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Contests Can Energize Your Facebook Marketing

One guiding principle for designing your Facebook contest is to make it fun. People enjoy the chance of winning something for free. Make it valuable for your audience and beneficial for you. [more…]

Why You Should Run a Contest as Part of a Facebook Marketing Strategy?

Before you put your product’s Facebook contest out there, make sure that you have everything in place to kick it off with a bang. You may be spending money on the contest application, and you want to make [more…]

Rules and Restrictions for Facebook Contests

There are both legal restrictions and Facebook rules for running contests as part of your Facebook marketing strategy. It is important to know these rules and regulations as you do your contest planning [more…]

Facebook Contest Applications for Your Business

There are a number of applications that you can use to administer contests in Facebook. If you’d like to compare your contest-application options, here are some of the current third-party Facebook contest [more…]

How to Add the Wildfire App to You Facebook Business Page

Wildfire is an option you can use on your Facebook business page if you are considering running a contest for your fans. The easiest way to sign up with [more…]

How to Use the North Social App for Your Business’s Contests on Facebook

North Social has a sweepstakes application that you can set up on your own for your Business’s contest. You pay a monthly subscription fee based on how many people like your Page. North Social charges [more…]

How to Use the Woobox Sweepstakes Application for Your Business’s Contest on Facebook

Woobox has some useful sweepstakes features for your business’s contest. The application is easy to set up and has a fan-only graphics page built in, or you can create one yourself to customize your campaign [more…]

How to Use Offerpop for Facebook Contest Management

Offerpop is a very easy application to use for your Business’s Facebook contest. Because it has so many promotional tools, you may want to choose the monthly subscription plan, which is very reasonable [more…]

How to Adjust Contest App Placement on Facebook

Your business’s Contest app may be installed in a place where the app is not visible to your fans and you will need to adjust the placement. Only the apps in the first three rows of apps are visible to [more…]

How to Set Up a Blog Tour to Promote Your Facebook Contest

A blog tour is a fantastic way to get exposure to a whole new audience, but it does take some planning and legwork. One way to kick off a blog tour is to contact bloggers and ask whether you can write [more…]

How to Create a Facebook Experience as a Marketing Strategy

One way to stand out from the masses is to create Facebook experiences — experiences you execute on your Facebook Page that are unique to your brand and of great value to your fans. No matter how big or [more…]

The Value of Facebook for Social CRM

Facebook is the 800-pound gorilla and is valuable for Social CRM. In March 2012, it had over 900 million monthly active users. If you know anything about social media, you know that Facebook is considered [more…]

How to Cancel Your Business’s Facebook Event

It’s easy to cancel your business’s Facebook Event if you need to. Keep in mind that you can edit the Event information if you need to. However, Facebook is aware that sometimes the unexpected happens [more…]

How to Edit Featured Likes on Your Facebook Business Page

The Likes section lets you feature up to five Facebook Pages to market in a section of your Timeline. You can specify which Pages you’ve liked as your Page will be shown there by selecting five of them [more…]

How to Adjust Featured Pages on Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook gives you several editing options for your business page. One of these options includes the ability to change which pages are featured on your page. To do this, follow these steps: [more…]

How to Change the Order of Apps on Your Facebook Business Page

All apps on your business Page, except Photos, can be rearranged from side to side and top to bottom. Four apps, called Featured apps, are visible. When you click the down arrow, you see up to 12 more [more…]

How to Build an iFrame Application for Your Facebook Marketing Page

Building an iFrame application for your Facebook page sounds daunting, but the process can be broken down into several easy steps. Here’s an overview of the steps for building an iFrames application: [more…]

How to Add the NetworkedBlogs Tab to Your Facebook Business Page

NetworkedBlogs allows you to add a tab to your Facebook business Page to display your blog posts. This tab gives your Facebook fans easy access to your blog from Facebook without having to go anywhere. [more…]

How to Change the Timeline Settings on Your Business Facebook Page

Once your business’s Facebook Page is established, you may want to revisit your Timeline settings. When you create your Page, you make the decision to have the posts on the Timeline be just your own or [more…]

How to Install Static HTML on Your Business Facebook Page

Involver has an application you can use to market on Facebook and it is called Static HTML for Pages. You can display an image on your custom tab or write HTML code to display something more complex. [more…]

How to Install Static HTML iFrame Tabs on Your Business Facebook Page

With the Static HTML: iFrame Tabs application, you can create fan-only content on your business page. This application allows you to upload an image directly [more…]

How to Edit Your Business’s Facebook Event

Facebook events are a great way to gain exposure for your business. Let’s hope you created in with great attention detail, but in case you need to make a change to your event after you have created it, [more…]

How to Locate Your Business’s Facebook Place

Your business’s Facebook Place is created when someone is physically at your location and attempts to check in. If this check-in is the first one that’s been attempted at your location, the person who’s [more…]

How to Advertise an External Web Page on Facebook

Advertising an external website differs slightly from advertising something internal to Facebook, in that you choose your own title — and you need to upload a picture. To get started, log into Facebook [more…]

How to Create an Engagement Ad on Facebook

A successful way to advertise your business is to create an Engagement ad on Facebook. When you create an Engagement ad, the title and image are automatically filled in for you. Facebook uses the title [more…]

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