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Using a List Broker to Build Your E-Mail Marketing Contacts List

A list broker is a marketing company that collects and sells contact information for e-mail marketing purposes. If you decide to build a list with the help of a list broker, be aware of the significant [more…]

Making Sure Your Offers Are Valuable to Your E-Mail Marketing Customers

When people subscribe to your e-mail marketing list, they share their information with the expectation of receiving something valuable. Consumers aren’t likely to value multiple e-mails with irrelevant [more…]

Combining Multiple Calls to Action in Your Marketing E-Mail

Your e-mail marketing list probably consists of prospects and customers at different stages of the buying cycle with slightly different interests, so a portion of your audience will never be ready to immediately [more…]

Giving Your E-Mail Marketing Content Inherent Value

Over long periods of time, marketing e-mails that contain a variety of valuable information are generally more effective than a string of similar e-mails that contain only offers. Even when your offers [more…]

Choosing the Right Format for Your E-Mail Marketing Message

As you compose your marketing e-mails, remember that the format of your e-mail visually communicates the main idea of its content before your audience even begins to read it. Consumers expect the format [more…]

Basic Layout Elements for E-Mail Marketing Messages

The layout of your marketing e-mail directs your audience’s eyes to specific content. Use visual anchors to draw readers’ attention to your content. The variety of visual anchors you can use is limited [more…]

Positioning Visual Anchors in Your E-Mail Marketing Messages

To visualize where to place your content in your e-mail marketing message, mentally divide your e-mail template into quadrants. You can then position your visual anchors and related content according to [more…]

Using Columns in Your E-Mail Marketing Messages

Using columns to organize your e-mail marketing messages creates a recognizable pattern that helps your audience prioritize and locate different groups of content as they scan through your e-mail. Choosing [more…]

Deciding How Many Columns to Use for Your E-Mail Marketing Message

Columns provide an easy-access layout for your e-mail marketing customers and prospects. The familiar column layout helps your audience zero in on your message and find the important points. [more…]

Making the Most of the Preview Pane in Your E-Mail Marketing Messages

Your prospects and customers may catch their first glimpse of your marketing e-mail in the preview pane of their e-mail program. Use this valuable e-mail real estate to entice your audience into opening [more…]

Working around Image Blocking in Your E-Mail Marketing Messages

Often, your prospects and customers can’t see the images in your marketing e-mails images immediately because most e-mail programs automatically block images in the preview pane to protect their users [more…]

How to Match Your Marketing E-Mails to Your Brand

Branding your marketing e-mails helps your audience to immediately recognize and differentiate your e-mails from the unfamiliar e-mails they receive. Keeping your e-mail branding consistent over time allows [more…]

How to Make Your E-Mail Marketing Messages Accessible

Your customers and prospects may include people with disabilities and physical challenges, so make your e-mail marketing messages accessible. You can either design your e-mails with various physical challenges [more…]

How to Check whether You’re on an E-Mail Blacklist

If you’re marketing your products or services via e-mail, you need to know when your IP is being blacklisted. If your message isn’t being delivered customers can’t flock to buy your products, and your [more…]

Choosing a Type of Call to Action for Your E-Mail Marketing Campaign

Encouraging customers and prospects on your e-mail marketing list to take action dictates that you have a meaningful call to action. Design your message around what you want your audience to do with your [more…]

Writing a Call to Action for Your E-Mail Marketing Campaign

Even when your content is valuable, most consumers simply scan and delete your marketing e-mails unless you prompt them with alternatives. To get your customers and prospects to open your e-mails, each [more…]

Choosing a Font and Style for Your E-Mail Marketing Message

The fonts and styles of type you choose help get your e-mail marketing message across. Fonts and styles do a lot of work for your message: They make your words readable, add emphasis where you want it, [more…]

Use Headlines in Your E-Mail Marketing Messages

Without a doubt, headlines are the most important text in your marketing e-mails. Headlines are what your audience scans to determine whether your content is relevant and valuable enough to read. [more…]

How to Handle a Long E-Mail Marketing Message

Communicating your entire marketing message in the body of your e-mail can be tempting. If your message is concise and interesting to your readers, including it all may may suit your objectives and your [more…]

Use Text Links in Your E-Mail Marketing Message

Sometimes, what you want the audience for your marketing e-mails to do is click a text link to take them to a web page. Links use HTML to tell the computer what to do when someone clicks the link, so your [more…]

How to Use Navigation Links in Your E-Mail Marketing Messages

Navigation links allow your audience to jump to visual anchors within the body of your marketing e-mail. If your audience has to scroll to see one or more headlines or bodies of content, use navigation [more…]

Linking to Files in Your E-Mail Marketing Messages

Your marketing e-mail can deliver attached files of all sorts, but attaching files should be reserved for sending personal e-mails to a small number of people at a time. Most e-mail programs and e-mail [more…]

File Formats for Images in Your E-Mail Marketing Messages

Using images — any type of graphic file — in your e-mail marketing communications gives your messages it pizzazz but also requires careful planning. Whether you obtain your images with a digital camera [more…]

Referencing Images without Embedding Them in Your E-Mail Marketing Messages

Embedded and attached images usually cause a higher percentage of your marketing e-mails to be filtered into junk folders. So, instead of embedding or attaching images, use image references that point [more…]

How to Place Images in Your E-Mail Marketing Messages

Properly placed images in your marketing e-mails can help break up the text and make your messages easier to scan and read. Improperly placed images can distract your audience from the main idea of your [more…]

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