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Using Search-Engine-Friendly URLs in Your Business Website

Developers often use content management or storefront systems that automatically generate URLs for dynamic pages pulled from databases in business websites, such as product catalogs. Unfortunately, search [more…]

Working with a Web Marketing E-mail List Rental House

When you rent a list of e-mail addresses for your web marketing campaign, it truly is rent. You don’t receive the names. Instead, you deliver your HTML and text e-mail newsletters to the rental house. [more…]

Integrating Web Marketing E-Mail with Social Media

People who use social media are still committed users of e-mail, according to “View from the Social Inbox 2010,” a study published by the marketing agency Merkle and described in this list: [more…]

Decoding Mobile Jargon for Your Web Marketing Campaign

Sometimes, it’s difficult to distinguish one category of handheld mobile device from another. The lines blur as manufacturers compete by adding capabilities. For web marketing purposes the devices can [more…]

Multiplying the Effect of Mobile Web Marketing

You can find as many applications for mobile web marketing as you can imagine. Keep in mind the areas described in this list, whatever the device or market segment you target: [more…]

Building a Search-Engine-Friendly Business Website

A well-structured, search-engine-friendly business website allows search engines to crawl or spider your site easily. As many as half of all sites are so badly structured that search engines never “see” [more…]

Improving Your Business Website Google PageRank

Google’s top secret! Google ranks pages for web relevance or importance on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is the top. To see the PageRank for your site, or any other, you must download and install Google [more…]

Using Your Business E-mail Professionally and Effective

Ignore at your peril the marketing value of the e-mail messages you send to prospects, customers, vendors, and other people. They might be so poorly written that they turn off the recipient or have such [more…]

Sending Effective Business Bulk or Group E-mail

Bulk e-mail is a free technique that lets you send business e-mail to small groups of users who share a common interest. The simplest setup for bulk e-mail is to create a [more…]

Adding E-Mail Newsletters to Your Web Marketing Program

Whatever their interests, passions, or buying habits, consumers can sign up for e-mail newsletters to sate their desires. As an e-mail marketer, you must find the people who want your special offers, hot [more…]

Creating an Effective Web Marketing Newsletter

Like everything else in web marketing, creating a good newsletter can take more time than you expect. Allow a learning curve, starting out with a slower schedule than you might eventually adopt. [more…]

Best Practices for Web Marketing Newsletters

E-mail represents an increasing percentage of online advertising spending. With this emphasis, e-mail companies have studied best practices to achieve a high CTR while complying with all the legal requirements [more…]

Keeping Your Web Marketing Newsletter Address List Up-to-date

Starting a web marketing newsletter is a useful opportunity to clean out and update your e-mail address list. Any e-mail addresses that have been in your database for more than a year are suspect, on the [more…]

Collecting New Names for Your Web Marketing Newsletter

You can collect new web marketing e-mail addresses offline at networking events and trade shows and whenever you have live customer contact. Verbally ask permission to send a newsletter, noting the date [more…]

Renting E-mail Web Marketing Newsletter Subscribers

Legitimate e-mail list brokers rent opt-in lists of both B2B and B2C audiences. These lists generally consist of magazine or e-zine subscribers, members of organizations, or people who participate in surveys [more…]

Using QR Codes in Mobile Marketing

A QR code, like the one shown in the following illustration, is a two-dimensional bar code that compresses information in an action-ready, digital format. For example, the Cure Starts Now Foundation, which [more…]

Enabling Payments in Mobile Marketing

For businesses that sell their products offsite (such as street carts, home repair services, or massage therapists), smartphone technology improves basic business productivity by simplifying and verifying [more…]

Online Marketing with Pay Per Click Advertisements

Pay per click (or PPC) ads on a search engine allow an advertiser to supply answers to a viewer at the moment the viewer is interested in a specific product or service. The most familiar PPC ads appear [more…]

Devising a Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Strategy

Under pay per click (PPC) marketing programs, you bid competitively on specific keywords, setting the maximum amount you’re willing to pay every time a viewer clicks through to your site. In the past, [more…]

Comparing Pay Per Click to Other Online Advertising

The traditional forms of online advertising, including banners and newsletter sponsorships generally use a traditional payment model that sets the cost per thousand [more…]

Using Content Ad Marketing Partners

The Google AdSense program and Yahoo! Content Match display your ads on other non-search-engine sites. These ads are supposed to appear only if they’re related to nearby content on the partner sites, but [more…]

Planning Your Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign

As with any other online marketing technique, you need to set goals and objectives for your pay per click (PPC) campaigns. Here are some questions to consider: [more…]

Bidding within Your Pay Per Click Budget

When you assemble your pay per click (PPC) budget, work your numbers backward to set up a budget within your overall marketing plan. Think about how much you can afford to spend and whether you want to [more…]

Search Terms for Your Pay Per Click Marketing Campaign

Selecting the appropriate pay per click (PPC) search terms for an ad is much like selecting keywords for SEO. You might find it helpful to use PPC ads for search terms on which you don’t appear on the [more…]

Writing a Good Pay Per Click Advertisement

Most pay per click (PPC) ads include these elements: headline, two lines of text, a visible URL, and an unseen landing page URL. Every search engine sets the specific length of a line, but the same general [more…]