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Why to Add a TwitterCounter Button to Your Website

If you are marketing your goods and services on Twitter you can add a TwitterCounter button to your blog or website. When visitors to your site click it, they are taken to your TwitterCounter homepage. [more…]

Tracking Who’s Unfollowed You on Twitter via Qwitter

Twitter marketing tools that feed your ego and help you gain as many followers as you could possibly want abound, but none are quite like Qwitter. Qwitter is a service that allows you to track who has [more…]

Tips for Engaging Your Twitter Followers

Think of your Twitter followers as valuable marketing tools. They help you share content and spread news about your products and services; they also help you build thought-leadership and your ideas. You [more…]

Searching for Customers by Subject Matter on Twitter

Twitter marketers can dig in three main places to unearth people to follow on Twitter: people’s tweets, people’s bios, and people’s locations. Based on tweets, you can establish an interest or a need from [more…]

Determining Who to Follow in Your Twitter Marketing Campaign

Marketing on Twitter can be tricky. You want to follow people that will help your business grow. Not everyone is worth following. This doesn’t mean that these folks are bad people; they just don’t provide [more…]

Why Build a Quantity-Based Twitter Network

The Twitterati (Tweet elite) have a raging debate about whether you should have a huge Twitter following or focus more on having a smaller number of loyal fans who truly care about what you have to say [more…]

The Pros and Cons of Auto-DMs for Twitter Marketers

On Twitter direct messages (also called DMs) are tweets that you send out to a follower that only he or she can see. Whereas other tweets are public to all your followers, the DM is a private message that [more…]

How Retweeting Helps Your Marketing Venture on Twitter

To market successfully on Twitter you need to know how to use retweets. When you retweet, you tweet a message that was previously posted by another user; in other words, you’re quoting another user or [more…]

How to Find Customers on Twitter

The great thing about using Twitter for marketing is that you can reach customers in a whole new way. You can reach your customers right where they are, instead of advertising in places they’re likely [more…]

How to Export Your Outlook Contact List into Twitter

You want to gather the people you initially know in order to build Twitter followers for your marketing campaign. The best and easiest way to find people to follow is to start with the people you already [more…]

Uploading Contacts to Twitter from Gmail, Yahoo!, or AOL

The best way to begin marketing on Twitter is to start with people you already know. So it make sense to export the contacts in your e-mail address books. After you export your contacts to a .csv file [more…]

How to Use Twitter for Viral Marketing

Twitter is a great format for enacting a viral marketing campaign, which is all about spreading your message from person to person to person. A few examples of successful online and offline viral marketing [more…]

Driving Twitter Traffic to Your Website or Blog

One way to use Twitter in your marketing venture is to use it to send people to your website or blog. To formulate a plan to drive Twitter followers to your site or blog you must recognize that blogs and [more…]

How to Automate Blog Posts with HootSuite

If you are using Twitter as a marketing tool that points followers to your Blog, HootSuite lets you alert your followers automatically when you update your blog. This is a real timesaver for Twitter marketers [more…]

How to Encourage Your Followers to Retweet

Anyone who’s used Twitter for a few days is already familiar with the concept of retweeting. However, that doesn’t mean a follower is going to do it. If you are a Twitter marketer, you need to make it [more…]

How to Create Interesting Tweets

Being interesting on Twitter doesn’t just mean having something clever and witty to say, although that doesn’t hurt. Being interesting actually means that you write things that aren’t just commercial in [more…]

How to Develop Your Twitter Persona

From a traditional marketing standpoint, advertising and design are created to tell a story. On Twitter your tweets creates your persona or how your followers perceive of you. Your story is the lifeblood [more…]

How to Keep Up with Trends on Twitter

As a Twitter marketer, knowing what people are talking about on Twitter can help you hone your message. Lucky for you, Twitter actually keeps track of what people are talking about and counts keywords. [more…]

How to Track Twitter Hashtags

Sometimes, you need to track hashtags, for example, if you want to see whether twitterers are mentioning your company, brand, or event. People talk about you and your company on Twitter, although probably [more…]

Avoiding Interruption Marketing Tactics on Twitter

Many Twitter marketers use the interruption-based marketing model, and they can’t understand why they aren’t reaping the benefits of followers. But these marketers don’t seem to realize that people are [more…]

How to Develop Twitter Marketing Keywords

Picking good keywords can help your Twitter marketing efforts. Choose one, two, or maybe three words that describe the topics prevalent in your industry. Customers find you by using keywords, and whether [more…]

How to Find People Tweeting about Your Keywords

After you figure out keywords that will fuel your Twitter marketing campaign, you need to figure out who is talking about them on Twitter. They are among the people you want to have as followers. Twitter [more…]

How to Promote Your Niche by Using Tweets

By marketing on Twitter you can target your message easily, but you have to overcome a major hurdle: Everyone is being hit with thousands of advertising messages online and offline every day, according [more…]

Promoting the Right Way on Twitter

You already know you can reach a wide audience when you do your marketing on Twitter, but what is the most effective way to promote your business? You can find a couple of schools of thought on when and [more…]

Why Use Twitter for Customer Service?

Remember, Twitter is just a tool that combines texting, chat, and e-mail. And if your customer service representatives are already proficient at texting, chat, and e-mail, they’ll be whizzes at Twitter [more…]

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