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Conversion Problems with the Business Website Itself

Business website conversion problems show up in many ways. If you’re drawing the right audience (high pages per visit and time onsite) but users leave without fulfilling the objective you’ve established [more…]

Website Conversion Problems: Business Fundamentals

If your target business market arrives at a well-designed, well-functioning website and still doesn’t convert, you have to go back to basics. Are you offering the product or service they want, at a price [more…]

Tracking Business Website Financial Results

As part of planning your business website, talk to your bookkeeper or accountant about financial implications and tracking. Although this conversation is obviously critical for a site that sells online [more…]

Business Website Statistics to Watch

Of the many, many website statistics that are available, the following key parameters provide valuable information for every business. Compare them by month or week, depending on the statistical package [more…]

Business Website Statistics to Scan Casually

The following business website statistics are not critical but are still helpful when you make decisions about your marketing program, site development, or newsletter timing: [more…]

Interpreting Business Website Sales Statistics

Traffic stats are relevant for all websites, but business websites which sell online face another challenge. Analyzing what’s happening with a cyberstore is just as important as it is for a bricks-and-mortar [more…]

Web Marketing Social Media Measurement

Social media measurement takes three forms: analyzing traditional metrics such as numbers of visitors and referrals; monitoring for mentions of your company, brands, products, or employees on social media [more…]

Using Google Analytics on Your Business Website

Google Analytics is an excellent free analytics tool for website owners. By April 2011, W3Techs reported that almost half of all websites use this tool to monitor site activity. The upsides for Google [more…]

Creating a Business Website Map

If you have a large site, ask your web developer to convert your business website index to a site map in XML and submit it to Yahoo! and Google. Site maps allow search engines to identify dynamically generated [more…]

Dealing with Delays in Business Website Google Indexing

Call it a time-out. Call it isolation. Call it bad site structure. Whatever the reason, your business website may experience a frustrating delay while getting a new site indexed by Google. Although Google [more…]

Optimizing Your Business Website with Meta Tags

Unlike Google’s emphasis on inbound links, most search engines rely on internal consistency between business website content, keywords and meta tags to produce search engine results. A [more…]

Using Meta Tags in Your Business Website

Because meta tags in your business website are not as important in search engine ranking as they used to be, limit how much time you spend on them. If tags for a page relate to its content, they're more [more…]

Choosing Good Business Website Keywords

Selecting the right keywords for your business website is more art than science. The best search terms are ones that people actually use — and ones on which there's limited competition. At least give yourself [more…]

Optimizing Business Website Pages

Unless you’re part of a huge company, optimize your business website only for the search engine your audience is most likely to use. If you already have a site, check your traffic statistics to see which [more…]

Promoting Your Business with Press Releases

Press releases can build interest in your business online when they’re repeated on multiple sites, thus conveying information cost-effectively. The following illustration shows how [more…]

Writing an Effective Online Marketing Press Release

Effective online business press releases don’t happen by accident. Companies with sophisticated web marketing staffs deliberately think through each element for impact. As always, be sure to [more…]

Connecting Your Business with Inbound Link Campaigns

Links from other websites to yours (inbound links) not only yield visits from prequalified prospects but also enhance your search engine ranking. Google, in particular, factors the quantity and quality [more…]

Implementing an Inbound Link Marketing Campaign

When putting together your inbound link marketing campaign, try for at least 50 inbound links, which you request by e-mail or submit by hand. The more links the merrier, as long as they're from valid sites [more…]

Business Website Link Protocols

It has become standard operating procedure to have a page for external (or outbound) links on your business website. Often named Links or Resources, this page displays reciprocal links and convenient links [more…]

Qualifying Business Leads with Webcasts, Web Conferences, and Webinars

All three web education methods (webcasts, web conferences, and webinars) allow you 15 minutes or more of uninterrupted user contact with your business web presence. How can you pass that up, especially [more…]

Marketing Your Business Brand with E-mail Signature Blocks

An e-mail signature block is a powerful marketing tool which is the equivalent of a business card or letterhead. A signature block should appear at the bottom of [more…]

Using E-mail Autoresponders Effectively for Your Business

Autoresponder messages are sent automatically in response to e-mail or as part of the cycle of activity on a website. You set up the former type in your e-mail program, usually by creating a message rule [more…]

Figuring Out Which Search Engines Your Business Website Needs

Here’s a piece of good-news-bad-news if you are wondering which search engines to focus on when developing your business website. Only three sites — Google, Yahoo!, and Bing — generate 95 percent of the [more…]

Understanding Business Website Structure

Making your business website search engine friendly involves techniques such as using JavaScript and cascading style sheets (CSS) that don’t make search engines hiccup. Requirements for “friendliness” [more…]

Managing Splash Pages in Your Business Website

A splash page is a graphics-intensive or multimedia home page that delivers a nice “Wow!” response to your business website. Your developer might make money creating a splash page, but that doesn’t help [more…]