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How to Customize App Titles and App Photos on Facebook

Two key parts of the apps you add to your business Page are the app title and the app photo. The apps you install have a default title and photo, which usually aren’t that interesting. As you have observed [more…]

Where to Find the RSS Address of Your Blog to Import into Facebook

You need to know the web address, or URL, of your blog’s RSS feed to import your blog into your Facebook Page. RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication, [more…]

How to Manage Permissions on Your Facebook Business Page

On your Page dashboard, clicking the Manage Permissions link opens an editing page with options that determine how a person can interact with your Page. These options directly affect how first-time and [more…]

How to Remove an Admin from Your Facebook Business Page

Admins are people who can administer your Business Page and must be added so they can make the necessary changes. There are five types of Admin roles. You may need to fill all of these roles or even choose [more…]

How to Use the Notes App on Your Facebook Business Page

A note is a public post and appears in the News Feed for all fans or customers to see, and anyone tagged in the note receives a notification. The Notes app used to be the only place to publish a really [more…]

How to Use the Hover Card as an Ad on Your Facebook Business Page

A nice little feature that Facebook has added recently and can be used for marketing is the hover card. A hover card is a little pop-up box that contains a quick view of information about a Page or person [more…]

How to Turn on the Subscribe Button on Your Facebook Business Page

You need to understand some important points about the Subscribe system to market with Facebook, which can be very confusing at first. The word subscribe [more…]

How to Market with a Personal Facebook Profile

This might bring up all sorts of comments, such as, “You can’t market on a personal account.” That’s completely true. But you can support your marketing by allowing people into your business world through [more…]

How to Add Public Life Events and Market Through Your Personal Facebook Profile

Adding public life events is important for marketing with Facebook. Some people call the personal Timeline the ultimate résumé because of the wonderful Life Events feature. This is basically the same thing [more…]

How to Handle Troublesome Posters on Your Business Facebook Page

Troublesome posters can sometimes become a problem for your marketing strategy. Most of the time, the conversation on Facebook is fun and enjoyable. Occasionally, however, someone decides to post things [more…]

How to Register Your Blog with NetworkedBlogs on Facebook

NetworkedBlogs is the most popular method of importing your blog posts into your Facebook business Page automatically. You import your blog into both your Page and your personal Profile. After you import [more…]

How to Verify Ownership of Your Marketing Blog

If you select the Ask Friends to Verify You option, a screen listing all your Facebook Friends appears, and you can select who gets a request to verify that you own your blog. After you select the Friends [more…]

How to Set Up Syndication of Your Blog Posts to Facebook

Syndication tells NetworkedBlogs where you want your new blog posts to be posted in Facebook (and NetworkedBlogs can automatically tweet your new post, too). Syndication is a great tool to help you automate [more…]

How to Repost a Blog Post to Facebook with NetworkedBlogs

You can repost any of your old blog posts by clicking the NetworkedBlogs Quick Publisher link below the post. It will immediately post on Facebook. Just follow these easy steps: [more…]

How to Install Social RSS to Your Facebook Business Page

A Facebook application that you can use to import your marketing blog posts automatically is Social RSS. Social RSS is a little easier to set up than NetworkedBlogs is, but the free version may not work [more…]

How to Use RSS Graffiti to Put Blog Posts on Facebook

To post your business blog entries automatically on your Facebook Timeline, you can use RSS Graffiti. This app doesn’t limit you to importing only blog posts: You can use it to bring in any RSS feed from [more…]

How to Deliver RSS Feeds to Your Facebook Marketing Page with dlvr.it

dlvr.it is a great tool that you can use to automatically post your business blog or any RSS feed to Facebook and Twitter. It’s a cinch to set up, and it offers analytics on the posted articles, which [more…]

How to Link Your Facebook Marketing Page to Twitter

If you want to send your marketing posts from your Facebook Page to Twitter, you can do that easily and automatically through Facebook. This isn’t a bad thing to do, because typically, you’re posting to [more…]

How HootSuite Can Help You Manage Facebook and Other Social Media

HootSuite is a free, web-based app you use to manage Facebook and other social media accounts used for marketing your brand. Because it’s web-based, you can run the application from its website and have [more…]

How to Add a Twitter Tab to Your Facebook Business Page

One thing you can do to connect your Facebook to Twitter as a marketing strategy is to add a custom tab to your Facebook Page that shows your recent tweets. [more…]

How to Add Your Facebook Page Address to Your E-mail Signature

Most businesses want to add their Facebook Page name to their e-mail signature right away. You don’t have to have your vanity URL yet to do this because you can hyperlink a long URL to simple text. [more…]

How to Link to Your Facebook Business Page from Your Personal Profile

If your business Page is a service that you offer, go back to your personal Facebook Profile, and add a little bit to your About tab about your new Page’s location. If your business is something that you [more…]

How to Invite Facebook Friends to Your Business Page

Facebook recently changed the process for inviting your Friends to like a Page. Now only the Page admins can use the Invite Friends feature. Everyone else needs to use the Share feature. [more…]

How to Use Photo Albums on Your Facebook Business Page

You can use your photo albums to market to your target audience on Facebook. Choosing an album photo wisely will encourage your followers to check out the album itself. Include pictures in your album that [more…]

Facebook Marketing: How to Share Your Photos and Albums

The marketing strategy behind sharing your albums and photos on your Facebook marketing Page is something that you need to sit down and design. Maybe every Friday you send out a new album or every Tuesday [more…]


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