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Making Use of Headers in Your E-Mail Marketing Messages

When used appropriately, the header of your e-mail marketing message lets your audience identify you as a trustworthy sender and helps them determine whether your e-mails are worthy of immediate attention [more…]

Designing the From Line for Your E-Mail Marketing Messages

The From line of your e-mail marketing message helps to ensure that most e-mail programs display enough information for your audience to identify and trust you as a desired sender. Plus, most recipients [more…]

Designing the Subject Line for Your E-Mail Marketing Messages

The Subject line of your marketing e-mail gives your audience a hint at the e-mail’s content. About a third of consumers use the Subject line to determine whether to open your e-mail. The most effective [more…]

Using E-Mail Marketing on Facebook

Facebook gives e-mail addresses to anyone who wants one, so you can send regular marketing e-mails to your prospects and customers when they opt in to your e-mail list using an [more…]

Using E-Mail Marketing on Twitter

At the time of this writing, Twitter doesn’t give e-mail addresses to their customers, but Twitter can still be part of your e-mail marketing campaign. Twitter does provide customers with an inbox for [more…]

Using E-Mail Marketing on LinkedIn

You can send e-mail marketing messages to your LinkedIn connections and to other LinkedIn users who accept messages outside their own connections using three basic messaging methods: [more…]

Adding Social Features to Your E-Mail Marketing Messages

To get even more mileage out of the marketing e-mails you put your heart into, you can incorporate the functions of social media sites with your e-mails by [more…]

Comparing Mobile E-Mail Marketing Methods

Think of e-mail marketing as one of many forms of mobile communication. Each of these many methods has advantages and disadvantages. This table compares the main forms of mobile communication so you can [more…]

Designing a Mobile-Friendly E-Mail Marketing Message

In designing your e-mail marketing messages, keep in mind that your audience may access your message on both a computer and a mobile device. Consider how your design will work in all formats — you have [more…]

Tracking Data in Your E-Mail Marketing Campaign

You have to be an advanced HTML and database programmer to track your marketing e-mails on your own, but an e-mail marketing program (EMP) can do the work for you. EMPs automatically add special tracking [more…]

Calculating Bounce and Non-Bounce Rates for Your E-Mail Marketing Campaign

You want all your e-mail marketing messages to get to their intended targets. Unfortunately, that rarely happens, and some of your messages come back as undeliverable, or [more…]

Calculating the Open Rate for Your E-Mail Marketing Campaign

Open rate is one of the e-mail marketing industry’s most misleading terms. It actually measures the number of specific interactions with an e-mail server after the e-mail is sent expressed as a percentage [more…]

Calculating the Click-through Rate for Your E-Mail Marketing Campaign

Your click-through rate is the number of unique individuals who click one or more links in your marketing e-mail expressed as a percentage of total tracked opens. Links could include [more…]

Content Blunders to Avoid in Your E-Mail Marketing Messages

You can deliver lots of different kinds of content in your marketing e-mails, but just because you can send something doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. Avoid sending content that makes your e-mails [more…]

How to Reduce Blocked E-Mail Marketing Messages

The reasons your marketing e-mails sometimes get blocked are many and varied, but you can reduce the chance that your e-mails will be waylaid by following a few guidelines: [more…]

How to Choose an E-Mail Marketing Provider with a Good Sender Reputation

Getting more of your marketing e-mails delivered starts with sending your e-mail from a reputable e-mail server. Because your own e-mail server isn’t likely to have a reputation, delivering your mail through [more…]

How to Use Click-Through Data in Your E-Mail Marketing Campaign

Every time someone clicks a link in your marketing e-mail, you have the opportunity to track the click back to the individual, use the information to accomplish more meaningful objectives, and increase [more…]

Types of Images to Use in Your E-Mail Marketing Messages

Images should reinforce the text in your marketing e-mails or tell the story of your e-mails all by themselves. Some people scan your e-mail just to look at the images. [more…]

Automating Your E-Mail Marketing Database

You need a database so your automation software can find the information it needs to send your marketing e-mails based on the criteria you specify. Automating your e-mail marketing saves you time in the [more…]

Managing Bounced and Blocked E-Mail Marketing Messages

Sometimes, your marketing e-mail is simply returned to the sender by either the e-mail server or the software application. Bounced and blocked are applied to returned e-mail somewhat interchangeably, but [more…]

How to Use E-Mail as a Web Marketing Strategy

Reaching potential customers by e-mail can be a very effective web marketing strategy. An e-mail marketing campaign can be detrimental, however, without some guidelines. Before you send your marketing [more…]

Keep Online Business Communications Brief for Best Impressions

Adopt this great time- and money-saving tip as a mindset for all facets of your online business start-up: Be brief. Brevity should become your mantra for all that you do, because nobody has time these [more…]

How an E-Mail Marketing Provider Can Increase Your E-Mail Deliverability

Getting more web marketing e-mail delivered starts with sending your e-mail from a reputable e-mail server. According to a recent study conducted by Return Path [more…]

How to Reduce Your Number of Blocked Web Marketing E-Mails

Blocked web marketing e-mails are sometimes temporary and sometimes permanent, depending on whether the server or software blocking the e-mail does so in response to the content of a single e-mail or the [more…]

How to Get Your Web Marketing E-Mails Past Content Filters

Web marketers need to be aware of content filters when preparing their e-mails for distribution. The majority of e-mail filters are included within e-mail programs and written with broad consumer preferences [more…]

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