings to best suit your company’s needs. To get to and edit your Google+ Page settings, including privacy, take these [more…]

How to Add Pages to Circles on Your Company Google+ Page

Adding pages to circles on your company Google+ page is a good way to market to specific audiences. Targeting can be a very valuable way of ensuring posts you make are relevant to the people you share [more…]

How to Target Posts from Your Company’s Google+ Page

Targeting posts can be a useful way to reach your audience through your company Google+ page. This is helpful when you know that only a particular audience will respond to a post. You don’t want to alienate [more…]

How to Build Your Audience on Google+

Posting frequently and measuring response are the best ways to build your audience on Google+ company page. The better the content you share, and the more of it you share, the more people will +1 and share [more…]

How Marketing on Google+ Can Affect Google Search Rankings

Building a strong presence on Google+ naturally affects your presence on Google as a whole; the essence of Google+ is Google itself. The improvement is two-way: Improve your presence on Google, and you [more…]

How to Use Engagement to Market on Google+

As a marketer, you’ll hear the word engagement used quite frequently with reference to social media. Engagement is what you do to attract your fans’ attention and encourage them to respond to you — and [more…]

How to Add +1 and Share Buttons to Your Google+ Marketing Page

Did you know that you can add both Share and +1 buttons to your Google+ marketing page? Google+ provides a Share button for websites that want a little extra prompt to get users sharing content. Some people [more…]

How to Implement a Page Badge on Your Google+ Marketing Page

If you have a Google+ Page, the next step you’ll want to take is to implement a Page Badge on your website. The Google+ Page Badge is a little widget that you can put on your website to point visitors [more…]

How to Get Your Company’s Google+ Fans Involved

Google+ offers many ways that you can get your fans involved. Don’t automatically assume you are limited because you’re accessing the digital world. Here are a couple of ways companies have gotten their [more…]

14 Ways to Maximize the Return on Your Google+ Marketing Page

Once you have a company Google+ page, there are ways to maximize the content to ensure people will visit your business page. Below are tips that will help drive traffic to your page and get your company [more…]

How Marketers Can Post to Google+ from Other Places

Using the Google bar (in most Google products), web marketers can post directly to Google+ no matter what Google space you are in. For example, you may be in Google Reader and decide to post about how [more…]

How to Post to Your Company Domain in Google+

If you use Google Apps for your business, you may want to post updates that coworkers only can read. This can be helpful to your employees To post such an update, follow these steps: [more…]

How to Use Google+ to Successfully Market Your Small Business

You can’t successfully run a business without considering the people who make your business run. Google+ provides just the right tools to allow your business to focus on people. This goes for your customers [more…]

Three Ways to Use Google+ Social Connections to Market Your Company

Much like Facebook and Twitter, Google+ is a form of social media which allows you to connect with others and market your product. These social connections can be very helpful when trying to gain exposure [more…]

Six Ways to Engage Your Fans on Your Google+ Marketing Page

Several successful marketers have used Google+ to engage their fans and simultaneously promoted their name, product or content. Some of the suggestions below are examples of how some have used Google+ [more…]

How to Set Up a Google+ Badge to Market Your Company

You can market your brand by setting up a Google+ Badge. My personal recommendation is that if you can choose the Google+ Badge, as opposed to the link to your Google+ Page, do it so that people can circle [more…]

How to Use Google+ Ads to Market Your Company

Let's talk strategy. How can you leverage Google social ads to be most effective and take advantage of the social extension your company has added? Adding +1 buttons and letting people see their friends [more…]

How to Build and Track Customer Relationships through Google+, Google Contacts, and Gmail

Google+ is a social layer marketing tool that spans across all Google products. It helps you build relationships with your customers and those you interact with. The best way to illustrate how Google+ [more…]

How to Use Google+, Gmail, and Contacts for Customer Relationship Management

One of the beautiful things about Google+ is that it allows you multiple touch points, like Gmail and Google Contacts to develop a customer relationship management [more…]

How to Use Google+ Touch Points for Customer Relationship Management

As a web marketer, you can use multiple touch points, like Google Voice, Google+ Events and various others to ensure that your Google+ profile follows your brand everywhere you go. Don’t underestimate [more…]