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How to Tag Key Players in Facebook Page Updates

If you want to make sure that someone sees your posting on Facebook, tag them by using the @ system. They see the post on their personal Timelines and get Notifications that they’ve been tagged in a post [more…]

Create Incentives for Repeat Visits to Your Business Facebook Page

How do you get your audience to repeatedly visit your business Facebook page? The majority of the close to 1 billion people on Facebook go through a process that may look a little like this: They log in [more…]

How to Build Social Proof with Sponsored Facebook Stories

Sponsored stories take word-of-mouth recommendations from Friends and promote them in Facebook Profiles as Facebook Ads. This means that when you go to Starbucks, for example, and use Facebook Places to [more…]

How to Create Custom Lists for Targeted Facebook Marketing

Facebook created a way to segment your Facebook Friends into special lists to better market your brand: smart and custom. The benefit of both types of lists is that they allow you to share your posts with [more…]

How to Target Facebook Marketing with Interest Lists

Creating interest lists can help you gain customers by focusing exactly where you need to. Interest Lists are different from custom lists because you can add people you’re subscribed to, people you’re [more…]

How to Set Up a Facebook Offer

The overall marketing of creating a Facebook Offer and using a Promoted post to market that offer is a great way to introduce your Facebook fans to your special promotions, discounts, coupons, and the [more…]

How to Optimize Your Business’s Like Button with Open Graph

With the Open Graph protocol, Facebook enables your website to establish a connection with your visitors and the Facebook platform. Facebook uses a (jargon alert) Open Graph protocol to interact with other [more…]

How to Optimize Your Business’s Connections with Facepile

The Facepile plug-in shows users the Profile images of their Friends who have signed in to your website or have liked your business’s Page. One benefit of this feature is that it doesn’t display if the [more…]

How to Capture Audience Data with the Registration Plug-in

The Registration social plug-in allows your audience to sign in to your website with their Facebook accounts and allows you to capture some data. Non-Facebook users can also use this plug-in to register [more…]

How to Set Up a Deal For Your Business in Facebook Places

There’s no cost to set up a Facebook check-in deal for your business. This can be a good way to drive traffic to your Facebook Page. Here are the simple steps to create an active offer: [more…]

How to Access Facebook Insights to Gain Data for Your Target Audience

Facebook Insights can be a helpful marketing tool and provide you with key data. Facebook advertising differs from Google Ads in one important respect, though: With Facebook, you choose your audience by [more…]

What NOT to Advertise on Facebook

Facebook has guidelines about what you can and can’t advertise. It reviews each ad for appropriate language, content, and formatting. If your ad doesn’t comply with the guidelines, Facebook [more…]

How to Download Data from Insights for Your Business

Insights provides good data that you can download for your marketing campaign. Advertising your fan Page is one of the best things you can do with Facebook ads. You know that the people who click your [more…]

How to Upload an Image for Your Facebook Ad

Images make your business’s Facebook ad more eye catching, and Facebook now requires them anyway. An image can be a logo, photo, or icon and should relate to the title and body text of the ad. [more…]

How to Create a Sponsored Post Story to Market on Facebook

Facebook’s newest ads are called Sponsored stories and they can be very effective in marketing your brand. You can advertise specific Facebook activities such as individual posts [more…]

How to Focus Your Facebook Ad Based on Location

The first way to narrow your Facebook audience is by the location of your business. If the product you’re selling is useful to a strictly local audience, entering a location in the Choose Your Audience [more…]

Campaign, Pricing and Scheduling Options for Facebook Ads

It’s time to pay the piper. How much are you willing to spend? You will need to complete the pricing and scheduling option for your advertising campaign. After you’ve completed the Targeting section, scroll [more…]

How to Run a Facebook Promoted Post Ad on Facebook

Running a Facebook Promoted post ad on Facebook is relatively straightforward. No bidding process is involved; instead, you pay a flat fee to push your post into a certain number of your fans’ News Feeds [more…]

How to Get Your Facebook Advertising Performance Report

The Advertising Performance report includes statistics such as Clicks, Impressions, Click Through Rate, and Spend. Similar information is available in the Ads Manager, which you can find on the left sidebar [more…]

How to Run a Responder Demographics Report on Facebook

A report that you can run to gain data for your Facebook marketing campaign is the Responder Demographics report. This report gives you great information about the types of Facebook users who are viewing [more…]

Four of the Most Popular Self-Service Contest Application

You can install and set up these contest applications yourself: Wildfire, North Social, Woobox, and Offerpop. The self-service contest applications are also fairly straightforward to set up. [more…]

How to Become a Verified Facebook Developer

To successfully market your brand, consider becoming a verified Facebook developer. Applications can be malicious and often created to spread spam messages and viruses. To combat developers of these types [more…]

How to Install an iFrame Application on Your Business Facebook Page

If you have created an iFrame app for use in your marketing campaign, you will need to install it on your Facebook Page. You can go to the Developer page [more…]

How to Add the Events App to Your Facebook Business Page

When you start your Facebook Business Page, the Events application is available, but it may not be immediately visible in the navigation links on your left sidebar. Events is a Facebook application, meaning [more…]

How to Invite Friends to Your Business’s Facebook Event

After you have created you business’s Facebook event, you can invite your Friends. If you don’t have any Friends who are also fans of your page or who are interested in your business, this might be a step [more…]


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