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Add a Facebook Like Button to Your Mobile Site

In the summer of 2010, Facebookannounced that it had more than 150 million mobile users. At about the same time, surveys showed that the most popular use of the mobile web on iPhones, after checking e-mail [more…]

Create a Winning Facebook Marketing Strategy for Your Business

One of the greatest advantages of Facebook marketing is the ability to engage one-on-one with your ideal clients. By asking questions, encouraging conversations, and creating personal engagement with your [more…]

How to Determine What Kind of Business Facebook Page to Start

Facebook offers six types of Facebook Pages so that you can choose the one that best fits with your product, service, brand, or business marketing needs. When you go to [more…]

How to Share Your Business's Facebook Page

At the top of your Page, next to the Edit Page button, is another button called Building Your Audience. The third link below Building Your Audience is Sharing Your Page. This particular process looks the [more…]

How to Create a Facebook Group Related to Your Business

A group Page isn’t officially a business-type Page, but can be good for your Facebook marketing campaign. A group Page can supplement a business’s Page, however. You have three options when it comes to [more…]

How to Create a Facebook Places Page for Your Business

Once you understand how a consumer interacts with Facebook Places, you will want to set up your own Places Page for your business so your customers can tell all their Friends that they’re at your location [more…]

How to Claim a Facebook Places Page for Your Business

If you have a bricks-and-mortar store, you need to claim your Places Page as it shows up in mobile Facebook. Then you have the opportunity to merge your Places information with your official business Page [more…]

How to Create a Personal Profile on Facebook

A personal Profile on Facebook is easy to open. If you don’t already have a personal Profile set up on Facebook and you want to engage and develop social connections for your business, run [more…]

How to Activate the Subscribe Button on a Facebook Personal Profile

There are some good marketing reasons to have a personal Profile with the Subscribe button activated. If you already have a large number of Facebook Friends who are more like potential customers or clients [more…]

Privacy Settings for Your Facebook Marketing Page

After you set up your Facebook Profile, you have several privacy options to choose among to determine just how much or how little of your Facebook self you want to share. These options become even more [more…]

How to Define the Ideal Audience Your Facebook Marketing

Facebook has more than a billion active users, so more likely than not, your brand will find an audience on Facebook. The key here is finding out where they are and what they do while they’re inside this [more…]

How to Use Facebook Search to Find Your Marketing Audience

A great tool you can use to locate your ideal audience on Facebook is Facebook Search. This tool allows you to enter keywords in a search field, and the people, groups, and Pages that are using your keyword [more…]

How to Filter Facebook Search Results to Focus Your Marketing Campaign

After you complete your Facebook search inquiry, you may be thinking, “Great! Now what do I do with this info?” Here are strategies for filtering that info to use in going after your ideal audience on [more…]

How to Use Facebook Ads Platform to Find Your Target Market on Facebook

Even if you don’t plan to use Facebook Ads as part of your overall Facebook marketing plan, you can still benefit from the Facebook Ads platform to find out to what degree your target audience is on Facebook [more…]

How to Develop the Core Goals of Your Facebook Marketing Plan

With Facebook growing by the minute, there’s no question that it must be a part of your marketing mix. To set up your Facebook marketing foundation, however, it’s essential to create a Facebook marketing [more…]

How to Engage Your Facebook Fans in Conversation

One of the best ways to market with Facebook is to look at the dialogue and conversations that occur on your page. Look for trends in consumer feedback and take a step back to see what your fans are talking [more…]

How to Improve Your Facebook Marketing Page

Take some time and examine your Facebook marketing page. There are some ways to improve your marketing strategy. Focus on your target audience and you will improve your Facebook page and your success! [more…]

How to Apply Traditional Marketing Strategies to a Facebook Campaign

There are a number of tried and true marketing strategies that have been around long before Facebook or other social media outlets. Here are a few that relate directly to your Facebook marketing campaign [more…]

How to Operationalize Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

Once you have created a Facebook marketing strategy, you have to decide who’s going to run it. You have multiple options to consider for your social media management and support. [more…]

How to Add Admins to Your Facebook Marketing Page

To add an admin to your Facebook Page, you have to be an admin manager of your Page. Only admin managers can add other admins. Here’s how you do it: [more…]

How to Choose a Page Manager for Your Facebook Marketing Page

The Page manager is the admin of your Facebook Marketing Page who is ultimately responsible for managing your Page and making sure that it runs smoothly. In many ways, this admin manages the other admins [more…]

Facebook Management: How to Choose a Social Media Manager

A social media manager differs from a Facebook Page manager in that the social media manager is responsible for all social media channels, as well as the overall social media marketing strategy. In addition [more…]

How to Measure Return on Your Facebook Investment

Because we’re still in the early days of Facebook marketing, measuring return on investment (ROI) is, in a word, tough. There’s still much debate about what you can and can’t measure because in many ways [more…]

How to Post Status Updates to Your Facebook Business Page

Posting a few interesting status updates before you publish your Business’s Page so as to populate your Timeline encourages people to stick around after they find your business on Facebook. You should [more…]

How to Add and Edit Milestones on Your Facebook Business Page

One of the best posts for a new Business Page is a milestone. In fact, when you created your Page, Facebook created your first milestone! When you look at your Timeline, you see that the very first post [more…]

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