Advertising on the Internet

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Google AdWords in Your Pay Per Click Campaign

When you use Google AdWords, the minimum pay per click (PPC) bid is not determined solely by what you’re willing to pay. Instead, Google uses its Quality Score to measure the relevance of your keywords [more…]

Assessing Pay Per Click on Social Media

In an effort to build brand loyalty among members of Generation Y (people born after 1979), who are the heaviest users of most social networks, some advertisers are turning to pay per click [more…]

Web Marketing with Shopping Search Engines

Shoppers often research product features, vendor history, and prices on the web before making purchases offline or online. Many product sellers should consider comparison shopping search engines such as [more…]

Comparing Online Banner Advertising to Other Web Marketing

Compared to the cost of print media, online banner advertising — with the additional benefit of easy tracking — looks like a bargain. Indeed, some of the growth in Internet advertising historically has [more…]

Understanding Online Banner Advertising

Online banner advertising is the most expensive of all forms of customer acquisition, exceeding even traditional media. By comparison, customer referrals [more…]

Choosing an Online Banner Type, Size, and Position

If you decide to use online banner ads in your web marketing campaign you need to decided what type and size ad to run. In general, bigger is better! Choose medium in-line rectangle, leaderboard, and wide [more…]

Estimating Online Banner Advertisement Costs

Unlike using pay per click ads, charges for most banner ads are either cost per thousand (CPM) impressions or a flat rate per month, quarter, or year. The more targeted the audience, the more you pay. [more…]

Using an Agency or Advertising Network for Your Online Banner Campaign

If you intend to run an extensive online branding campaign over dozens or hundreds of sites, you’ll find it much easier to use a network, which automates placement and reporting. For an intermediate solution [more…]

Where to Place Your Online Banner Advertisements

If you run an inbound link popularity report or view the clickstream report from Alexa on your competitors, you might be able to identify where they're running ads. A banner ad is merely a link in drag [more…]

Web Marketing Case Study: Retargeting

Gyrobike sells directly to consumers through its own online store and also other retailers, both offline and online. Marketing director Ashleigh Harris says that as soon as the company launched its first [more…]

Benefitting from Display Advertising on Social Media

Advertising on social media channels, in spite of their promised demographic targeting, carries risk. Although Facebook and other channels deliver large numbers of impressions, the click-through rate [more…]

Use of Web Marketing Coupons

The users of these coupon sites have a coveted demographic profile: educated, young, single, working women who have a fair amount of discretionary income. And the numbers are stunning. [more…]

Role of Sponsorships in Your Web Marketing Campaign

Sponsorships (a form of goodwill ads — think public broadcasting) garnered less than 3 percent of online ad spending in 2010, but you should not overlook them as a means of increasing your company’s exposure [more…]

Measuring Mobile Phone Use in Web Marketing

The Nielsen Company’s 2010 Media Industry Fact Sheet estimates that, of the more than 223 million U.S. mobile phone users over the age of 13, 16.7 million already access the web via cell networks. webtrends [more…]

Web Marketing Case Study: Smartphone Utilization

An effective use of web marketing, specifically smartphone applications, is demonstrated by the MacCallum House Inn and Restaurant in Mendocino Village. Situated about three hours north of San Francisco [more…]

Effective Use of Search-based Mobile Marketing

The most valuable uses for search-based mobile marketing occur whenever time or geographic constraints affect a pending decision or activity, such as hotels, tourist destinations, restaurants, entertainment [more…]

Texting as a Web Marketing Technique

For a quick, inexpensive way to reach hundreds or thousands of people (especially teens), consider short message service, or SMS, which operates essentially like bulk e-mail by cellphone, as long as you [more…]

Advertising on Mobile Media

In the not-so-distant past, businesses struggled with multimedia messaging services (MMS) to provide static display ads on mobile phones. Now that full HTML browsers are used on smartphones and tablets [more…]

Developing Mobile Marketing Websites

PDAs and most smartphones with full web access can promote your website or deliver content such as news, sports, blogs, video, and games. Users can use Wi-Fi or subscribe to a data plan from their cellular [more…]

Measuring Your Mobile Marketing Success

As with all analytics, determining which elements you measure depends on your goals and objectives. Your choices vary based on whether you’re measuring the success of a mobile advertising campaign, the [more…]

Web Marketing in the Blogosphere

A blog (short for web log) is an easy way to add content without having to know how to program and to encourage others to comment within an ongoing conversation. A blog acts almost like a two-way website [more…]

Video As a Web Marketing Tool

The growth of broadband access, plus the advent of inexpensive video recording technology, has fueled a surge in video on the web, offering plenty of new opportunities to deliver content and place ads. [more…]

Web Marketing Case Study: Effective Video

Selling to both consumers and businesses, Blendtec was an early adopter of online videos, launching on YouTube in 2006. Blendtec is a manufacturer of commercial and consumer blenders and other small electrics [more…]

Video-Sharing Marketing Demographics and Usage

Young adults (under 35) continue to comprise the primary audience for YouTube, which serves as a fairly accurate stand-in for video demographics overall when compared to the 2010 Pew Report “ [more…]

Optimizing Video-Sharing Sites for SEO

Because search engines can’t directly parse the contents of multimedia, you must take advantage of all opportunities to use your relevant search terms in every video title, description, and ALT tag or [more…]